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Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Primary Level 5 and 6

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Are you looking for activities for Christmas? Are you planning to prepare a Christmas Show and you still haven´t decided what to do? Or do you want your pupils to make something special for their families for Christmas?

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Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Primary Level 5 and 6

  1. 1. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Primary - 3rd cycle You can present this activity by suggesting a project to your pupils. You want them to create a new story about Rudolph. Divide the class into groups of 4. Each group will create a story. First investigate the story and its origins.'s_reindeer Then, present the 5 elements for a story: - Theme: how differences between us can make everyone special. Characters: Santa Claus, the 8 reindeer and Rudolph. Setting: Find out where the tradition says Santa lives before drawing the setting: Conflict: All the reindeer bully Rudolph because of his red nose, and they make him feel very sad Plot: One foggy night, his red nose will be very helpful when pulling the sleigh In this case, they know the characters, the conflict and the plot… but they have to create the dialogue between them and create a play. CHARACTERS Let’s find out some information about them: First let’s learn about reindeers here: And to find out more about their personalities, you can find help here: Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas? Find out more information about Saint Nicholas.
  2. 2. Rudolph, Donner and Blitzen’s names come from the German language, the rest of the names are originally from English. Blitzen: Female deer, representing the spirit of lightning. Comet: Male deer. Responsible for spreading happiness around the world. Cupid: Female deer. Responsible for spreading love and happiness around the world. Dancer: She was the sleigh’s leader on the left before Rudolph’s arrival. Dasher: He was the sleigh’s leader on the right before Rudolph’s arrival. Donner: a male deer who represents the spirit of thunder. Prancer: The most handsome of all the reindeer. He is very resistant. Vixen: Female deer. She is the most beautiful of all the deer. Very resistant and strong Rudolph: The leader of the reindeer. But before being the leader, the rest of the reindeer didn’t like him because of his big red shiny nose. SETTING Make them investigate the setting. Bring pictures to the class. Look at the environment, what kind of trees are there? Where is it set? What can we find out about the reindeer’s habitat? Here are some sites to investigate about their habitat. bou/ And don´t miss this video!
  3. 3. CONFLICT The reindeers make fun of Rudolph because he is different and he has a big red nose. With this theme, these characters and this conflict, invent the dialogues and create a script. Think how they will solve this conflict. This could be an example of a script if you want to use it as a guide. Characters: - 4 4 1 1 1 girl reindeer as Dancer, Blitzen, Cupid and Vixen. boy reindeer as Dasher, Comet, Donner and Prancer. boy reindeer as Rudolph Santa Claus Rudolph’s mummy Material: - 1 ball 1 red chalk (when you choose a Rudolph, colour him/her the nose with red chalk) Some clothes (you can use the kids scarves or jackets) to make Santa´s tummy extra large! Some string
  4. 4. Script Sant Claus is centre stage and introduces himself: Santa Claus: Good morning! My name is Santa Claus. I’ve got long white hair and a long white beard. I’m very fat. I’m wearing a red hat. These are my reindeer, they drive my sleigh! (He points to the reindeer and goes away from the scene) Dancer (carries a PlayStation joystick): Hello! My name is Dancer. I’m the first reindeer on the left. I’m eleven years old. I love running, I can run very fast! I’ve got black spiky hair and a tail. I’ve got pink feet, and little grey antlers. This is Dasher my friend. (He points to Dasher) Dasher: Hello! My name is Dasher I’m the first reindeer on the right. I run next to Dancer. I’m ten years old. My favourite film is __________ . I’ve got brown hooves, big brown antlers and green eyes. This is Blitzen. She is my friend. (He points to Blitzen) Blitzen: Hello! My name is Blitzen. I’m the third reindeer and I run behind Dasher. I’m ten years old My favourite film is __________. I love running in the rain. I’ve got wavy gray hair, brown fur and blue eyes, thin legs and my cheeks are pink. This is my friend Comet. (She points to Comet) Comet: Hello! My name is Comet. I’m the fourth reindeer. I’m eleven years old. My favourite film is __________ . I´ve got short curly brown hair. I´ve got long antlers. I’m a happy reindeer. I run next to Bitzen, behind Dancer and in front of Cupid. This is my friend Cupid. Cupid: Hello! My name is Cupid. I’m the fifth reindeer. I’m ten years old. My favourite song is __________. I’m wearing small yellow earrings. I have a heart-shaped tattoo on my chest. My eyes are green. I run behind Comet, in front of Prancer and next to my best friend, his name is Donner. (She points to Donner) Donner: Hello! My name is Donner. I’m the sixth reindeer. I’m ten years old. My favourite film is __________. I have a little brown beard. And a light brown lightning tattoo on my chest. I love stormy weather. I love the sound of thunder. I run next to Cupid and in front of Vixen. She is my friend.
  5. 5. Vixen: Hello! My name is Vixen. I’m the seventh reindeer. I’m ten years old. My favourite song is __________. I’ve got wavy purple hair and red lips. I have freckles on my cheeks. I love sports. I love running. I can run for kilometres without getting tired. I’m very resistant. I run behind Donner and next to my friend Prancer. He is great! Prancer: Hello! My name is Prancer. I’m the eighth reindeer number 8. I’m ten years old. My favourite song is __________. I’ve got blue eyes. I´ve got light brown hair and I always run with my friend Vixen. We are very resistant!! And... This is Rudolph… he doesn’t run with us. He is not our friend. Rudolph: Hi! My name is Rudolph, I’m nine years old. My favourite song is________ and...I feel very sad because I don’t like my nose. I think my nose is too big, too red and too shiny… (he says it very sadly) Dancer: Come here reindeers! Let´s play on the PlayStation! (they get together in a group pretending they are playing tennis with the PlayStation Joystick, they can sing while they play. While they are playing, Rudolph approaches the group) Rudolph: Hello! 8 reindeer: (stop playing) Hello Rudolph! Rudolph: Can you let me play? 8 reindeer: No, No, No! You can’t play! Red Nose, Red Nose, Red Nose! (they play again, and Rudolph tries it again) Rudolph: Hello! 8 reindeer: (stop playing) Hello Rudolph Rudolph: Can you let me play please? Reindeer: No, No, No! You can’t play! Red Nose, Red Nose, Red Nose! (they play again, and Rudolph tries it again) (Rudolph runs away crying and he goes to his house where mummy is waiting)
  6. 6. Rudolph: Mummy! Mummy! They won’t let me play with the Play Station!! (pointing at them) Mummy: Don’t worry Rudolph. (Gives Rudolph a hug) Come on, let’s have dinner and let’s go to sleep. Rudolph: Ok mummy, mmmmm I love salad! (he pretends he is eating, and after that he lies down and sleeps) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------(the 8 reindeer keep playing until Santa Claus appears) TIP: Put some clothes under Santa’s sweater, so it looks like he has a huge tummy. Santa Claus: Hohohohoho!!! Good evening Reindeer! Reindeer: Good evening Santa! Santa Claus: Listen to me reindeer! Tonight it’s Christmas Eve! We have to give presents to all the children of the world! Come on! Let’s go to the sleigh!! (the 8 reindeer put themselves in pairs and in row (reindeer 1&2, reindeer 3&4…) , you can use some string here and they can hold onto the string) Santa Claus: Are you ready? Reindeer: Yeees!!! We are ready! Santa Claus: Let’s go! (the reindeer start to walk but they go very slowly) Reindeer: Santa! We can’t see anything! It’s very dark and very foggy! (they pretend they bump into a tree, or they can bump into the wall…they will love that!) Reindeer: Santa! We can’t see anything! It’s very dark and very foggy!
  7. 7. Santa Claus: Mmmmmmm...(he puts his finger on his head) We have a big problem… mmmmmmm... Eureka! I have a good idea! Reindeer, stop! Wait here! Don´t move please! (Santa Claus goes to Rudolph’s house and knocks at the door) Rudolph´s mummy: Good night Santa! How are you? Santa Claus: Good night! I’m fine thank you. Where is Rudolph? Rudolph´s mummy: Rudolph is sleeping in his bedroom. (Santa Claus enters and touches Rudolph shoulder with his finger) Santa Claus: Rudolph! Rudolph! Wake up! Wake up! I need your help! (Rudolph wakes up and is very surprised) Rudolph: Santa!!!! What’s happening? Santa Claus: Let’s go Rudolph! Come with me! (Santa and Rudolph go with the other reindeer, and Santa places Rudolph in the front row) Santa Claus: It’s a very dark and foggy night but your red shiny nose will light up the night. . Santa Claus: Let’s go!!! (they walk ahead without bumping into anything, and Santa can throw presents to the rest of the children) Santa Claus: Ok! We’ve finished the work! Let’s go home! (Back home Santa goes to Rudolph and says) Santa Claus: Good job Rudolph! All the reindeers say: Very good Rudolph! Thank you!! (Rudolph picks up the PlaStation joystick and asks the reindeer) Rudolph: Can I play with you? Reindeer: Yes!!!!! Let’s play!!!
  8. 8. (all the reindeer play together) AND THAT’S ALL!!! (stand them at the front of the class, ask for a big round of applause and the actors can bow pretending to be artists) TIPS AND TRICKS  Remember that “We learn while we use and we use while we learn”.  At the end each group presents their dialogue to the rest of the class.  They can create a new story at the end by comparing all the stories.  Create a video for each story by recording them while they explain their story.