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Fit preso augmented and geosocial fashion

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Fit preso augmented and geosocial fashion

  1. 1. Augmented and Geosocial FashionFor Fashion and Places @FIT 2011
  2. 2. Paul FarkasFounder/CEO, Social.TVFounder/CEO, SocialFashion.comFounder/CEO – Social EntertainmentGroup (SEG)Transmedia Producer, *Film Project*Paul@Social.TV@allSocialTV
  3. 3. High Fashion Forward In the Digital and Social Media SpaceImage Exclusivity and Accessibility are oftenOscillating from Design to Front Row to POSLuxury Brands are Exploring and EmbracingCreative Multiplatform Social CampaignsPeople and Inspirations Behind the Brand areOpening, More Transparent, and SharingThe Evolved Prosumer is Digitally Native/RewiredConnected, Conversational, and Collected
  4. 4. Online [STATS]Online Users Top 200m Uniques in the U.S. by July, 201023 to 30.5 hours weekly on average25% of U.S. Internet Time is Social NetworkingOnly 10.2% is on Online Games, 8.3% on Email11 Hours is spent interacting with Major Media and Multi-tasking dailyOnline Videos increased by 600% between 2006 and 2010Length of Time Viewing Video rose 162% between mid-2009 and 2010$25.8b spent on Online Avertising, up nearly 14% from 2009
  5. 5. Social commerce S-Commerce globally to rise from $5B to $30B+ by 2015. Today S-Commerce is primarily about: Awareness/Brand Building Lead Generation Driving to Brand Destination/Channels for POS/Service E- and M-/U-Commerce will be socially revolutionized: Direct On-Social Site/Network POS Richer Integrated and Ride-Along Social Experiences Customer Engagement cannot be compromised Brands need Conversational, Inside Look Social Presence F-Commerce is a High Priority for most CMOs Need to convert Fans/Likes, Follows/Retweets to Buys
  6. 6. [STATS]“The Social Network” today is Facebook with 600m+ membersFacebook surpassed Google in monthly visits for first time in 3/1061.3 billion page views, 63 million average daily visitors and7.9 average minutes spent per visit on Facebook by 10/101 in 10 Internet visits in the U.S. by 11/1023.1% of online display ads in the U.S.Posting, sharing, linking, consuming Facebook MediaBooming F-Commerce (Facebook Retail), Facebook CreditsFacebook Live (Livestreaming) and StudioFacebook Brand Fan Pages and Groups
  7. 7. Liking Facebook Pages
  8. 8. Fan-Only Content and Sales
  9. 9. Exclusive Photo“Bling” Badge for Off-Line Society Members
  10. 10. Like-Only Livestreaming
  11. 11. Multiplatform Social CampaignsThe “CatchAchoo” trainer shoe race offers the winner the chance to keep a free pair if theycan figure out where they are in London according to clues left on social networking sitesTwitter, Facebook and Foursquare.A picture of a Jimmy Choo bag is taken in the location and left on the sites, where a companyrepresentative will wait for a short period of time with the shoes on display. Those who havefigured out the clue must race to the location, approach the representative and say: “I’vebeen following you” to win the shoes.“There have been some close shaves when people have missed the shoes by a minute ortwo. But it triggers the motivation to catch them next time,” a Jimmy Choo spokeswoman saidin an emailed statement to Reuters.
  12. 12. Like-Only Sales Previews
  13. 13. Virtual Online Boutiques Celebrity Curation
  14. 14. Daily DealsIndustry/Personality Curation
  15. 15. E-commerce Social Gaming
  16. 16. [STATS]200M+ registered users.300,000 daily new sign-ups180M monthly unique visitors come to the site75% of Twitter traffic from outside Twitter.com3B daily API requests.55M daily tweets.600M daily search queries37% use phone to tweet60%+ tweets from 3 rd party Apps
  17. 17. Mobile [STATS]Smartphone Sales to eclipse PC Sales in 201296% increase in Smartphone Sales last year worldwide51% more willing to shop stores with Mobile FunctionalityOnly 4.8% of U.S. retailers have a mobile application, website or feature90% Find Retail-specific Apps extremely beneficial41% of iPhone Users make purchases on their phone>70% of iPhone Shoppers use apps while shopping in-storeIPhone Users historically have >$100k income79% would redeem Mobile Coupons48% would download and Print Coupons from PCMobile Video Watching increased 40% in the second half of 2010 (U.S.)25M Watched ~4:20 Monthly with Smartphones and Tablets$6.4B Online Advertising spend in the third-quarter of 2010Only $743m Mobile Advertising spend projected for full 2011
  18. 18. Strengths for the Mobile Consumer Today: .Convenience. Compare Prices Instantly Find Store Locations and Product Information Check for and Earn Discounts Build Loyalty Addressable Prosumer in Web Wide World is Next: Personalized, Contextual Information and Value Geolocation, Geolocation, Geolocation HyperLocation-targeted Mobile Advertising Hyperpassive-Aggressive Web Push/Pull Real-Time Pricing/Group Bidding Incentivized Loyalty Building/Bundling
  19. 19. 3400% Growth by 2010381M+ global check-ins (total)Only 6m+ MembersHow many fashion houses, industry, affluent consumers?Is Ones 4SQ. Network more Georelevant and Secure?Are mayorships rewards? Value/Deals in other ways?Yelps check-in system has had only 41m check-insGet Glue has 1m+ Members, 100m+ data pointsFacebook was 200m+ mobile users!30m+ tried Facebook Places at least once already!
  20. 20. Immersive Technology solutions, which stimulate peoples visual,auditory, olfactory and tactile senses to connect with shoppers on anemotional level to create unforgettable shopping experiences.Combined with flexible, responsive business models, they have the potential totransform the way customers interact with you(r) brand.
  21. 21. Magazine Mobile Apps
  22. 22. Magazine Mobile Apps
  23. 23. Mobile and Ipad/Tablet Apps
  24. 24. Magazine Ipad/Tablet Apps
  25. 25. Branded Ipad/Tablet Apps
  26. 26. Live Event Collaboration
  27. 27. Treasure Hunt 1.0
  28. 28. MBFW Mobile AppSocial Shopping App Featuring exclusive content and coverage of theMBDW Fall 2011 events - including all the must-have information from show schedules todesigner profiles, runway photos, event coverage, and industry news.
  29. 29. Crowd-Sourced Fashion Show embracing technology and“A big part about Rebecca Minkoff and the brand isnot just settling for traditional social media like Facebookand Twitter. We’re expanding our horizons and Polyvore was a natural selection forus...that would incorporate their members and showcase howwell they style...We selected our favorite one, the winner had a huge amount of votesfrom the readers...[After receiving [c]lose to 20,000 votes, we flew them out, they helped stylethe show, picked out key pieces that we wanted to incorporate – with accessories andjewelry, shoes, etc. – and they put together the looks that we had in the show. - Daniel Saynt, CMO, Rebecca Minkoff
  30. 30. Livestreaming Fashion Alerts
  31. 31. Fashion Show Livestreaming
  32. 32. Daily In-Store Fashion Models
  33. 33. Remote Livestreaming Storescape
  34. 34. Interactive Digital Billboards
  35. 35. Event Livestreaming in 4-D
  36. 36. Digital Billboard Signage
  37. 37. Smart In-Store Retail Rewards
  38. 38. Social Retail Gaming - Scvngr
  39. 39. Interactive Storescapes
  40. 40. Rich Media Displays
  41. 41. Interactive Kiosks
  42. 42. Interactive Display Advertising
  43. 43. Magic Mirror - Augmented Reality
  44. 44. Augmented Fashion
  45. 45. Augmented Fashion
  46. 46. Interactive StorescapesMobile Augmented Reality
  47. 47. QR Codes and AR Markers
  48. 48. Mobile Augmented Reality
  49. 49. Augmented LensesThe most important accessory of our time will be smartdesigner sunglasses and lenses as we near mainstreamadoption of augmented lenses.
  50. 50. Smart LED FashionEmotion Recognition-Sentiment, Situational, Experiential
  51. 51. Thanks
  52. 52. EndnotesS4: Online [Stats] media-and-games-dominate-activity/ in-2010/S5: Social Commerce [Stats] Facebook [Stats] for-number-1/ visited-website-in-2010/
  53. 53. EndnotesS7 Facebook Campaign: Bergdorf Goodman and Fendi new-fendi-bag.htmlS8: Facebook Campaign: Chanel Facebook Campaign: Swarovski pictures/S10. Facebook Campaign: Tag Heuer Multiplatform Campaign: Jimmy Choo Foursquare Campaign: Gap Facebook Fan Page and Social Deals: Gilt Groupe bring-social-experiences-offline-74658
  54. 54. EndnotesS14: Virtual Online Boutiques, Celebrity Curation: http://Boutiques.comS15: Industry/Celebrity Curated Daily Luxury Deals: AhaLife http://AhaLife.comS17: Twitter Statistics accounts-created-per-day/S20: Mobile Device and Usage Stats 5.htmlS22: Foursquare Stats total-check-ins-in-2010/
  55. 55. EndnotesS25: Immersive Solutions: IBM Magazine Ipad/Tablet Apps: Vogue lady-gaga-exclusive/ nastS27: Mobile Apps: Gilt Groupe comprises-3-percent-of-sales-in-first-2-days Magazine Tablet Apps: Elle hearst-buyout/S29: Luxury Brand Tablet App: Salvatore Ferragamo collection/S30: Live Event Collaboration: Fashion Night Out, Polyvore
  56. 56. EndnotesS31: Live Global Treasure Hunt: La Manifesto Yves Saint Laurent via-stand-alone-magazineS32: Fashion Show Mobile App: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week launches_this_seasons_essential_appS33: Crowd-Sourced Fashion Show: Rebecca Minkoff cmo-talks-crowdsourcing-magazines-vs-bloggers-the-gap-logo-fiasco/S35: Fashion Show Livestreaming: Burberry stream- London-Fashion-Week-show-at-Piccadilly-Circus.html streaming-fashion-show/S40: In-Store Live Models: Hollister Remote Livestreaming Storescape: Hollister
  57. 57. EndnotesS44: Live Event 4-D Storescape: Ralph Lauren Polo projection-mapping.htmlS49: Billboard Digital Signage: Aeropostale d3-led-structure-tone-pixel fire-gha-design-aero-dance-cam-digital-signage-out-of- home-media-001400676.shtmS50: Mobile App: H & M augmented-reality-app-to-showcase-new-collectionS51: In-Store/Smart Retail Mobile App: ShopKick Social Retail Gaming: Scvngr, Neiman Marcus mobile-challenge-scvngr
  58. 58. EndnotesS56: Interactive Kiosks: JC Penny jcpenny-installs-42-inch-interactive-touchscreen-kiosks-at-120-locations.htmlS57: Interactive Advertising Displays: Yahoo yahoos-gesture-based-interactive-video-wall.htmlS58: Magic Mirrors: Macys christopher-enright-magic-mirror?_s=PM:TECH Augmented Fashion: Zugara Augmented Fashion: Tissot Augmented Fashion: Metaio insideAR-DOCs-001c.pdf
  59. 59. EndnotesS64: Mobile Augmented Reality see-the-world/ mobile_augmented_reality_beyond_the_hype_a_glimpse_into_the_mobile_future interactions-part-i Augmented Reality Glasses and Lenses _could_bring_augmented_reality_to_the_next_level.htm augmented-reality-in-a-contact-lens-ieee-spectrum-witii.htmlS66: LED Fashion, Contextual-Sentiment-Awareness

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