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  1. Sanah Baig Deputy Under Secretary for Research, Education, and Economics 2023 Annual Meeting of the ORAU Council of Sponsoring Institutions March 6, 2023
  2. USDA Science “Cultivating Scientific Innovation” Simon Liu Administrator Agricultural Research Service Spiro Stefanou Administrator Economic Research Service Hubert Hamer Administrator National Agricultural Statistics Service Dionne Toombs Acting Director National Institute of Food and Agriculture Deirdra Chester Director Office of the Chief Scientist REE LEADERSHIP 2 Chavonda Jacobs-Young Under Secretary & USDA Chief Scientist Research, Education, and Economics USDA LEADERSHIP Tom Vilsack Secretary of Agriculture Kevin Shea Acting Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Sanah Baig Deputy Under Secretary Research, Education, and Economics
  3. USDA Science “Cultivating Scientific Innovation” 3 MISSION OF REE REE is dedicated to creating a safe, sustainable, competitive, and equitable U.S. food and fiber system. We support American farmers, ranchers, and foresters and help build stronger communities, families, and youth through integrated research, analysis, and education. Office of the Chief Scientist Agricultural Research Service National Institute of Food and Agriculture Economic Research Service National Agricultural Statistics Service
  4. USDA Science “Cultivating Scientific Innovation” USDA IS BUILDING U.S. AGRICULTURE BACK BETTER 4 Making USDA a Great Place to Work Advancing Racial Justice, Equity, Opportunity, & Rural Prosperity Tackling Food & Nutrition Insecurity Creating More, Better, & New Market Opportunities Addressing Climate Change
  5. USDA Science “Cultivating Scientific Innovation” REE PRIORITIES 5 Advancing Precision Nutrition & Nutrition Security Advancing Research Equity through Partnerships Building Science Infrastructure & Casting Vision for the Future
  6. USDA Science “Cultivating Scientific Innovation” 6 HISTORIC LANDMARK INVESTMENTS American Rescue Plan Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Inflation Reduction Act
  7. USDA Science “Cultivating Scientific Innovation” BUILDING A DIVERSE AG WORKFORCE 7 NIFA • NEXTGEN program - $250M investment • AFRI Education & Workforce Development Program • Tribal Colleges Research Grant Program - $7.5M • Hispanic-Serving Institutions Education Grants Program-$12M ARS • Converted 67% of its 1890s graduating scholars ERS • Partnership with Agricultural & Applied Economics Association - $400K
  8. USDA Science “Cultivating Scientific Innovation” AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT (R&D) INVESTMENTS 8 Chart 1: USDA ERS Chart 2: USDA ERS
  9. USDA Science “Cultivating Scientific Innovation” • The Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate, also called AIM for Climate • Co-led by the U.S. & United Arab Emirates • Raised $8 billion in global investments • Expanded to 300+ partners worldwide • AIM for Climate Summit, May 8-10, Washington D.C. • Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities • Commitment of $3 billion to support 140 projects • Projects involve over 60,000 farms & 25M acres • Involves 100 Universities, including 30+ MSI’s • President Biden’s Justice40 Initiative • 40% of benefits from climate & environment programs directed to underserved communities USDA CLIMATE CHANGE INITIATIVES 9
  10. USDA Science “Cultivating Scientific Innovation” USDA CLIMATE CHANGE RESEARCH 10 • Advancements in Biotechnology, Biomanufacturing, & the Bioeconomy • President Biden’s Executive Order • Bioproduct Pilot Program - $9.5M, 3 projects: • SoyLei Innovations (& Iowa State University) - $4.6M • Virginia Tech - $2.4M • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign - $2.5M • USDA Climate Hubs • Links science and management, helping to bring USDA research and resources into practice • Visit:
  11. USDA Science “Cultivating Scientific Innovation” REE CLIMATE CHANGE RESEARCH 11 • ARS Scientists Are Researching: • Simulation models for how crop & animal production respond to climate change • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions • Increasing soil carbon & methane sequestration • Breeding drought-, flood- and pest-resistant crops • NASS + NRCS Partnership: • Conservation Practice Adoption Motivations Survey • NIFA AFRI Grant Programs: • Sustainable Agricultural Systems (SAS) • Foundational and Applied Science
  12. USDA Science “Cultivating Scientific Innovation” NIFA'S AGRICULTURE AND FOOD RESEARCH INITIATIVE (AFRI) - OVERVIEW 12 • Agriculture's Flagship Competitive Grants Program • Originally authorized in the 2008 Farm Bill, most recently reauthorized in the 2018 Farm Bill at $700 million • Appropriated at $455 million in the FY2023 Consolidated Appropriations Act • Aligned with the 6 Farm Bill established priorities • Three Requests for Applications (RFAs) • Foundational and Applied Science* • Education and Workforce Development* • Sustainable Agricultural Systems *Published as 2-year RFAs
  13. USDA Science “Cultivating Scientific Innovation” NIFA'S AGRICULTURE AND FOOD RESEARCH INITIATIVE - TYPES OF GRANTS 13 Types of Grants: • Standard Grants (amounts specified in RFA's) • Coordinated Agricultural Projects (CAP) (up to $10M) • Conference Grants (rolling deadline, up to $50,000) • Food and Agriculture Science Enhancement (FASE) Grants • Pre- and Postdoctoral Fellowship Grants • Strengthening Grants • New Investigator Grants
  14. USDA Science “Cultivating Scientific Innovation” NIFA FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES 14 Learn more about NIFA’s funding opportunities by… • Bookmarking NIFA’s Upcoming RFA Calendar • Subscribing to the NIFA Update • Contacting a National Program Leader • Becoming a Peer Review Panelist Visit: Subscribe!
  15. 15 THANK YOU! Sanah Baig Email: Follow us on Twitter @USDAScience