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Nucleic acids

  1. Nucleic Acids DNA and RNA
  2. Hundreds of thousands of proteins exist inside each one of us to help carry out our daily functions. These proteins are produced locally, assembled piece-by-piece to exact specifications
  3. This information, detailing the specific structure of the proteins inside of our bodies, is stored in a set of molecules called nucleic acids.
  5. Different pentose sugars in RNA & DNA RNA DNA Sugar carbons have prime numbers, to distinguish them from atoms in bases
  6. Heterocyclic Nitrogen Bases RNA DNA
  7. WATSON-CRICK MODEL Combination of two single strands The Double Helix Sugar-phosphate backbone outside, bases inside 1953
  8. WATSON-CRICK MODEL Bases form specific base pairs , held together by hydrogen bonds Structure compatible with any sequence of bases
  9. Watson-Crick base pairs Hydrogen bonds are weaker than covalent bonds (eg. C-C or C-N) Covalent bonds determine structure, Weak hydrogen bonds - Stabilize double helix
  10.   It is a linear strand of DNA in combination with nuclear proteins We refer to this complex of DNA and proteins as chromatin It is a linear array of genes As a set - they are our genome What is a chromosome?