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What is true beauty?

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this is my project in my ict subject. because our topic is Power Point, then we made this just to show that we understand our lesson.

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What is true beauty?

  1. 1. What is REAL BEAUTY?
  2. 2. IS IT THIS FACE?
  3. 3. Maybe this face?
  4. 4. Or this people who looks pretty and handsome?
  5. 5. REAL BEAUTY is not about the looks, the dress, or things in your body, like jewelries, etc. It is not also about the color of your skin, nor the shape of your face, even the style of your hair. It is not about the physical appearance but the inside look.
  6. 6. What is the true meaning of beauty? Beauty means something different to different kinds of people. The meaning of beauty is influenced by our environmental surrounding, society, media, peers, culture and experiences. When people think about beauty we think about the physical visual appearance. I find that the media and society teaches beauty using visual examples. We all know beauty but do we understand it?
  7. 7. Beauty affects everyone’s life yet beauty is filled with mystery for most. What qualifies an individual to be named beautiful? Why some people are called beautiful while others are called ugly? Are beautiful people born or made? Is beauty an appearance or a feeling?
  8. 8. What is the true meaning of beauty? Beauty is not only pleasure to the senses; beauty is being pleasant on the inside which transfers to the outside. One example of this: have you ever met someone who looked physically attractive at first and then once you got to know they are cold hearted and insecure on the inside, you suddenly see this person in a new light, you do not see any beauty only the ugly.
  9. 9. First of all every person living on earth has flaws if you see them or not. People with good inner beauty are recognized by others and other people will focus on their beauty and not notice flaws. People who are insecure and negative on the inside will make people look at them in a negative way and notice their flaws more.
  10. 10. Beauty can be broadly defined into two types: External Beauty Internal Beauty
  11. 11. External Beauty: is about clear skin, good BMI, glowing skin, fairness, good facial features, physical features, eyes, hair, and grooming. Internal Beauty: is about the reflection of your character. It is about your actions, your knowledge, your thoughts, empathy, goodness, the goodness that you feel about yourself. It is about how you think about yourself.
  12. 12. Real beauty is something that you define for yourself. Real beauty is something that you define for yourself, and you follow or you aspire to follow the real beauty. For example, if for a person the real beauty is fairness, then the person will try to maintain and improve their fairness of the skin. Similarly, if for a person the real beauty is about being good and being devoid of feelings like jealousy and hatred, then the person will aspire and try to maintain such goodness.
  13. 13. So each person has their own definition of their real beauty. One may find a person to be beautiful at the first instance. On the other hand, sometimes one may not find a person to be beautiful at the first instance, but after spending some time one may find the person to be beautiful. So, the parameters of judging the beauty changes based on the context.
  14. 14. My definition of real beauty is a combination of both the internal and the external beauty. For me, internal beauty takes the priority over external beauty with a ratio of around 65:35. I would say somebody to be beautiful, only when somebody is beautiful internally and also externally with internal beauty taking priority over the external priority.
  15. 15. With respect to the priorities of external beauty, it is more about the clear skin, physical features, eyes, good facial features, good hair, good body mass index(BMI), not necessarily fair but not dark, well groomed manners and how one carries oneself. With respect to the priorities of internal beauty, it is more about the actions, knowledge, thoughts, being devoid of feelings like hatred and jealousness, and being good and true to oneself.
  16. 16. REAL BEAUTY Beauty is accepting and embracing once unique interior and exterior qualities. It is human nature for people wanting to belong and to fit in. People who are different have a hard time feeling like they belong. Unique qualities are most beautiful, however most people are self-conscious about being unique. The most beautiful flower is the one that is rare.
  17. 17. St. Thomas Aquinas names three essential conditions of beauty: •clarity •integrity 1 Three selected short stories 3 2 •harmony
  18. 18. REAL BEAUTY Clarity is what comes first through our sense experience, when we notice the distinct illumination — the luminosity — communicated by an object. For example, the brilliant colors of a flower initially draw our attention.
  19. 19. REAL BEAUTY We also experience harmony, or the right ordering of the parts. The harmony of a flower is expressed in the size and placement of petals on a stem of a flower. All of this is synthesized into a complete configuration, thereby showing the third aspect of beauty, integrity.
  20. 20. The wholeness of the object elicits repose and contemplation, rather than agitation and grasping. There’s a restorative feeling of being "at home." Within this rest, though, there is also an opening to more that continues to call us.
  21. 21. REAL BEAUTY We judge the book by its cover. It's usually untrue and unwise, but we place a great weight of importance on the first impression. In truth, a first impression offers fast, mostly visual cues, to make an assumption of another. Physical appearance is the first thing we see and it becomes our Achilles heel. The first impression is always the most expensive.
  22. 22. REAL BEAUTY Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is sadness in beauty. Beauty can be ugly. It is a concept that has haunted poets, artists and academics for centuries.
  23. 23. REAL BEAUTY Look at a flower as you would look upon a work of art. Appreciate it. Enjoy it. Relax and just let it all in. Then look at yourself the same way. You are a perfect and unique creation of nature, just like a flower. This may be hard to do and you must persist through all of the negativity and voices in your head. Remember those voices do not speak truth. They are merely the echoes of insecurity and comic relief. Appreciation for beauty isn't forced. Beauty cannot be beaten into you. Beauty must be invited and it must flow. If you want to exhibit your true nature, all you can do is let go.
  24. 24. REAL BEAUTY It is hard to let go. These days, with Life howling around us like a hurricane, we instinctively try to hang on for dear life. To be beautiful, to live in the flow, is a monumentally important task that requires only openness, desire and a few simple actions.
  25. 25. REAL BEAUTY Do something that makes you happy. Let go and take the time for yourself. Something simple. Call a friend. Go to a movie. Get a massage. You do not need to spend a hundred dollars. Shop, but don't buy anything, at a flower shop. Bake a cake. Take a hike. Do something that is purposed for you. When this happens, your beauty will begin to show. Others will recognize it and be drawn to it. You have allowed your beauty to flow.
  26. 26. REAL BEAUTY What you need to do is take a good look in the spiritual mirror of who you really are. Look really hard. What do you see? Are you working in life to please the world around you, or are you genuinely soul searching for a truth that could bring out your true beauty?
  27. 27. REAL BEAUTY Sometimes in life we have to step back from the world long enough for God to show us who we are. To search ourselves. Our motives. Reevaluate our life intentions. Set new goals. Apply morals to our daily living and standards. There is one scripture that defines what true beauty is and it is the definition of one word we all know too well. LOVE.
  28. 28. REAL BEAUTY To conclude, I would say the whole concept of real beauty is subjective to the context and the life-stage of a person. The same person at different life-stages would give different priorities to the internal and external beauty.
  29. 29. REAL BEAUTY True beauty does not come from makeup and hair products. True beauty comes from the inside. Be a great person who’s kind and fun to be around and that will shine on the outside! Remember though, even if others around you refuse to see your beauty, God can see what’s inside you, and He sees just how gorgeous you are.
  30. 30. REAL BEAUTY In other words, if you do not have love in your life, instilled into your deep character, you have nothing. God made you the way you are for a reason. He loves you. And knowing Love in itself, is beauty defined.
  31. 31. Thank You
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