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pManifold uBox Meter Reading Soln_MRBD_Audit

UBox is an advanced Mobile and Web Application, that smarten the overall meter reading process and entire data handling and supervision till billing. It can integrate with any Billing ERP solution

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pManifold uBox Meter Reading Soln_MRBD_Audit

  1. 1. Catalyzing emerging business models through CONSULTING | RESEARCH | STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT | TRAINING uBox Meter Reading | Meter Data Management | MRBD Audit Mobile App, Web App, and Audit services Smarten your Meter Reading – Evidence Based, Speedy, Transparent
  2. 2. Background & Context About pManifold • pManifold is a Utility focused Management Consulting firm specializing in research and consultimplementation on emerging PPP models in power, water, waste and other mass utilities. Our key focus rest in improving Customer Experience and Revenue Assurance for our utility clientele with services in – customer intelligence & analytics; process audits & improvements, building work flow automation and mobility solutions; business & financial modelling; due diligence & bid advisory. (see our Corporate presentation, and Utility Practice Services Portfolio) • We working closely with PPP operators in power and water distribution utilities in India, helping them drive (AT&C/ NRW) loss reduction initiatives • Lot of our work focuses upon building technology solutions & services for easy and regular performance monitoring of utility processes as perceived by ‘Customers’ and also as actuated by ‘Employees’, and representing in easy and accessible dashboards, to drive interventions • uBox is one such Mobile and Web app solution that improves Meter- to-Bill cycle efficiency. Its already getting implemented in one 4L customer base biggest PPP water operator in the country. • We support various utility process audits by collecting feedback from end-customers and internal employees. This includes processes like MRBD, Collection, Customer Indexing, Call centre, NSC, CGRF etc. About uBox • Meter-to-Bill (M2B) cycle losses contribute significantly to overall Commercial efficiency, of an utility and forms one of foremost area to drive reforms for all new PPP operators • To-date Meter Reading process is mostly done manually, with some new additions of camera/ mobile based photo meter reading, and limited spot billing. And this will remain for some time, before smart metering pave way for mass replicability. • UBox is an advanced Mobile and Web Application, that smarten the overall meter reading process and entire data handling and supervision till billing. It can integrate with any Billing ERP solution. It provides following: • Mobile based photo meter reading • Real time Meter Reading process quality check, audit and supervision • Advanced analytics and visualisation on meter reading data to guide continuous MRBD process improvement/ optimization and further loss reduction 7/6/2014 2
  3. 3. LEGEND Conventional Meter-to-Bill Workflow – challenges faced… Meter Data Repository Meter Reading - Paper / Digital Camera based - Non robust evidence - Dependency on Meter Reader’s tacit knowledge Meter Read Scheduling - Offline - Non spatial data based - Duplication errors 1 2 Meter Reading Digitization - Manual data entry with inconsistencies & errors - No historical comparison - Basic/No validation - Lacks Traceability - Batch process and time consuming Billing - Offline - Manual flow of data - Basic validation & analytics - Lacks Traceability - Sequential Bill Printing & Distribution - Minimum customer engagement - Lacks validation - Deliverability issues 6 Meter Data Validation - Basic Validation and analytics - Limited and non traceable data editing 4 Data Consolidation - Manual - Inconsistent data - Multiple touch points - Multiple Sources 5 7 Top Management Reporting & Analytics - Delayed visibility leading to delayed corrective actions - Lacks systemic dashboards - Lacks Traceability - Mostly offline Analytics is mostly carried out on thumb-rule basis and acts as a disconnected module in the value chain END START 3 Data Flow Rechecks Reporting DataQualityAnalysis Consumption Analysis 3 • Poor level of quality checks & analytics built into each phase of the cycle • Lack of traceability of data or modifications that could happen along the way Apart from being a complex criss-cross process, the conventional meter-to-bill cycle has recurring inefficiencies due to • Data being local and distributed at different phases until it is fed to Meter Data Store • Sequential nature of activities Paper based Digital Camera based Corporate office Corporate office Division offices Vendor office (outsourced) On site (outsourced)
  4. 4. uBox enabled Meter-to-Bill Workflow– challenges addressed… 7/6/2014 Meter Data Repository (MDR) Meter Reading - Zone/Route based access - Improve traceability via enabling Meter Image , GPS Location, Meter Status, Meter Reading - Real Time update into MDR - Built in validations and Exception Checks Meter Reader Workload Management - Role based access to consumer data - Group consumers for optimal meter reading route - Assign work units to Meter Readers 1 2 Meter Reading Analysis - Real Time accessibility - Role based access to Meter Readings - Evidence based data audit - Back-office corrections possible, reducing field revisits - Detailed analysis using heuristics - Edit logs Billing - Through Web app - Workflow enabled data flow - In-depth, customizable validation - Complete Traceability - Centralized data processing Bill Printing & Distribution - Complete Traceability - Novel delivery/confirmation methods (short SMS, email, etc.) integration possible 5 4 6 END START Web App Paper based Meter Reading - Accepts data from multiple sources – paper, camera, mobile - Monitors Data Quality - Manages Workflow - Generates Exception Reports - Role-based Access Meter Reading Digitization - Standardized web based data entry tool - Real time updation - Edit checks & tracking 3 uBox Solution Top Management Reporting & Analytics - Real time visibility leading to immediate corrective actions - Systemic dashboards - Complete Traceability - Phase wise efficiency monitor LEGEND Data Flow Rechecks 4 To be phased out gradually after 100% Mobile based reading To be phased out gradually Corporate office Division offices Phone GPRS based photo meter reading Mobile App In built validations for Meter Readings
  5. 5. Phase I Phase II Phase III Works Meter Reading Mobile Photo Meter Reader Meter Intelligence Customer Information Bill Generation Vigilance MeterCustomer QAQC Analytics & Triggers > Meter Reading > Meter Status Service Intelligence> Service Status > Service reports Meter Maintenance Meter Installation Customer Intelligence> Customer Contact info – phone/email, GPS, address, name, etc, APPAPP APP APP Management APP WEB APP FOR OFFICE STAFF MOBILE APP FOR FOS MOBILE APP FOR CUSTOMERS Inspection / Indexing APP APP 7/6/2014 5 uBox Modules
  6. 6. uBox Functional Benefits Functional Benefits Data Access Control •Controlled access to data •Reduced data redundancy •COMPLETE data traceability (who / what / when) Workflow based •Step-by-step data processing •Improved operational efficiency •Reduced overall Meter-to-Bill Cycle time Business Intelligence •Real time meter data analytics •Role based, customizable Performance Dashboards •Consumption, Asset Condition analysis Techno-Commercial Benefits 7/6/2014 6 uBox operates seamlessly providing reduced data redundancy, access controls, workflow checks while it builds business intelligence and scalability. Apart from being functionally diverse, uBox offers strong techno-commercial value proposition! COST & RETURNS • Low implementation cost • Minimum maintenance cost • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) DATA MANAGEMENT • Cloud based • Interfaces with multiple platforms • Seamless across stakeholders SCALABILITY • Easy integration with multiple CRM/RMS solutions • Web based, making scale up/down at click of button • Safe and Secure
  7. 7. uBox reporting capabilities 7/6/2014 7 Meter Reading Scheduling Meter Reading Acquisition Meter Reading Digitization & Analytics Data Consolidation, Bill Generation, Distribution Vigilance, Capex Work and O&M  Meter Reading route spatial visualization & deviation  Meter Reader wise consumer classification  Meter Reader wise workload analysis  Meter Reader wise performance benchmarking  Run-time exceptions during the meter reading process (Ex: Negative reading, High/Low reading, last meter status etc.)  Meter Asset Management  Historical meter data comparison dashboards  Asset (Meter) condition reports  Asset Exception Reports that can integrate with cross team workflows to allow seamless asset management  Complete data edit log with full traceability  Vigilance report based on consumption analytics  Meter install/ repair/ change/ requests  Updated customer information  Meter Reading Route optimization  Meter Reader load optimization  Meter reader mystery/ shadow audits to track  Meter Reading performance & accuracy  asset status  Evidence (photo) based Meter Reading data quality check  Evidence (photo) based asset health check  Custom quality checks and dashboards for different user levels, for credible bill generation  Audit of Bill distribution process and customer satisfaction about billing  Consumption Analytics to identify outliers, and improve vigilance  Meter asset management  Utility internal process audits and setup uBoxBuilt-in Reports/Features uBoxenabled Additionalanalysis In-built reporting engine and workflow manager of uBox allows Management Dashboards to be created for monitoring the overall Meter-to-Bill (M2B) cycle 1 2 3 4 5 6
  8. 8. pManifold’s MRBD Audit services Process Audit Object Audit Attribute Audit Data captured during the MRBD Process Audit Reports Meter Reading Meter Reader - On time - Speed - Quality - Route - Day wise Meter Readings - Customers Visited - Shadow Meter Reading  Route Coverage Performance  Meter Reader Performance  Reading Quality Report Meter - Condition - Reading - Meter condition (e.g. broken, stolen, ok, tampered, etc.) - Consumption  Asset Health Report  Consumption based Exception Reports  Consumption Distribution Reports Meter Reading Evidence Data - Accuracy - Meter Image - GPS Location - Timestamps  Evidence Tampering Report  Edit Logs Bill Distribution Bill Distributor - On time - Speed - Day wise Bill Distribution  Bill Distributor Performance Report Bill - Delivery - Bill Receipts Confirmation – via SMS, via Missed Call, via Customer Calls  Receipt Confirmations 7/6/2014 8 Separately collected by pManifold Audit Team While smoothening the MRBD workflow, uBox allows setting audit trails on various MRBD process components for the validating the data being generated
  9. 9. uBox – Engagement Models Solution + Service Mobile based Meter Reading uBox Mobile Photo Meter Reading App uBox Web App MRBD Audit uBox Web App pManifold MRBD Audit services Pricing • Setup fee for uBox customization and integration • Per customer per month transaction fees for using uBox • Min. 1 year contract • Separate MRBD Audit fees 7/6/2014 9 and/ or Mobile phones and Meter Reader resourcing to be supported by client We look fwd. to DEMO
  10. 10. Let’s get in touch… Joinusinourconversationsat, Power Distribution Franchisee AT&C Efficiencies True Distributed Generation Power Distribution Franchisee Community of Interest Connecting talent & Making Local companies discoverable pManifold Insights Premium & Free Reports, Presentations, and more… pManifold Community Blog Articles, technical notes. Talk to us or drop by… Sandeep Waghmare +91 98237-58532 Rahul Bagdia +91 95610-94490 India (Main office) 741 Byramji Town Opposite Marina Residency Byramji, Nagpur - 440013 Maharashtra, INDIA Other Offices: Pune, Delhi and Canada USA (Liaison Office) 2020 Calamos Ct., Suite 209 Naperville, IL 60653, USA Mr. Dinesh Jain +1 630-853-3520 Let’s deploy our insights and actions for your business to improve and grow! Water Sector Reforms - India Community of Interest 7/6/2014 © pManifold. All rights reserved. 10
  11. 11. DATA BASE ADMINISTRATION DATA QUALITY MANAGEMENT DATA MANAGEMENT DATA CREATION uBox Technical Architecture Mobile App Meter Reading | Location| Photo | Meter Status | …etc. Quality Audit Engine Edit Checks | Automated Checks | Manual Checks ONLINE Data Corrections Role based access | Edit Logs Meter Data Store Reporting Engine Exception Reporting | Management Reporting | Data Tracking HTTP AUTH • Users Management • Access Management to • Campaign base data creation • Data Backup (Daily / Weekly / Campaign ) • Server Performance Management Data Import-Export Pre-defined Formats to be uploaded into the CIS 7/6/2014 11HTTP AUTH HTTP AUTH Authorized Access Meter Data Store & Web Application to be hosted on pManifold-owned web- servers HTTP AUTH Paper MRS Meter Reading | Meter Status | …etc. HTTP AUTH