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SEGA Mobile Gaming Europe

Vision of what SEGA should (could) have been on mobile gaming in Europe
Presented at Mobile Monday Paris September 06

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SEGA Mobile Gaming Europe

  1. 1. SEGA CONFIDENTIAL Mobile Monday, Paris September 4th, 2006
  2. 2. SEGA CONFIDENTIAL A History of Success and Innovation 1951 The company moved to Tokyo, and Service Games of Japan (also known as SEGA) was officially registered, initially to provid coin-op machines to U.S. military stations in Japan. 1983 SEGA’s first consumer video game console produced: SG 1000 1986 Sega Enterprises was bought by a partnership between Sega Enterprises Japanese management and CSK, forming Sega Enterprises Ltd., a Japan-based company. 1989 Sega's new home console - the Genesis - is launched. 1990 Game Gear - Sega's handheld console, which went up against the Game Boy - is released. 1991 Sonic the Hedgehog is born and becomes Sega's new mascot when sales of the first game in the series go through the roof. 1995 Sega launches the Saturn a few weeks before Sony launches its main rival, the PlayStation. Sega Rally Championship and Virtua Fighter become instant hits. 1996 Sega launches Sega Saturn Net Link, an online console gaming network. 1999 Sega releases the Dreamcast. Launch games Sonic Adventure, Sega Rally 2, and Virtua Fighter 3. 2003 Relaunched as purely a software publisher. 2004 SEGA / Sammy merger.
  3. 3. SEGA CONFIDENTIAL SEGA’s Global network • Since 2004, SEGA and Sammy formed SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS • This new start, as the SEGA SAMMY Group, will further our leading position as a global entertainment company, by uniting corporate resources and maximising our corporate values. This sees the merger of two of Japan’s most prominent entertainment companies SEGA – video game leaders SAMMY – pachislot and pachinko domination FY’05 Combined Sales of SEGA & Sammy Revenue: $4.7 Billion Net Profit: $470 Million Market Capital: $10 billion (as of 2nd Sept 2005)
  4. 4. SEGA CONFIDENTIAL SEGA Mobile on the globe SEGA Europe •SEGA Mobile created in 2005 •GLU Relationship •5 games so far SEGA Japan •SEGA Mobile created in 2001 SEGA America •More than 400 games •2/3 Doja games •SEGA Mobile created •1/3 Brew games •50 games (Brew and Java)
  5. 5. SEGA CONFIDENTIAL SOE Mobile’s access to global network of resources SEGA Europe •SEGA Trade Marketing •SEGA Mobile •Console / PC Publishing •GLU Relationship •Localisation SEGA Japan •Deployment •SEGA Mobile •Product Development •Research & Development SEGA America & Design •Product Development & Design •SEGA Mobile •Licensing •Console & PC Publishing •Arcade & Console Publisher •Hollywood Licenses •IP Owners
  6. 6. SEGA CONFIDENTIAL Mobile is also a technology NTT DoCoMo and Sega developed SA800i
  7. 7. SEGA CONFIDENTIAL Sega in the Mobile Market in Europe ACHIEVEMENTS SO FAR Since our launch in early 2005, SEGA Mobile has achieved ELSPA’s number 1 position with our first title release : Sonic the Hedgehog part 1 being named the fastest selling mobile game N°1 in March & April, N° 3 in May and June ROUTE TO MARKET • Initial distribution outsourced through iFone as an immediate route to market that now Glu will continue to hold the distribution rights until Q1 2007. • SEGA focus for Q4 2006 and beyond is to secure direct agreements with premier distribution partners throughout the EMEA region. STRATEGY Entertainment for all – Every game – For everyone – On every format – Using our experience and resources
  8. 8. SEGA CONFIDENTIAL Meet the Team • Al Pritchard – MD UK, Head of Mobile • Darren Newnham – Business Development Manager – Jessica Gwyther – Account & Marketing Manager – Philippe Jeudy – Account Manager • Agostino Simonetta – Producer – Max Brode – Assistant Producer – Georges Sakkas – Associate Producer • Team draws experience from: – Vodafone, O2, THQ, Namco, Jamdat – Content Creation, Marketing, Finance
  9. 9. SEGA CONFIDENTIAL Sonic Mobile!
  10. 10. SEGA CONFIDENTIAL Route to Market June 2005 Dec. 2005 April 2006 May 2006 June 2006 SEGA signs 8 title deal Super Monkey Ball Sonic the Hedgehog Chu Chu Rocket Virtua Tennis 3D with iFone / GLU Mini-Golf released Pt 1 released released released Jan. 2007 Dec. 2006 Nov. 2006 September 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog Ahah! Hoho! Héhé! Pt 2 released January 2007 February 2007 March 2007 SEGA Rally scheduled Virtua Fighter Monkey Ball Full Tilt scheduled scheduled
  11. 11. SEGA CONFIDENTIAL Thank you