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Occasions for Open: Pedagogies and Practices to Transform Learning

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Keynote for University of Rochester, April 2018

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Occasions for Open: Pedagogies and Practices to Transform Learning

  1. 1. Occasions for Open Pedagogies and Practices to Transform Learning Robin DeRosa @actualham
  2. 2. Teaching ServiceScholarship
  3. 3. Open Pedagogy OER Open Access
  4. 4. University of Rochester • Tuition and fees: $52,020 • Room and board: $15,398 • 4-year grad rate: 74% • 51% of undergrads receive need-based aid • $39,246 is the average need-based award • 89.8% of undergrads have need fully met Source:, 2017-18 data
  5. 5. Image: The Economist
  6. 6. Pipe? Check Tweed? Check Assess course costs? Whatever
  7. 7. Only 29% of faculty are aware of OER Stat and graph: CCBY Babson Survey Research Group
  8. 8. Switch the Message It’s not about COST It’s about ACCESS
  9. 9. Access to Knowledge
  10. 10. 2016
  11. 11. OER OpenStax Books
  12. 12. Cost of Books Access to Knowledge • All OER • Food pantry • Veteran’s Contracts • Ride Co-op • Childcare Co-op • Evening & Hybrid Classes • Laptop Checkout Program • Greenlight Grading • Drop-in Help Center • Technology • Advising • Writing
  13. 13. “students who use OER perform significantly better on the course throughput rate than their peers who use traditional textbooks, in both face-to-face and online courses that use OER.” (2016) Throughput Rate an aggregate of: drops, withdrawal s, C or better rates.
  14. 14. Teaching ServiceScholarship
  15. 15. Open Pedagogy OER Open Access
  16. 16. I don’t want to join a movement focused on replacing crappy expensive textbooks with crappy free textbooks.
  17. 17. not just access to knowledge, but Access to Knowledge Creation
  18. 18. No, It’s Not Just for Public Domain Literature Interdisciplinary Studies: A Connected Learning Approach Opensem: A Student-Generated Handbook for the First Year of College
  19. 19. Creative Commons
  20. 20. What architectures do we need for learning? Who should build them?
  21. 21. Domain of One’s Own • drag ’n drop → design • consumer → creator • data mining → data control • audience of 1 → public impact • broadcast web→ synergic web • course’s work→ student’s work • ePortfolio → ePort
  22. 22. IDS taught me to be responsible for my learning and growth. You learn to expand your returns. We do not post our “homework” to a hidden, school controlled website. We share our work for all of the world to see. This idea of owning your own domain allows you to be confident in your work and take responsibility for what you are learning, how you make connections in the world, and how you share your knowledge. To me, this style of learning and sharing is a good idea for Interdisciplinary Studies and all other majors. Academic settings need to work on sharing each other’s work, and being engaged in the world outside of classroom walls. from I’m not graduating “on time” & that is OK.
  23. 23. Cost of Books OER Access to Knowledge Access to Knowledge Creation Open Pedagogy
  24. 24. Digital redlining & the digital divide are real and insidious. Open is not the opposite of private. EdTech is selling something. Open is a process, not a panacea.
  25. 25. Teaching ServiceScholarship
  26. 26. Open Pedagogy OER Open Access
  27. 27. CC BY Cable Green:
  28. 28. HOW ARE YOU SHAPING THE UNIVERSITY OF THE FUTURE? Serve improve access to knowledge for your students and for learners who aren’t yet at the table Teach Involve your students in knowledge creation and help them shape, not just enter, the post-graduation labor market Research Increase the impact of your scholarship and the impact of your university on the world