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Are you ready for the Intelligent Mail® Barcode?

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Pitney Bowes has made significant investments in IMB technologies so you don’t have to. View this webinar for an in depth discussion of the recent and upcoming changes to Intelligent Mail Barcode requirements and how you can leverage them to maximize your savings. We can help you understand what actions to take and get you on the path toward saving money on your mailing expenses.

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Are you ready for the Intelligent Mail® Barcode?

  1. 1. ARE YOU READYFOR FULLSERVICEINTELLIGENTMAIL BARCODE?We’ll do the heavy lifting soyou can focus on what isimportant .....your business. March 28, 2013
  2. 2. Agenda  Drive down customer communication costs  Learn how to improve database integrity  IntelliVIEW® - Mail tracking 2
  3. 3. Drive DownCustomerCommunicationCosts 3
  4. 4. Full Service IM® BC Implementation Many mailers have their IT roadmap set many months in advance. This effort might displace key projects that generate more revenue or cost-savings when compared with compliance by using a presort service provider The project will also require additional resources (e.g.: Project Management, Programmers, Mail Experts, etc.) Often, the USPS discount does not support the full implementation investment:  Software/Hardware purchase and integration  Internal IT Development for each data stream 4
  5. 5. Basic vs. Full Service IM® BC Basic Full Barcode enables automation-prices for First-Class Mail®, Standard Mail® letters and flats x _____ x _____ Option provides deepest automation price discounts _____ x _____ Barcode includes delivery point information, MID, class of mail, and OEL information x _____ x _____ Option requires unique ID’s (unique for 45 days) for each mail piece, tray, and container _____ x _____ Option requires appointments through FAST® _____ x _____ Option requires electronic method to transmit a postage statement and mailing documentation _____ x _____ Option provides free start-the clock information _____ x _____ Option provides free automated address correction notices _____ x _____ Option provides ACS™ service at current prices x _____ _____ 5
  6. 6. Intelligent Mail® Implementation Original Plan – Meet Industry Regulations Reality  Dates Changed  Technology Changed  Need to Justify Implementation Alternate Reality  Companies have figured out how to save money based off intelligent use of data 6
  7. 7. Opportunities by DepartmentMail & Print Marketing Customer Legal Finance Line ofOperations Service BusinessDiscounts Discounts & Piece-Level Proof of Cash Flow Improving Promotions Queries Mailing Address QualityJob Tracking Campaign Tracking Collections Tracking Management Responses Responses (Mail / Multi Channel)Delivery InHome™ Tracking Tracking Responses Cancellation NoticesVendor Vendor TrackingManagement Management Cancellation NoticesIdentify TrackingDelivery ResponsesIssues 7
  8. 8. Intelligent Mail® Barcode – Letters & Flats • 65 bars reflecting 31 digits of tracking and routing codes • Barcode Indicator: 2-digits to define presort level with an optional endorsement line (OEL) • Services: 3-digit field to identify IMb Tracing™, ACS™ services • Mailer ID (MID): 6 or 9-digit unique mailer • Unique Serial Number: 6 or 9-digit field used to uniquely identify mailpieces • Routing Code: 11-digit Delivery Point ZIP Code™ 8
  9. 9. Pitney Bowes Presort Services … Makes It Easy To date, PBPS has invested over $20M in Intelligent Mail® technologies and infrastructure. We handle over 40M pieces per day (98% are Full Service) PBPS clients can, without capital investments, become Full Service compliant and differentiate themselves with capabilities that provide transparency, tracking and delivery validation 9
  10. 10. Improve DatabaseIntegrity 10
  11. 11. Database Integrity Customer applied addresses/names are compared to the NCOA (National Change of Address) database. Customers will still be able to get their Change of Address files from PB Presort Services. “My Account”, as they do with UMOVE files today. Update your internal Database with changes 11
  12. 12. The return mail issue I am your customer - how quickly can you find me before . . .  You suppress me  You discontinue my service  You don’t collect from me  You move me to collections  I miss an important legal notice  I don’t respond to your offer  I call you and complain  I am lost forever 12
  13. 13. Customer challenges Reducing operational costs associated with wasted mail Manual and decentralized processes that are difficult to measure Low correction rate of bad addresses Managing updated data Large investment in technology and IT resources Risk of Postal Inspection Service return mail audits 13
  14. 14. IntelliVIEW®Mail TrackingSolution 14
  15. 15. What is IntelliVIEW®? Business & process optimization tool A suite of tracking products…  Induction reporting  Tracking through the USPS Various tracking solutions offered Can apply to either First or Standard Class® mailWhere’s My Mail? 15
  16. 16. IntelliVIEW®Provides visibility when mailleaves our customer. Inessence, we become anextension of their operation:  PBPS first scan data  Proof of Induction  Captures USPS start the clock  IMb® tracing scans track mail through postal system  Improve business processes: mitigate risk, reduce fraud & maintain compliance 16
  17. 17. Business OptimizationIntelliVIEW® data can be utilized to improve processes,as well as to protect your organization and customers:  Manage risk and reduce fraud  Maintain compliance  Avoid costly reprints  Optimize staffing by knowing when a message is delivered  Improve customer experience  Accurately predict in-home date and avoid lost opportunities 17
  18. 18. Geographic Level Tracking 18
  19. 19. 5-Digit ZIP™ Code Detail 19
  20. 20. Mail Piece Level Tracking 20
  21. 21. Questions and AnswersChristine J. Erna MDP, AQS Bruce GreshamEngagement Manager Product ManagerEnterprise Postal Consulting Pitney Bowes Presort ServicesPitney Bowes Management Services 704.391.1229 x111603.974.1169 21
  22. 22. THANK YOU.