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Mind Mapping: What is it? by MindProject

Mind Mapping description and examples, by MindProject

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Mind Mapping: What is it? by MindProject

  1. Mind Mapping<br />Knowledge by<br />
  2. What is it?:<br />Mind Mapping is a graphic technique used to represent ideas and concepts developed by Tony Buzan, which harnesses the skills of both cerebral hemispheres:<br />Right Hemisphere says:<br />“I am the one generating ideas!<br />The eccentric, creative part, …well, the artist!”<br />Left Hemisphere says<br />“Right, but without me, the analytical part that organizes and structures those ideas into something coherent, you’d be lost…”<br />Oh boy…<br />Knowledge by<br /><br />
  3. Our double personality:<br />LEFT HEMISPHERE<br />Word<br />Logic<br />Numbers<br />Linear Reasoning<br />Analysis<br />Lists<br />RIGHT HEMISPHERE <br />Ritmo<br />Spatial perception<br />Global focus<br />Imagination<br />Daydreaming<br />Color<br />Dimension<br />¡Without neurons connecting us we’d be nothing!<br />Knowledge by<br /><br />
  4. How do we receive information?:<br />Our brain is bombarded by bits of information in the form of:<br />Sensations <br /> Memories<br />Thoughts<br />Images<br />Knowledge by<br /><br />Conocimientos by<br />
  5. And how do we process it?:<br />Through the main functions of our brain, we receive and process that information in different ways:<br />Lists codes<br />Words Symbols<br /> Sequences Numbers smells<br /> Images<br />Colors <br /> Dimensions<br />Knowledge by<br /><br />Conocimientos by<br />
  6. The radiating thought:<br />According to Buzan, each bit of information that enters the brain and it`s processed by it, can be represented as a central sphere from which numerous information links radiate, via branches that represent a specific associated concept.<br />Each one of these associated concepts, has its own infinite network of links and connections. <br />Knowledge by<br /><br />
  7. Mind Map:<br />We can then define a mind map as an expression of the radian thought, and therefore as a natural function of the human mind.<br />It`s a way of generating and organizing ideas using associations through a graphical representation.<br />“AMind Map is the ultimate organizational thinking tool, it is the easiest way to put information into your brain and take information out of your brain. It&apos;s a creative and effective means of note taking that literally &apos;maps out&apos; your thoughts”. <br />Tony Buzan<br />Knowledge by<br /><br />
  8. From mind to paper:<br />We will see next a series of steps to learn how to represent on a piece of paper our mind maps. <br />¡¡Lets get the most out of our brain and the information we store in it!!<br />Ready?<br />Knowledge by<br /><br />
  9. 1. Start at the center of the page:<br />You must concentrate all your mind`s effort in the center of the page. Put on it what symbolizes what you are thinking about or what you want to elaborate on, in the form of a word; the key word:<br />MindProject<br />Knowledge by<br />
  10. 2. Let it Flow:<br />Start putting around the key word everything this word suggests to you: concepts, people, objects… even if these seem absurd, let your mind flow…<br />Revolution<br />Workers<br />Networks<br />Liquid<br />Activist<br />Tourism<br />MindProject<br />Twitter<br />Transformation<br />Innovation<br />Ecosystem<br />Action<br />Knowledge by<br />
  11. 3. Free Associate:<br />As ideas start to flow, jot down one or more words that describe the concepts on lines that radiate out of the key word. Do not try to rationalize what you write, just do it, and establish branches and sub- branches linking the concepts:<br />Al<br />Collaboration<br />Integration<br />Philosophy<br />Objective<br />Transgression<br />Alf<br />Joh<br />Juan<br />Maribel<br />Ber<br />Pau<br />Flow<br />Network<br />Networks<br />Revolution<br />Supply<br />Demand<br />Promotion<br />Distribution<br />Workers<br />Liquid<br />Rafa<br />Gersón<br />Jordi<br />Juan Carlos<br />…<br />Activist<br />Tourism<br />MindProject<br />Twitter<br />Transformation<br />Followers<br />Communication<br />Sectorial Model<br />Mentality<br />System<br />….<br />Innovation<br />Ecosystem<br />Action<br />Open-source<br />Entrepreneurship<br />Consulting<br />raining<br />Distribution<br />….<br />Projects<br />Campaigns<br />Workshops<br />Knowledge by<br />
  12. 4. Think as fast as you can:<br />Get going and start adding concepts or images quickly. (liquid= fluid network, ecosystem=molecule, revolution= cross the line, etc):<br />Al<br />Collaboration<br />Integration<br />Philosophy<br />Objective<br />Transgression<br />Alf<br />Joh<br />Juan<br />Maribel<br />Ber<br />Pau<br />Flow<br />Network<br />Networks<br />Revolution<br />Supply<br />Demand<br />Promotion<br />Distribution<br />Workers<br />Liquid<br />Rafa<br />Gersón<br />Jordi<br />Juan Carlos<br />…<br />Activist<br />Tourism<br />MindProject<br />Twitter<br />Transformation<br />Followers<br />Communication<br />Sectorial Model<br />Mentality<br />System<br />….<br />Innovation<br />Ecosystem<br />Action<br />Open-source<br />Entrepreneurship<br />Consulting<br />raining<br />Distribution<br />….<br />Projects<br />Campaigns<br />Workshops<br />Knowledge by<br />
  13. 5. No boundaries:<br />Think &quot;out-of the-box&quot;. Use wild colors, underline, highlight what`s more important to your… Unleash the artist inside you (the left hemisphere must be fatigued!!):<br />Al<br />Collaboration<br />Integration<br />Philosophy<br />Objective<br />Transgression<br />Alf<br />Joh<br />Juan<br />Maribel<br />Ber<br />Pau<br />Flow<br />Network<br />Networks<br />Revolution<br />Supply<br />Demand<br />Promotion<br />Distribution<br />Workers<br />Workers<br />Liquid<br />Rafa<br />Gersón<br />Jordi<br />Juan Carlos<br />…<br />Activist<br />Tourism<br />MindProject<br />Twitter<br />Transformation<br />Followers<br />Communication<br />Sectorial Model<br />Mentality<br />System<br />….<br />Innovation<br />Ecosystem<br />Action<br />Open-source<br />Entrepreneurship<br />Consulting<br />raining<br />Distribution<br />….<br />Projects<br />Campaigns<br />Workshops<br />Knowledge by<br />
  14. 6. Do not underestimate your mind:<br />Things that seemed irrelevant, highlighted in the Mind Map might become meaningful. This is the power you unleash when you let your two cerebral personalities dialogue!:<br />Al<br />Collaboration<br />Integration<br />Philosophy<br />Objective<br />Transgression<br />Alf<br />Joh<br />Juan<br />Maribel<br />Ber<br />Pau<br />Flow<br />Network<br />Networks<br />Revolution<br />Supply<br />Demand<br />Promotion<br />Distribution<br />Workers<br />Workers<br />Liquid<br />Rafa<br />Gersón<br />Jordi<br />Juan Carlos<br />…<br />Activist<br />Tourism<br />MindProject<br />Twitter<br />Transformation<br />Followers<br />Communication<br />Sectorial Model<br />Mentality<br />System<br />….<br />Innovation<br />Ecosystem<br />Action<br />Open-source<br />Entrepreneurship<br />Consulting<br />raining<br />Distribution<br />….<br />Projects<br />Campaigns<br />Workshops<br />Knowledge by<br />
  15. 7. Go, go, go!!!:<br />Keep your hand moving. If ideas do not flow, draw lines to nowhere, and you`ll see your brain immediately find new concepts to associate; or change colors to catch your mind`s attention!:<br />Al<br />Collaboration<br />Integration<br />Philosophy<br />Objective<br />Transgression<br />Alf<br />Joh<br />Juan<br />Maribel<br />Ber<br />Pau<br />Funnel<br />Flow<br />Network<br />Networks<br />Revolution<br />Supply<br />Demand<br />Promotion<br />Distribution<br />Workers<br />Workers<br />Liquid<br />Rafa<br />Gersón<br />Jordi<br />Juan Carlos<br />…<br />Activist<br />Tourism<br />MindProject<br />Twitter<br />Transformation<br />Followers<br />Communication<br />Sectorial Model<br />Mentality<br />System<br />….<br />Innovation<br />Ecosystem<br />Action<br />Open-source<br />Entrepreneurship<br />Consulting<br />raining<br />Distribution<br />….<br />Projects<br />Campaigns<br />Workshops<br />Knowledge by<br />
  16. 8. Finally, add relationships:<br />Not always ideas radiate clearly from the key word to establish branches and sub-branches from this one; sometimes by observing the concepts inspired by the key word, our brain quickly establishes connections among the derived concepts: <br />Al<br />Collaboration<br />Integration<br />Philosophy<br />Objective<br />Transgression<br />Alf<br />Joh<br />Juan<br />Maribel<br />Ber<br />Pau<br />Funnel<br />Flow<br />Network<br />Networks<br />Revolution<br />Supply<br />Demand<br />Promotion<br />Distribution<br />Workers<br />Workers<br />Liquid<br />Rafa<br />Gersón<br />Jordi<br />Juan Carlos<br />…<br />Activist<br />Tourism<br />MindProject<br />Twitter<br />Transformation<br />Followers<br />Communication<br />Sectorial Model<br />Mentality<br />System<br />….<br />Innovation<br />Ecosystem<br />Action<br />Open-source<br />Entrepreneurship<br />Consulting<br />raining<br />Distribution<br />….<br />Projects<br />Campaigns<br />Workshops<br />Knowledge by<br />
  17. Applications of Mind Mapping:<br />Mind Mapping can be used in different ways. We have used the example above to organize our ideas around a main subject, and to draw conclusions based on a series of concepts related to said subject. <br />But Mind Mapping can also be used to create a process diagram, to quickly show organized information to your team and clients, or for anything that might occur to you.<br />It is a graphic technique that once mastered, multiplies he power of the mind through efficient dialogue between both hemispheres of the human brain.<br />Knowledge by<br /><br />
  18. It can also help us to:<br />Organize “too much” information <br />Solve problems that seem to have no solution<br />Clarify our ideas<br />Study in a effective way<br />Concentrate faster<br />Stimulate imagination and creativity<br />Improve communication within our team<br />Plan in a productive way<br />Make the right decisions<br />Optimize and leverage from brain storming sessions<br />… AND GET THE MOST OUT OF OUR BRAIN COMPUTING POWER AND THE INFORMATION WE STORE IN IT!!!<br />Knowledge by<br />
  19. Example 2.0:<br />A goodMind Mapping example to organize information we want to show and convey, is Philippe Boukobza ‘s mind map, that shows his identity on social media in a visual way:<br />The result is great! And it is embedded on his website so that each concept is linked to the social media that refers to. <br />Clearly a very good example on how to take Mind Mapping to the world 2.0.!<br />Knowledge by<br /><br />
  20. Tourism Revolution @work:<br />The mind map book – Tony Buzan & Barry Buzan<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Knowledge by<br />