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Focus on meaning in Bachillerato, by Elena Merino - Valencia, Spain

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Focus on meaning in Bachillerato, by Elena Merino at Pearson Event for English Teachers - Valencia, Spain.

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Focus on meaning in Bachillerato, by Elena Merino - Valencia, Spain

  1. 1. Focus on meaning in Bachillerato Elena Merino 1Presentation Title Arial Bold 7 pt
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. 5 ?
  4. 4. Bachillerato lessons can be as meaningful as any other regular English class “The optimistic teacher”
  5. 5. What does meaningful mean? 1. Meaningful topics 2. Meaningful contexts 3. Meaningful practice
  6. 6. Meaningful topics Topics that “mean something” to your Bachillerato students
  7. 7. Meaningful topics: technology
  8. 8. 11
  9. 9. Extra Extra l 04/1513 What is a vlogger? Can videoblogging be a full-time job? Who’s the most famous vlogger in your country? Name 3 types of videos vloggers make How many subscribers does the most famous vlogger in the world has? What is a synonym for vlogger? Where do vloggers upload their videos?
  10. 10. 15
  11. 11. 16
  12. 12. 18 Students create a tutorial on how to do something. 1. In groups, they write their scripts 2. SS decide how to present their tutorial (sticky notes, apps, ppt, etc.) 3. Record a video 4. Show it to the class 5. The class votes for the best tutorial Your turn! You are a vlogger!
  13. 13. 19 Students watch a tutorial and learn how to do something. 1. Compile the web pages (class Forum, padlet, etc.) 2. SS have one week to learn something 3. SS show what they have learned (record a video, show it in class, etc.) Alternative
  14. 14. Technogeek? These tools work for creating and sharing tutorials or lessons (T-S and S-S).
  15. 15. Meaningful contexts
  16. 16. Of undisputed origin Not a copy Genuine Real “The Real Deal” “The Genuine Article”
  17. 17. intended for native speakers, not second-language learners Authentic material:
  18. 18. “Ambiguity tolerance”
  19. 19. 25 Meaningful contexts Choosing a text / listening: • Is it interesting? • Is there anything in this text that my students can relate to their own lives? • Can they learn something about the language and culture?
  20. 20. 26
  21. 21. 28 What can you see? What do you think is the relationship between them? What are they doing?
  22. 22. Explain / Define / Put it in a sentence Find: an opposite, a synonym, sth you ... What’s the video about? Why? Ask topic questions: what’s your favourite actor ? Find links between words: predict content
  23. 23. 31 00.00-1.17 James Bond loves Elaine Figgis
  24. 24. 32 Deadspot listening 1.17-1.50
  25. 25. 33 with a twist 1.50-2.58 • Work in pairs • One student watches the video (on mute) and provides a running commentary to their partner who is facing the other way. They tell a lie. • Spot their lie! • Watch intently, speak clearly
  26. 26. 34 How do you think the story ends? 2.38-5-52
  27. 27. 36 Your turn! Fund Raising Your class is going to raise money for a good cause (famine, child labor, eviction, unemployed, etc.) In groups: 1. Think of a fundraising idea 2. Prepare a clip, a TV spot or a sports event 3. Create a brochure to explain what you are doing 4. Share it!
  28. 28. Meaningful practice
  29. 29. Exercise 1 – make & do Complete the questions with the correct form of make or do. 1) How much money does a waitress ______? 2) Could you ______ the washing today? 3) Did Tom’s new business ______ a profit last year? 4) Has Dick ______ the washing up? 5) Were you ______ your homework when I called? 6) Why did Harry ______ a complaint?
  30. 30. 39 What happens if the practice is meaningless?
  31. 31. Exercise 2 – make & do Complete the questions with the correct form of make or do. 1) Did you _____ your bed this morning? 2) Do your neighbours ever ______ a noise? 3) Do you like ______ the washing up? 4) Who ______ the cooking in your house? 5) Have you ever ______ dinner for somebody? 6) Where does your family usually ______ the shopping? Ask your partner the questions.
  32. 32. Meaningful practice – Replace names 11 Replace the underlined adjective with a synonym from WORD STORE 1C. 1 Hannah is very hard-working. She’s always in the library. 2 Dan has a logical way of thinking. He likes problem-solving. 3 Jim is a sociable person. He loves a good party. 4 Eva is very determined. She never gives up. 5 Tom likes to discover new things. He’s always interested. 6 Rosa is really intelligent. She gets everything right. 12 Replace the names in Exercise 11 to describe students in your school. Does your partner agree with you?
  33. 33. Opposites and synonyms: a memory game
  34. 34. How many did you get? Hard-working Interesting Friendly Dull Reasonable Persistent Generous Bold
  35. 35. Meaningful practice – Agree or disagree
  36. 36. Meaningful practice – Agree or disagree
  37. 37. Working with vocabulary 47 An unshakable belief in something without need for proof or evidence When you steal somebody’s WIFI basic underlying fundamental secondary
  38. 38. Agreeing / Disagreeing
  39. 39. 50 Breaking the law is always wrong It’s bad idea to make people aware of your political views Teenagers have no idea what they stand for Nobody has strong beliefs about anything anymore
  40. 40. Find a video and Discuss! 52
  41. 41. 53 Conclusion 1. Meaningful topics 2. Meaningful contexts 3. Meaningful practice
  42. 42. Thank you!