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iRail: History & current issues

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Presentation given at iRail Summer of code 2012

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  • The a lot of accepted anatomy of presenting a cosplay is by cutting it to a convention. Conventions committed to anime, manga, comics, TV shows, video games, science fiction and fantasy may be begin all about the world. The US abandoned appearance about a hundred conventions cosplay costumes
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iRail: History & current issues

  1. iRailSupportingdigital creativityconcerning mobility.
  2. 2008june 2010september 2010january 2011summer 20112012
  3. 2008
  4. june 2010
  5. september 2010
  6. january 2011 NPO founded
  7. summer 2011 6 students 4 weeks 3 projects
  8. 2012 My team Lets doadvises me to opendo open data data! My data.
  9. 20121.Support digital creativity with a touch of mobility More than railwaysSustain and aggregate open data concerning mobility (likepublic transport) to offer an easy- to-use webservice for all Mobility in generalthird-party applicationsLiving lab: start all sorts of new projects and support them tobecome a spin-offCopyright management for open-source projects
  10. New name? Were open to suggestions