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8 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

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Whether you are studying Beauty Therapy or Business Management, creativity always remains important! This is because problem solving relies heavily on using your creativity. And you'll encounter problems in whichever field you go into one day.

So take a look at this infographic, and learn how to unlock your inner creativty!

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8 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

  1. 1. According to a study conducted by researchers at Stanford University, even a short walk can boost creativity, both while walking and for a short while afterwards. 1. Step Outside Listening to music, at any volume, also helps you to relax, which allows your mind to wander. When you are in a relaxed state, and your mind is allowed to wander freely, you are more likely to come up with creative solutions and ideas. 2. Listen to music Social interaction enables you to thinkmore creatively by exposing you to otherpeople’s thoughts, ideas, and worldviews. Italso gives you the opportunity to discussyour own thoughts and ideas, and to getexternal input and feedback. 3. Spend time withcreative people 4. Take a step back By stepping out of your comfort zone, and trying new things, you will not only gain new experiences, but you will also gain new perspectives, which will help you to think differently and to approach problems differently. 5. Leave Your Comfort zone Reading introduces you to new topics, opens your mind to new ideas, and gives you the opportunity to explore unique connections between topics. So, next time you are at the library or bookstore, look for something different to what you would usually read. 6. Read widely The physical act of drawing or writing actively engages your brain, which can improve your levels of concentration and creativity. So next time you are stuck for ideas, grab some paper and a pen, and start writing (or drawing). If you’re struggling to come up with creative ideas, take a break and make yourself a snack. Just make sure that it’s a healthy snack — your brain needs fuel to function optimally. 7. Make a Healthy Snack 8. Write or Draw something When you step away from a problem, and come back to solve it later, you’ll often find that you are able to come up with asolution straight away. We can attribute thisphenomenon to the concept of “psychologicaldistance.” 8Ways to Boost Your Creativity for more awesome infographics! Visit