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Jenny Grahame's slides from Media Mag conference

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  1. 1. 10 things media students need to know
  2. 2. Your teachers won’t know everything • No-one can! Media Studies is a huge field, changing daily • You can become the expert if you know where to look ….. • . .. And your teachers can help you find it - so take their guidance seriously
  3. 3. Collaborate! • The best media work is collaborative • Share ideas, research, work in progress, skills - even mistakes • Production work depends on teamwork, not competition
  4. 4. Diversify • Taste new genres of media • Move out of your comfort zone • Use the MediaMag archive to take you somewhere different
  5. 5. No right answers • Doing well in Media means how to applying ideas from one medium to another - skills, process and concepts as much as content • A series of debates • Terminology can be helpful - but that does need to be right!
  6. 6. Take risks • Be prepared to fail sometimes - and learn from it • Learn by doing - dry runs, practice tasks, second attempts will all improve your production work. • Think outside the box
  7. 7. Be selective • Sort the wood from the trees • Look at the big picture - history, context, arguments for and against • But . . . know when to use micro and macro approaches
  8. 8. Make connections • Between and across media – and between your critical work and your practical work • With other subjects - ideas from history, politics, psychology, literature • With the world - newspapers, journals, current affairs • Via weblinks, references, etc - but know when to use academic texts
  9. 9. Get active • Go beyond the basic requirements of your spec • Participate in Facebook groups; join the college newspaper, radio station, Film Club; etc. • Build your portfolio with extra-curricular media activity - you could even write for MediaMag!
  10. 10. Build your writing skills • Writing helps you find out what you really think - do lots of it and share it with your class • Use terminology and theory accurately but selectively • Write concisely and unpretentiously • Only use theory when its helpful – and test it out on your own production work
  11. 11. And finally . . . • Try writing for MediaMag - contact • And have a great time on your course