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Brand Loyalty

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The impact of emotions on loyalty and consumer-brand relationships is key. Emotions can’t just be evoked by a set of business rules; they must be embedded into the organization’s culture. Benefits of emotions on brand loyalty seem quite obvious in that a positive brand interaction experience will most likely lead to repeat purchases and recommendations. But sitting at the heart of these emotional connections is content.

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Brand Loyalty

  1. 1. BRANDLOYALTY -Moving BeyondContent Author: David Newberry, Group Marketing Officer
  2. 2. IMPACT OFEMOTIONS ONLOYALTY AND The photo on right isCONSUMER-BRAND simply a great case of aRELATIONSHIPS Fortune 500 company making an effort to connect with consumers Starbucks: Doing it Right The Starbucks culture makes customers feel welcome and, clearly, Starbucks recognizes the importance of emotion in developing lifetime relationships with their customers.
  3. 3. IMPACT OF The benefits of emotionsEMOTIONS ON on brand loyalty seemLOYALTY AND quite obvious in that aCONSUMER-BRAND positive brand interactionRELATIONSHIPS experience will most likely lead to repeat purchases and recommendations. Sitting at the heart of these emotional connections is content. Emotions
  4. 4. IMPACT OF Effective customerEMOTIONS ON communications goes beyondLOYALTY AND simply good content andCONSUMER-BRAND ensures the whole experienceRELATIONSHIPS is positive by also focusing on how the message is actually delivered. Information Content ORGANIZATION CONSUMER The role of marketing is to connect with the audience. This is done by providing information that is of interest – in other words, content
  5. 5. IMPACT OF This responsiveness andEMOTIONS ON customization is key – this is theLOYALTY AND how of delivery and goes handCONSUMER-BRAND in hand with a positiveRELATIONSHIPS experience. In this way, customer insight is going beyond only sending the right message, but also now the way it is portrayed. Content CONSUMER
  6. 6. IMPACT OFEMOTIONS ONLOYALTY ANDCONSUMER-BRANDRELATIONSHIPS With each message tailored to its audience, organizations are one step closer to evoking positive brand emotions and, in return, greater brand loyalty. 6
  7. 7. CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT You can read more about these trends and other upcoming topics for this series in our whitepaper, Customer Communications in the Digital Era, available for download hereVisit us at