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Necto 16 training 25 - necto insights

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Panorama Necto, The Most Secure, Centralized & State of the Art Business Intelligence System

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Necto 16 training 25 - necto insights

  1. 1. Necto 16 Training Necto Insights
  2. 2. Training Objectives • By the end of this session you will be able to –  Understand what Insights are for and what is the additional value of having this feature in Necto  Setting up basic parameters to find Insights in your workboard
  3. 3. Insights Main Points • In order to display Insights, workboard must contains: • At least one measure • Date dimension • Insights can be found on a specific component • Insights can be drill into by using “Drill to Data” icon • One Click Insight and Collaboration can be used for Insights • Every Insight can be customized (an Insight is an Infographic display)
  4. 4. Necto Insights Location Show hide current Insight Revelation, Exception, Handpicked modes Insights Settings Insights Layout (withwithout Insights) Show Insights for a date (yearquarterlymonthly weeklydailymanually)
  5. 5. Necto Insights Display Dimensions display Trend and Prediction charts Bottom Insight Indicator Current Measure Previous Value Ratio and Difference Values
  6. 6. Necto Insights Settings Displays topbottomboth Insights Automatic manual Insights scoping Perform Insights to a particular dimension (If manual scoping was selected) Perform further analysis if the dimension is part of a hierarchy (parentchildren) Perform the Insights by selecting the desired ranking Number of predicted periods back Filter Insights found by a particular parameter Insights condition Insights ranking period
  7. 7. Necto Insights Rank By Rank by Ratio Rank by Difference