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Web Usability & SEO Glossary

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A Glossary of some terms used when talking about Web Usability, SEO, Websites and Usability in general. From 'Above the fold / Below the fold' to 'Web Usability'.

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Web Usability & SEO Glossary

  1. 1. Web Usability & SEO Glossary USABILITY & SEO GLOSSARYIntroductionThis glossary explains some of the terms used when talking about Web Usability, SEO, Websites andUsability in general.Above the fold / Below the foldthe fold marks the end of the visible part of the web page. Therefore, above the fold means thearea of the web page that is visible without scrolling. below the fold is the area of the web pagethat requires scrolling to see.Banner blindnessThis is the situation where a website user ignores banner-like information on a website. The bannerinformation may or may not be an ad.BreadcrumbsA useful navigation element that allows users to see where they currently are in the website, plusthe previous pages in the flow. Normally the user can click any of the links shown to jump to thatpage, with the exception of the current page.Call to actionAn action point on a web page, which asks a user to perform a particular action. e.g. "Buy Widgets"Cascading menuA menu structure where submenus open from a main menu.Embedded LinkA link that is within the text content of a web page.© Pat Walsh 2013 IT & Testing Specialist Pat Walsh IT Services
  2. 2. Web Usability & SEO Glossary initial page of a website.Keywords & Key phrasesA significant word indicating the content of a website or web page. e.g. For this page it could beglossary. Key phrases are similar to keywords, connecting these keywords to form a descriptivephrase, such as web usability glossary.Meta dataThis refers to part of web page content which is not displayed to the user but contains vitalinformation about the contents of the web page. The main meta data types are "description" and"keywords". These still play an active role in Search Engine Optimisation, although with less prioritythan in the past.MouseoverFeedback from a piece of website navigation when the cursor is placed over it. An example is a linkwhich changes colour when the cursor is over it.Page titleThe title text for a web page, as shown in the titlebar of the web browser.ROIReturn On Investment. The ratio of money gained - or lost - relative to the amount invested.ScanningThe action of a user quickly scanning the content of a web page looking for important navigationitems, headings, keywords, calls to action etc.Search engine spider / Spider / Crawler / RobotThis is a program or automated process which crawls over web pages - hence the spider references- and is used to collect information by search engine providers such as Google. The spider will crawlfrom link to link that it finds on each page thus building up its knowledge of a web page and thelayout of a website.Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising a websites position in search enginessuch as Google.© Pat Walsh 2013 IT & Testing Specialist Pat Walsh IT Services
  3. 3. Web Usability & SEO Glossary mapUsually a text display of a web sites layout. Can also refer to an XML version called sitemap.xmlwhich can be used by Google to map your site.Split A/B testsThese are tests where two different versions of a web page or piece of functionality are tested atthe same time by users, who dont actually realise they are getting different content to other users.The results of these tests - e.g. which version led to more sales - can then be used to decide whichversion should be used.Tab / Tab menuNavigation items which allow links to be presented as a set of items and will often be presented toappear like tabs within a folder as in the real world.TaglineA phrase, usually below a web pages logo, which quickly introduces the website to the user. Thismay be a slogan, motto, catchphrase, byword etc.Type ahead searchA search which shows results as each character of the search term is entered.UCDUser-centred design. Design based around the needs and aims of users.Web UsabilityRefers to the ease-of-use and user-friendliness of a website, from the users point of view. Otherfactors also include effectiveness, efficiency and learnability of the website.© Pat Walsh 2013 IT & Testing Specialist Pat Walsh IT Services
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