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Ten reasons to go 64-bit - MapInfo Pro

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A powerful 64-bit application with optional raster grid analysis capabilities, MapInfo Pro™ is the world’s premier desktop mapping application lets you create, analyze and share spatial information like never before. Wondering why you should be using the 64 bit version? Here are 10 reasons...

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Ten reasons to go 64-bit - MapInfo Pro

  1. 1. MapInfo Pro™: Ten reasons to go 64 bit!
  2. 2. MapInfo Pro™ 64-bit version highlights 01. New interface 02. Access to Pitney Bowes Global Geocoder 03. Interactive thematic mapping 04. Improved performance 05. Extended TAB file 06. Customize it 07. More data format support 08. Faster raster 09. New layout designer 10. Backwards compatibility For developers: Improvements to MapBasic MapInfo Pro™ Ten reasons to go 64 bit
  3. 3. 01. New interface: Easier to learn, easier to use • Support for multiple monitors • Auto-save and auto-backup • Instant feedback • New tool manager for MapBasic add-ons • Searchable and configurable Workspace Explorer • Mini-toolbar for quick access to commonly used capabilities • Backstage area (PRO tab) for easy access to preferences, updates, license info, and more • Better window control: Floating, docked or tabbed windows MapInfo Pro™ Ten reasons to go 64 bit Instant feedback with the Label Rules gallery Mini-toolbar Auto-save workspaces Benefit from what you already know: The user interface has much in common with popular Windows applications.
  4. 4. 02. Geocoding for all: Access to the Pitney Bowes Global Geocoder With MapInfo Pro™ v16.0, every MapInfo Pro user can access the Pitney Bowes online Global Geocoder*. • Standard account: 1000 credits per month (per user) • Premium Services account: 2000 credits per month (per user) – City/postal level geocode = 1 credit per geocode – Street level (or better) = 5 credits per geocode • Upgrade plans available for those who require additional geocoding • Easy sign-up, plus monthly allocation of credits for as long as MapInfo Pro is maintained * Requires signing up for an account MapInfo Pro™ Ten reasons to go 64 bit
  5. 5. 03. Interactive thematic mapping MapInfo Pro™ Ten reasons to go 64 bit Change thematic map settings interactively. Change the column being mapped with a couple of clicks. Interactive ranges now appear in the layers list. More easily visualize and analyze data with the new Theme ribbon tab. New color palettes
  6. 6. 04. Improved performance • SQL Select filtering • Map querying • Faster rendering of large point-file tables • More memory improves performance • Display performance for raster data –Multi-resolution raster format at any data size –“Pyramiding” technique applied to other raster formats for fast display at any zoom level • Faster raster processing and analysis capabilities (MapInfo Pro™ Advanced) MapInfo Pro™ Ten reasons to go 64 bit
  7. 7. 05. Break down barriers with the Extended TAB file MapInfo Pro™ Ten reasons to go 64 bit • Support for files larger than 2 GB in size • Support for up to 1000 columns in a table • Unicode (UTF-8 or UTF-16) character set support • New large-integer data type • Increased number of indexes
  8. 8. 06. Make MapInfo Pro™ work for you. Customize it. MapInfo Pro™ Ten reasons to go 64 bit Customize • Customizable quick access toolbar • Customizable ribbon • Create-your-own keyboard shortcuts Configure • Preferences: Configure Workspace Explorer, window behavior, and lots more • New Tool Manager: Easier to manage your tools and add-ins Easy configuration, no programming Quick Access Toolbar
  9. 9. 07. More data-format support Get access to the data you need. OGC GeoPackage format: Store multiple sets of data in a single file. OGC Web Feature Service (WFS) version 2.0 support OGC Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) support Geoscience Australia Land Info New Zealand MapInfo Pro™ Ten reasons to go 64 bit
  10. 10. 08. Faster raster MapInfo Pro™ Ten reasons to go 64 bit All MapInfo Pro™ users working with the 64-bit version get access to the super fast visualization and display capabilities of our next generation raster engine. Turn up the speed of your GIS with MapInfo Pro Advanced. • Optional add-on for MapInfo Pro • Works with huge raster datasets (terabytes) • Visualize and analyze the data using a host of raster grid techniques. Example: Five-meter resolution Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of Australia derived from 236 individual LiDAR surveys (245,000 square kilometres, 3.3 Terabytes of data). Using MapInfo Pro Advanced the data was merged into a single multi-resolution raster (MRR) file of 36 GB in size (98% compression). This file opens instantly and can be panned and zoomed (and more) in real time.
  11. 11. 09. New layout designer • No more switching back and forth between your map and layout: Work directly on layout canvas. • Grids and guidelines for easy alignment • New graticule (dynamic or static) • Better support for using images • WYSIWYG layout • Scale bars directly on layout page MapInfo Pro™ Ten reasons to go 64 bit
  12. 12. 10. Backwards compatibility of data, workspaces and applications MapInfo Pro™ Ten reasons to go 64 bit • Data tables created in older versions of MapInfo Pro™ can be opened in the 64-bit version. • MapInfo TAB files created in the 64-bit version can be opened in earlier versions. –Exception for tables in the new Extended TAB file format • Workspaces created in the 32-bit versions of MapInfo Pro will open in the 64-bit version. • MapBasic applications are compatible - Some exceptions for deprecated functionality and external code
  13. 13. Thank you Tom Probert MapInfo Pro Global Product Manager MapInfo Pro™ Ten reasons to go 64 bit