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cloud computing

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Each chapter of this bok contains student learning activites to give the readers a chance
to enhance the learning proces. This bok on cloud computing has ben writen for the
undergraduate students of B.E (CS/IT). & B. Tech. and postgraduate students of M.C.A,
M.E & M. Tech.(CS/IT), and similar courses of various Universites of Madhya Pradesh,
Chatisgarh, Utar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab and other Indian Universites. This
bok is divided in to 10 chapters & 6 experiments. Chapter 1 & 2, presents the basics of
Cloud Computing, Vision of Cloud Computing, Cloud computing environments, Cloud
and dynamic infrastructure, Cloud Adoption and rudiments and overview of cloud
aplications: ECG Analysis in the cloud, Protein structure prediction, Gene Expresion
Data Analysis, Satelite Image Procesing, CRM and ERP, Social networking etc.
In Chapter 3 & 4, We bring, Cloud Computing Architecture, NIST Cloud Computing
Reference Architecture, IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture, DMTF Cloud
Service Reference Architecture, CSA Reference Model, CISCO Cloud Reference
Architecture, Cloud Reference Model, Types of Clouds, Cloud Interoperabilty & Standards,
Scalabilty and Fault Tolerance, Cloud Solutions, Cloud Ecosystem, Cloud Busines Proces
Management, Cloud Service Management, Cloud Oferings and Virtual Desktop
Infrastructure. Chapter 5 & 6, deals with the concepts of Cloud Management & Virtualization
Technology, Resilency, Provisioning, Concepts of Map reduce, Cloud Governance, High
Availabilty and Disaster Recovery. Virtualization, virtualization Hypervisor management
software, Virtual LAN(VLAN) and Virtual SAN(VSAN) and their benefits.
Chapter 7 & 8 we present he theoretical and practical concepts of Cloud Security, Cloudsecurity services, Design principles, Secure Cloud Software Requirements, Policy
Implementation, Cloud Computing Security Chalenges, Virtualization security Management
and diferent Cloud Computing Security Architecture, CSA Cloud Security Reference
Model, NIST Security Reference Architecture, IBM Security Framework etc. In Chapter 9
& 10 we evaluate and examine Market Based Management of Clouds, Federated Clouds
Cloud, Third Party Cloud Services, and Case study of Gogle Ap Engine, Microsoft Azure,
Hadop, Amazon, Aneka etc.

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cloud computing

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