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the informaiton and suggestion for the smartphone photographer to improve their Phoneography

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  1. 1. Phoneography Smart Phone Camera Photography Skills for Dummies
  2. 2. Phoneography Phone + ography
  3. 3. DSLR vs Camera Phone A DSLR can take much better photos in low light, can take much better action shots, and can produce RAW images that are much better for manipulation by post-processing (photoshop, lightroom).
  4. 4. Proper Camera: stable quality, less noise and zoom Why? DSLR i-PHONE5 Size of Sensor Optically Different [Size, Design and focal length]
  5. 5. DSC[똑딱이] vs i-Phone vs DSLR DSLR i-Phone5 DSC Noise
  6. 6. Phoneography vs Photography
  7. 7. camera phone: good for quick and snap shot camera phone: instant modification by app post processing, retouching and effect-edit comes in quickly handy The Evolution of Digital Processing
  8. 8. You can be Smarter Phoneographer than being a heavy cameras carrier.
  9. 9. And here is mine
  10. 10. Smart Phoneographer
  11. 11. Good Phoneography #1. CONTROL YOUR EXPOSURE + Change the mood of photo by over/under expose + Tap the screen in the light/ darkest area and watch the changes. + Compare the differences with three photos in different exposures. #2. HAVE FUN WITH YOUR PHONE’S FLASH The photo with phone’s flash is made to hard to predict. There’re some apps that keeps your flash on Continuously. Use some color flash filter for a filmly and toy camera look.
  12. 12. Good Phoneography #3. PRACTICE SYMMETRY + Make well-composed photographs + look out for some lines, patterns, and other shapes + If you’re feeling stuck, start by collecting one specific shape; like a triangle! #4. PAIR YOUR PHOTOS IN SPLIT-FRAMES +Sometimes 2 (or 3, or 4…) is better than one + Combine multiple photos to show action sequences, zoom in on detail, and interesting composition. + find some photo blog on instagram
  13. 13. Good Phoneography #5. AVOID DIGITAL ZOOM + Digital Zoom causes noise + use tele-converter lens if necessary + Use app with noise reduction (not recommended) #6. Tilt/Shift LIKE A PRO + T/S effects is a blur effect you can apply to your phone photos that mimics the way 4″x5″ film cameras focus selectively. + power to make giant things look miniature
  14. 14. Good Phoneography #7. CELLPHONE LENSES With Wide Angle lensRegular Smartphone For your Selfie With Fisheye Lens With Macro Lens
  15. 15. Good Phoneography #8. THE FILTER TRICK + Start from free Filter app like instagram + Mix filters from different apps, adding same filter twice + Anything can be filter Press your smartphone lens up against a piece of Plastic soda bottle as a sub-color gel , 35mm slides, Polarizing sunglass, or any thin fabrics + Buy some good smartphone filters
  16. 16. Good Phoneography #9. CHECK OUT YOUR SETTING #10. HDR CAMERA SHAKE
  17. 17. Good Phoneography Get a Smart Camera App for iOS camera+ 645pro PhotoFX No 1 iOS camera app Just like DSLR Setting Best Post Processing Like Photoshop
  18. 18. Good Phoneography Get a Smart Camera App for Android camera zoom FX ProCapture Pudding Camera For Professional Phoneographer with setting like DSLR Fun and easy Especially Mirror Effects Versatile Feature with Intuitive UI
  19. 19. how to utilize the smart camera app • Get one HDR app for low light compensation. • Use the pre-set mode like : horizontal level, self-timer, voice activated trigger, digital stabilizer... etc • Use the excellent retouching mode with Non destructive foto editing features. • Fun mode like: filter, collage, burst shot, and Timelapse • Use some accessories for more professional Phoneography
  20. 20. buy some camera phone accessories Accessory for Techies OWLE i-phone cinematic system
  21. 21. buy some camera phone accessories make your iphone much like camera Gizmon ICA i-phone retro camera case The Lens for Smartphone
  22. 22. buy some camera phone accessories And MORE…
  23. 23. Remember using your phone as a camera • good light • interesting composition • simple subject matter • an eye for knowing when to click the shutter.