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The Opportunities and Challenges of a Social Residence Life Curriculum

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Originally presented as a keynote at the 2104 ACPA Residential Curriculum Institute at Virginia Tech, this presentation provides an overview about how you can integrate social media as a learning and community development strategy in student affairs and informal learning contexts.

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The Opportunities and Challenges of a Social Residence Life Curriculum

  1. Social The opportunities and challenges of a residence life curriculum.
  2. @paulgordonbrown
  3. Social media in student affairs work… What are you afraid of?
  4. “fear” has always accompanied new technology
  5. it’s making us “less social”
  6. but really it’s just establishing new norms and behaviors
  7. anything in EXCESS is likely bad.
  8. social media is a TOOL
  10. you might “STEP IN IT” yes,
  11. “It’s not a question of if you will make a mistake, it’s a question of when and how you will capitalize on turning digital lemons into digital lemonade. Learn to be FLAWsome.” - Erik Qualman
  12. strategy social media is a
  13. ? What are your outcomes let this drive your social media usage
  14. Outcomes 1. Develop relationships with your students 2. Develop community 3. Model appropriate online behavior ! 4. Customer service 5. Marketing and information sharing 6. Reading student culture/discourse
  15. Pick your platforms Twitter: I’m eating a #donut. Facebook: I like donuts. Foursquare: This is where I eat donuts. Instagram: Here’s a vintage photo of my donut. YouTube: Here I am eating a donut. LinkedIn: My skills include donut eating. Pintrest: Here’s a donut recipe. Spotify: Now listening to “Donuts.” Google+: I’m a Google employee who eats donuts.
  16. social media is NOT required EVERY time
  17. Examples
  18. University of Houston
  19. Outcomes 1. Develop pride in the institution 2. Develop community and common purpose ! These outcomes aren’t just reinforced for the students and staff who directly contribute to the effort.
  20. #BennyOnTheMove
  21. Outcomes 1. Develop pride in the institution 2. Engage alumni and create cross-generational connections 3. Enhance sense of globalism, promote study abroad
  22. Boston College
  23. Outcomes 1. Point out hurtful comments and problematic behavior. 2. Describe the negative effects of hurtful comments on target groups. 3. Modify their own behavior. ! 4. Create a more welcoming campus climate. 5. Encourage student action.
  24. Outcomes 1. Discuss and compare different educational styles provided by the faculty. 2. Compose more constructive feedback. ! 3. Humanize faculty. 4. Encourage faculty-student interaction.
  25. Other • Create a Facebook group for a floor, an LLP, or a seminar • Decide on common hashtags to use • Hold a photo contest alongside an event • Share strategies videos or artifacts
  26. Can you measure it? Views only measure awareness… maybe. ! This may be especially true in your ongoing as opposed to targeted efforts. ! Think about engagement instead.
  27. some things to think about
  28. it takes TIME
  29. Be consistent Be dedicated
  30. social media cements relationships
  31. glue it acts like a
  32. Think about how you can use social media to lift up others. It’s not just a broadcasting tool.
  33. Social The opportunities and challenges of a residential curriculum.
  34. @paulgordonbrown