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02 the necto_application_ready

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02 the necto_application_ready

  1. 1. Necto TrainingModule 2: The NectoWorkboard
  2. 2. Objectives By the end of this lesson you will be able to: Describe the Workboard environment and components Navigate through the Workboard tree to locate the information you need
  3. 3. Necto Workboard Introduction
  4. 4. What is a Necto Workboard Next generation of dashboards Interactive – user adjustable Social
  5. 5. Working with the Workboards Search within the data Filtering for hidden insights Drilling in Cause and effect Similar/relevant Search outside the box Workboards What other users are viewing Discuss with peers Start discussions Flow the work of others
  6. 6. Workboard Center
  7. 7. Workboard Center Search for workboard or Go to Workboard view discussionSelect aWorkboardquick link Select a Workboard
  8. 8. Quick LinksSelect aWorkboardquick link
  9. 9. Quick Links - Recent Workboards that you have viewed previously, by time period Select time period
  10. 10. Quick Links - Favorites You can save the Workboard as a favorite
  11. 11. Quick Links - Relevant Workboards suggested to you by the system based on: Your topics of interest Likes Popular workboard Only workboards that you are allowed to see
  12. 12. Quick Links – Recent Discussions
  13. 13. Quick Links – Recent Discussions Workboards that include discussions
  14. 14. Quick Links - Recent Subscriptions Subscribe to a person’s work See what this person is doing Can see public and shared workboards
  15. 15. New Additions to the Homepage (SP1) Purple – User Topics Cloud Red - Admin Visualization styles
  16. 16. Workboard Page Structure
  17. 17. Workboard Page LayoutSocial RibbonActionsTabsContent of thisarea dependson tab selectedabove Workboard display area
  18. 18. Interactive Help 1. Click to open Interactive Help 2. Click on a screen item to view help about it
  19. 19. Printing a Workboard Save to PDF
  20. 20. Adjusting Workboard Printing To change the print settings go to design mode and under Workboard properties you have the Printing properties Note the “components to print” section that defines which components would be printed and at what order
  21. 21. Locating Workboards – Search Box In Workboard – text within workboard Example: product name, region name For Workboards – by workboard name Discussions – text within a discussion
  22. 22. Private and Public Workboards Private Workboards Public Workboards• Shared:• The creator of the • All users with workboard can share it permission to view the with specific users who data can view and can then view or edit it modify the Workboard• Not shared:• Only the creator of the Workboard can view or modify it
  23. 23. Locating Workboards –WorkboardTree Public items Private items Open a user’s private folder Search by Workboard Name
  24. 24. Looking Outside the Box – NectoAdvisor Click to switch to Necto Advisor view
  25. 25. Demonstration Log into the Necto application Go to Workboard view Locate a workboard on the workboard tree Go to the Necto Advisor
  26. 26. Adding TopicsHow does Necto know Click on name Add topics towhich workboards are to add topics workboardrelevant for me to user Necto matches workboard topics with the user’s topics of interest
  27. 27. Adding Topics to User PropertiesClick on your nameto edit propertiesOpen Topics tabDrag tags fromdictionary to yourareas of interestMark if youwould like to seeonly data thatmatches yourtopics of interest
  28. 28. Adding Topics to Workboard Click to add topics to dictionary Drag from dictionary to here
  29. 29. Exercise Log into the Necto application Go to Workboard view Locate a workboard on the workboard tree Add a tag to the workboard Go to Necto Advisor Go back to workboard center and examine the different categories
  30. 30. Thank youAny Questions?