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I didn't created this . got it in an Email Fwd . Too cool


  1. 1. Salaries Which type do you associate yours with?
  2. 2. You see it, you grab it... then you cry! Onion Salary
  3. 3. Bastard Salary: doesn’t help you in anything, just makes you suffer, But you can’t live without it!
  4. 4. Diet Salary Makes you eat less each time
  5. 5. Atheist Salary You doubt its existence!
  6. 6. Magic Salary You make a few moves and voila, it disappears!
  7. 7. Storm Salary You don’t know when it’s coming and how long it’ll last
  8. 8. Black Humour Salary You laugh so you don’t cry!
  9. 9. Conservative Salary Takes your inspiration away!
  10. 10. Impotent Salary When you need it the most, it fails you….
  11. 11. Menstrual Salary Comes once a month and lasts about 3 days
  12. 12. Walt Disney Salary It’s been frozen for 30 years!
  13. 13. Premature Ejaculation Salary Just when it starts, it’s over!