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Communiqué de Presse La Parisienne Assurances -

Annonce de la collaboration entre La Parisienne et pour l'accompagnement des startups de l'InsurTech.

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Communiqué de Presse La Parisienne Assurances -

  1. 1. La Parisienne doubles’s investment capacity to enable insurtech entrepreneurs launch startups faster & cheaper! is happy to increase its investment capacity thanks to La Parisienne’s support At, we are investing in early-stage insurance-related startups in Europe. Among the 2,500 startups we spotted in the past 12-months, a vast majority either seeks an insurance company to underwrite and structure its product or thinks of implementing insurance as a complimentary business model to its service. In early-stage, entrepreneurs happily use any help beyond just money. Support to structure their companies and scale is a requirement, but we are convinced that our role as an investor is to bring even more on the table. Giving a direct access to a ready-to-act incumbent, who will build insurance products, fast, is one of them. Lowering the barrier to entry for InsurTech entrepreneurs In early days of an InsurTech startup, negotiations with an insurer and creation of the dedicated insurance policy takes a lot of crucial time, usually it’s a matter of several months and $$$… Thanks to its technological maturity, La Parisienne has become an enabler for seed & early stage InsurTech startups. It takes 10-weeks (from initial discussions to a live product) to launch a tailor-made insurance product powered by La Parisienne. The company offers to deliver the product through various forms of APIs (pricing, underwriting, claims management…) to any digital service (e.g. a mobile app, a price comparison website, an online platform) in a way, its purchase funnel is built-into the user journey of a service. The operational excellence and the technology of La Parisienne allow entrepreneurs to enter the market faster and cheaper than any time before. Not only it lowers the risks for InsurTech investors, but lower barriers to entry should also attract more entrepreneurs to the sector, and nurture the entire InsurTech ecosystem by raising its quality. How to build an insurance product with La Parisienne in 10-weeks? has become an entry point for InsurTech startups to build partnerships with La Parisienne. No matter if we’ve decided to invest in your company or not, we are therefore happy to support you in your early days, as it’s the way we see our role being at the heart of the European InsurTech scene!
  2. 2. SEEK Identification of the requirements and shared vision Real-time monitoring of the product performance, data and partner requests DEVELOPProduct and management model design QUALIFY Partnership production launch ACHIEVE FRANCE – ENGLAND – BELGIUM – SPAIN – IRELAND – ITALY – GERMANY – LUXEMBOURG – MONACO – POLAND – PORTUGAL – NETHERLANDS – GREECE MOBILITY – TRAVEL – SPORT & LEASURE – SELF-EMPLOYED – HOME – FAMILY We are an established tech-driven insurance company, leveraging technology to design and distribute tailor-made P&C insurance products, in white label and across Europe, to a wide range of partners troughout their own customer journey. We are the first independent Venture Capital investing in early-stage insurance-related startups in Europe to build the next insurance generation. 10-weeks from initial discussions to a live product