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To systematic search for relevant
literature to prepare HTAs;
To obtain guida...
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Evolution of the HTAi vortal : a user-centered approach

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8th Annual meeting HTAi, Rio de Janeiro, 2011 (

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Evolution of the HTAi vortal : a user-centered approach

  1. 1. PerspectivesLearningfromtheonlinesurvey LIKE To systematic search for relevant literature to prepare HTAs; To obtain guidance in a special subject such as searching reference management tools; To obtain an introduction to / overview on a special field; For selective searching for defined authors; institutions etc.; For teaching purposes; To be up date to find sometimes information earlier. DON’T LIKE Search functionality does not suit my needs; Information is not sufficiently updated; I don’t know very much about the contents; functions and news in HTAi Vortal; Design is too confusing / too user unfriendly; Presented information is not of interest; I’m only interested in methods and publications on methods; I forget about it; There are very few documents; I tend to get the information from the original sources eg HTA agencies; If we have a research project we use the relevant databases. FAVOURITE SECTIONS Health Economics; HTA Guidelines & Resources; HTA Agencies & Organizations; Searching the HTA Literature; Reference Tools; HTA Data & Statistics; What is Health Technology Assessment (HTA)? Measuring Health Outcomes; Learn more about HTA; Policy Forum; Emerging Technologies; Pharmacogenomics ATTRACTIVE SECTIONS HTA Guidelines & Resources; Searching the HTA Literature; Health Economics; Measuring Health Outcomes; HTA Data & Statistics; Emerging Technologies; HTA Agencies & Organizations; What is Health Technology Assessment (HTA); Search function; Reference Tools; Policy Forum; Learn more about HTA; Pharmacogenomics KEEP • Hierarchy (« my subway map ») • Combination of structured list and search engine • Google technology SUGGESTIONS • Fewer clicks to arrive at the resources • Distinct section on recent updates; RSS • Faster loading speeds • Links to Methods and discussion about them • Job market information, exchange about internships • Mostly interested in improvement of search capability and interface sorting results etc • More description of resources (Dublin Core) • Adding sites, reviewed by IRG members for quality & content, that reflect emerging technologies (...) ADDED VALUE Broad collection of HTA related information; Links to member agencies web pages; Easy to use search capabilities; Supplementary information to the Cochrane and NHS CRD databases; Up-to-date information (....) FUTURE USER? Background The HTAi vortal was established in 2005 by the HTAi Interest Sub-Group on Information Resources (IRG). The HTAi vortal is a Web directory which lists selected online resources aimed at supporting the HTA doers' day to day work in a variety of categories (1). In 2007, a customized search engine was added. It allows searches strictly within the Websites listed by the Web directory (2). Resources are usually briefly described. HTAi members can access details, report a broken link or rate the resources (3). An online form is also provided to suggest new resources. To evaluate the overall use and satisfaction of the vortal and to get suggestions for further enhancements, an online survey was conducted among HTAi, INAHTA and EUnetHTA members in 2011. Here are the results… Evolution of the HTAi vortal : a user-centered approach Chalon, Patrice X. ; Droste, Sigrid ; Ormstad, Sari Susanna Links: HTAi vortal is online at Contacts: Acknowledgements: Many thanks to Elaine Alligood, Megan Bresnahan, Catherine Voutier, Luc Hourlay, Laurence Kohn Structure • Optimised • Editors Content • Enhanced • Up to date • Editors Search Awareness • Newsletters • Journals • HTAi conferences Use