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List Of Credit Card Associations

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List of Major Credit Card Associations like Visa, Diners Club, Discover Card, Japan Credit Bureau, MasterCard, etc. For more information on Accept Credit Cards and Credit Card Processing, you can visit:

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List Of Credit Card Associations

  1. 1. List of Credit Card Associations
  2. 2. American Express American Express Company (NYSE: AXP), sometimes known as "AmEx" or "Amex", is a diversified global financial services company that is headquartered in New York City, New York. Founded in 1850, the company also has major offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Salt Lake City, Utah; Greensboro, North Carolina; Phoenix, Arizona; Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; Markham, Ontario, Canada; London and Brighton, United Kingdom. The company is best known for its credit card, charge card, and traveler's cheque businesses
  3. 3. Diners Club Diners Club International, originally founded as Diners Club, is a charge card company formed in 1949 by Frank X, McNamara, Ralph Schneider, and Matty Simmons. When it first emerged, it became the first independent credit card company in the world.
  4. 4. Discover Card The Discover Card is a major credit card, issued primarily in the United States. It was originally introduced by Sears in 1985, and was part of Dean Witter, and then Morgan Stanley, until 2007, when Discover Financial Services became an independent company. Novus, a major processing center, used to be partners with the company as well. The Novus logo has since been retired and now the Discover Network logo has replaced it.
  5. 5. Japan Credit Bureau Founded in 1961, JCB established dominance over the Japanese credit card market when it purchased Osaka Credit Bureau in 1968 and its cards are now issued in 20 different countries. Fifty-nine million JCB cardmembers worldwide use their cards to purchase over US$62.7 billion of goods and services annually in 190 countries worldwide. JCB also operates a network of membership lounges targeting Japanese, Chinese, and Korean travelers in Europe, Asia, and North America.
  6. 6. MasterCard MasterCard Worldwide (NYSE: MA) is a multinational corporation based in Purchase, New York, United States. Throughout the world, its principal business is to process payments between the banks of merchants and the banks of purchasers that use its "MasterCard" brand debit and credit cards to make purchases. MasterCard Worldwide has been a publicly traded company since 2006. Prior to its initial public offering, MasterCard Worldwide was a membership organization owned by the 25,000+ financial institutions that issue its card.
  7. 7. Visa Visa Inc. (NYSE: V), commonly referred to as VISA (Visa International Service Association), is a multinational corporation based in San Francisco, California, USA. The company operates the world's largest retail electronic payment network, managing payments among financial institutions, merchants, consumers, businesses and government entities. Before Visa Inc's IPO in early 2008, it was operated as a cooperative of some 21,000 financial institutions that issued and marketed Visa products including credit and debit cards.
  8. 8. Paynetsystems For more information on Accept Credit Cards and Credit Card Processing , you can visit: