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Employees pile on the kilos at the workplace

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Employees pile on the kilos at the workplace

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Employees pile on the kilos at the workplace

  1. 1. Employees Pile on the Kilos at the Workplace
  2. 2. Contd.. The workplace may be adding inches to your waistline, a new survey from CareerBuilder India has revealed. More than 52% of the 1,019 employees surveyed said they have gained weight at their current jobs; with 31% saying they have gained more than 2.5 kg. Only 11% of all workers said they have lost weight since beginning work in their current position. Excerpts from the study, conducted online by Redshift Research in March and April 2015, shared exclusively with ET.
  3. 3. Eating and Exercise Habits Though the majority of workers (80%) exercise on a regular basis and nearly 57% claim to work out at least three days week, 41% feel they are overweight A majority of workers (53%) say their employers do not provide gym passes, access to workout facilities or wellbeing benefi ts. Of these, 41% say they will take advantage of such opportunities. Only 40% of workers say their company provides such incentives. When it comes to eating habits, it’s tough to resist snacks and restaurant meals. As many as 77% confess to snacking at work, and 81% say they regularly eat out instead of packing lunch to work. 37% eat out three times a week or more
  4. 4. Men v/s women More women (48%) than men (34%), say they feel overweight. However, men and women are equally likely to exercise regularly, with 81% men and 79% women claiming to work out at least once per week. Work-related stress, lack of sleep and overly packed schedules can often get in the way of healthy eating and exercise habits. Poor physical health can also take a toll on mental health and work quality, so it’s important for workers to stay active, even if it just means taking small breaks throughout the day to walk around or stretch.
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