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Life is a Beautiful Gift

What has given meaning to my Life

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Life is a Beautiful Gift

  1. 1.                                    Methodist  minister  Reverend  Auburn  J.  Carr   (1905-­‐1984),  graduated  from  the  Boston  University  School   of  Theology  in  1932,      His  MA  thesis  was  “The  Technique   of  Jesus  in  the  Cure  of  Souls.”            As  a  living  memorial,  I  established  the  CARR   SCHOLARSHIP  IN  SCIENCE  &  RELIGION  at  BUSTh.                        His  first  pastorates  were  in  Vermont:  Milton,  Cabot,  and   Richford.  Then  in  Ipswich,  Woburn,  and  Milton,  MA.  
  2. 2. EXCERPT  FROM  REV.  AUBURN  J.  CARR'S  LETTER  TO  HIS  FATHER,   IRVING  H.  CARR,  11  MARCH  1947.     •  The  journey  and  development  of  the  human  soul  involves   considera^on  of  the  "from  everlas^ng  to  everlas^ng."  Each   person  represents  the  outcome  of  countless  preceding   genera^ons-­‐  an  unbroken  line  of  experience.       •  Spiritual  strength  has  to  be  measured  by  burdens  carried,   resistances  encountered,  and  frustra^ons  survived.    No  soul's   pilgrimage  can  be  like  another  except  in  the  line  of  each   succeeding  genera^on.  In  all  the  experience  from  one   generaOon  to  another,  I  can  see  that  it  is  not  so  much  events   that  have  significance  as  the  emoOonal  InterpretaOon  of  them.     •  The  main  objecOve  is  love.  Therefore  all  things  happen  for  good   when  love  prevails.    
  3. 3. HINDU  KARMA      Life’s  outcome  is  a  result  of  our  &   other’s  liberty,  free  choice,  decisions.                    Freedom  includes  responsibly.      
  4. 4. Did  Adam  &  Eve  accept  responsibility  for  their  disobedient  sin?    
  5. 5. For  sin  will  have  no  dominion   over  you,  since  you  are  not   under  law  but  under  grace.          
  6. 6.    Sallman’s  Christ  (1941)    Faith  in  Jesus  the  Christ   sets  us    free  to  receive:   •  GRACE:  When  God   gives  you  something  you   do  not  deserve.     •  MERCY:  When  God  keeps   your  from  gehng  what   you  deserve.  (Forgiveness)     The   GOSPEL’S   GOOD   NEWS  
  7. 7. Swallowtail Butterfly with Divine Proportion 1.618 BEAUTY in SCIENCE & SPIRIT . I dedicated this book to the memory of my late wife, Karin Hansen Carr, who did not live to complete her own Dragons from the Sky.
  8. 8. "The Adventure of the Universe starts with a dream and reaps Tragic Beauty” (A. N. Whitehead ) Carr Family in 1985, the year before Karin died of leukemia. Paul’s late wife, Karin (1940 - 1986)
  9. 9. Paul  &  Ginny  at  Granddaughter  Bethany  &  Byron’s  Wedding,     July  11,  2015  
  10. 10. Swallowtail Butterfly with Divine Proportion 1.618 BEAUTY in SCIENCE & SPIRIT . Science’s “how” beautifully complements religion’s “why.” Life  is  a  beau^ful  gii  
  11. 11. The  branch  I  lead  at  the  AF  Research  (Rome)  Laboratory  led  to   compact  Surface  AcousOc  Wave  (SAW)  filters  with  higher  quality   factors  Q  than  electromagne^c  helical  resonators.  SAW   components  are  used  in  cell  phones  and  radar.      
  12. 12. SURFACE  ACOUSTIC  WAVE  (SAW)  DEVICE        The  spacing  of  the  lines  of  the  interdigital  transducer  equals                                     one  half  acous^c  wavelength.      This  is  about  a  micron  (millionth  of  a   meter)  &  determines  the  frequency  of  a  filter.  
  13. 13. My  IEEE  (  Ins^tute  of  Electrical  &  Eletronic  Engineers)    Climate  Discussion/ Debate        Moderator  (lei)  John  Horrigan  introduced  Paul  H.  Carr  (center)    and  Ted   Kochanski  (right)     Video  on  my  web  page  was  produced  at  NewTV,  Newton,  MA,  27  August  2014  
  14. 14.    Prophe^c  Pope  Francis:   •  Stop  plundering  our  planet  for  profit,   the  poor  suffering  the  most.   200  Page  Encyclical    Laudato  Si:     On  Care  for  our   Common  Home.                            June  2015  
  15. 15.                        RE-­‐ENVISIONING  BEAUTY     Is  beauty  “in  the  eye  of  the  beholder”   or  a  Spiritual  experience?       Without  divinely  created  beauty,   nature  becomes  an  object  that  may   be  ravaged.     For  example,  the  Canadian  tar  sands   can  be  beau^ful  in  the  eyes  of  its   owners  because  it  is  a  source  of  black   gold.    
  16. 16.      Canadian  Tar  Sands:  “Scraping  Booom”             Na#onal  Geographic,  3/2009   “Reverence  for   the  life”  of  this   forest?  
  17. 17.  Reverence  for  Life      A  Moral  Impera#ve          Albert  Schweitzer  (1875  –    1965)              Nobel  Peace  Prize  1952   •  Theologian,  “Quest  of  the   Historical  Jesus  (1906)”     •  Organist,                                                             Bach  Interpreter     •   Medical  missionary  to  Africa  
  18. 18. RE-­‐ENVISIONING  BEAUTY     Let  us  re-­‐envision  beauty  to  transform  our   relaOonship  with  life  on  earth.       Science  is  based  on  respect  for  nature’s   laws.     Spirituality  engenders  reverence  for  and  the   consecraOon  of  nature,  created,  sustained,   and  redeemed  by  a  Divine  power.    
  19. 19. LIFE’S  GIFT   By  Paul  H.  Carr     Why  seek  salva^on,   With  gourmet  tempta^on?   Heart  bea^ng,   Without  trying,   Till  dying.   Eternal  Living.    
  20. 20.          Paul  H.  Carr’s  web  page