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Developer Journey - from dev to entrepreneur, from idea to market

Talk given at Future of Mobile London 2012 about the journey from a developer to an entrepreneur and from an idea to a market.

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Developer Journey - from dev to entrepreneur, from idea to market

  1. Don’t be a Zombie...E oRny Frm DeeOpr To aPrnU, Frm Ida To mrE.. L Ldn, Tue F bL, nO, Toe 02
  2. 2Apps are like Novels... “Eroe” cn Wrt N ..b fw Ca Ak oE tY { te FolWig tP...}
  3. I followed the mobile innovation to Silicon Valley 3In 22 years, I’ve worked on ~100 mobile products,from chips to Big Data platforms, in start-ups,mega-corps and labs, with budgets from sweat totens of (wasted) millions...The lesson learned... 0. Get more luck lCCcs = (Ilt + hr wr) * (Rps) t hr We uUal Fou hr
  4. 4 1. Build a business, not an app StR HeE “U” pR iY Esin: SieS (a) a  MoiG y BuiEs Orad?
  5. 5 2. Don’t be a Zombie...May AprNer WanBe E walking dead... Se SeR Yr Sl...
  6. 6MVPStart with an...
  7. 7Mind-blowing Vocational Purpose
  8. 8 Answer these 3 Qs... 1. A’S h otOm  wn? (R “A’S y PupS?”) 2. wa saDs i m A? 3. H’S iUrd It oT leD?Les PanL & $$ t P May Of uEaiG  Are S $$$$$ A’T nE
  9. 9Start with why... O’T eL n iE, bt N Ida(UniG yH iL lO e God Fo r) See Simon Sinek’s TED Talk
  10. 10MVP3. Proceed to the...
  11. 11Maximum Value Problem
  12. 12 Answer these Qs... Lu r 1. At pObe d Ou sV? PohI (R “At oTcm/Ned Do yU aIltT?”) 2. wo Ha He pObe? 3. hw Wil Yo NiuLy sLv t? Makt PrdTPohI HyoHei
  13. 13 iE/MakT eEac rsUre:Be informed: IDC, Nielsen, Pew, Gartner, Comscore, etc. UsfL ly: Oge KewRd O If you can’t find something similar then how will your users find you? P-tRe mNioN: Who’s done it before? What works? What doesn’t? P tRe saC Map/analyse your competition!
  14. 14 D f O’Re sIl tC... n’T oE: ls pifL & $$ O “cP”Picasso: “Good artists borrow, great artists steal”...
  15. 154. Figure out the money Q: Use Biz Model Canvas MoiE s BigR i ta ap-Str rvnE (1 mdLs - Se EvlPeeOnmC.O)
  16. 16 5. Test your idea ASAP... “C” T: 1. TaG UsR! 2. Ntr 3. Pet wo Hae Doe It bfR 4. VetR/”VetR” a Ad Tt QuSIs 1: “Ul Ou uE hs?” 2: “Ul Ou iVet In tI?”Ts o “n”S rBal maS t Suk! T “Thy O’T e I.”
  17. 17 PicIn EsuE: Nea ptHig Stf: Ntr ptHig Stf: Cht Wih Len Rbde “Ndn”
  18. 18MVP6. Find the...
  19. 19 Most Virtuoso People-fudR, ta, mnR, avsR, (ErpT)..“Successful companies are started, and made successful by at leasttwo, and usually more, soulmates.” Guy Kawasaki
  20. 20 tA/PepE dC: -fudR, mnR, taS n avsR: DifRet AprAce Nd a MetR iS! w? 1.  wlIn O ie2. Alz ta Ls o Eol wn To kO aoT oL 3. Nd sAre poLe wTh tIs pObe 4. K hm! Cht Wih K GigO “R/fR”
  21. 217. Identify the...MVP
  22. 22 Minimum Viable Product W-f... mnMu Es oCofRm tT Eal-aotR hv te PrbE...
  23. 23“The essential task in a startup is to create wealth; the dimension of wealth you havemost control over is how much you improve users lives; and the hardest part of thatis knowing what to make for them.” Paul Graham ReuIn He cSt o fiR..Minimum Validated Proof Les Is mR TetL/ Rel Dead Ths S Hd DeoStaL Fo Ou OltO (Odc)
  24. 24 Product/Market fit:At jB r ueS “Hiig” yu poUc o D? achieve-product-market-fit-with-our-brand-new- value-proposition-designer.html Prv ta i Dd aN, rmVe aN... (Eal aoTes Oy)
  25. 25 “V” rsUre: Wok N W o Il  Aru T @Act 221001/Nugget/307002 At wH ewI E
  26. 26 8. Differentiate by design... mN lR Anig What your business “says” to the marketK & E Ngae R
  27. 27 2 dsGn tP: 1. ls i R 2. d Ve STr OosRapNgeG.cM (DicUn Od - f2)
  28. 289. Launch the product... Ckr Y (Frm Ua.O)
  29. 29i.e. Acquire users/customers... >Los Of wYs t aqIr UsoR... Ote ta Ceok/TwtE/BlgN Getting to your first 1,000, 10K, 100K - find case studies Cht Wih S Ayo Cht Wih L Bg “rT 00” “Ro dUceA”
  30. 30 Acquisition tactics: p How To Build Great PR Without Spending 1€ Partnerships, Viral loops (see Branch Out case study) Twr Acig: model-for-growing-online-networks/ Find ambassadors, exploit vertical press Use content marketing, SEO, SEM - Neil Patel’s blog, BRIC localization etc. Cht Wih N cO Cht Wih mN S “p” “Via los”
  31. 31 10. Measure/evolve the MVP...Instrument/test everything - Analytics + analytics + more analytics 1. BoH t ChC t Da! 2. BoH t at Upn t Da!Data science - form hypotheses, mine the data, regress, pivot, test.. Consider personal analytics - show customer how they’re doing! Feedback Ratings Asking customers Surveys AND... Kp a e o t CoPTiIN...
  32. 32 11. Ask for help... u flS h mgT ep:Len Rbde ewI E N cO S Ayo L Bg mN S
  33. 33 Thank You Ad m ltSt bO @pgolding If yU oK n TecWorld’s biggest dev
  34. Relevance? 34Paul GKey numbers: Key roles:22 years in mobile ecosystem Advisor SixthSense (Big Data) - US16 patents (mobile chip design) Director Labs (Search) - US4 category best-seller books Founder AlphaPunk design agency - UK1st mobile apps co. in Europe Chief Disruption Officer (Telefonica) - UK1st SMS gateway/apps platform Chief Apps Architect Motorola - EMEA1st mobile internet portal Open Platforms Evangelist (O2) - UK1st push email solution Mentor at Springboard Incubator - UK1st productivity staff pick Apple I have done some stuff to at least point you in the right direction! Good luck!

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Talk given at Future of Mobile London 2012 about the journey from a developer to an entrepreneur and from an idea to a market.


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