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Thinking As One, Operating As One: Establishing Efficiences Across Your Multi-Location Firm

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Insourcing your multi-location firm’s operations can address inconsistencies in processes across offices that make the firm less efficient and profitable.Costly technology with no centralized resource can compromise the firms operational effectiveness which can suffer additionally with lack of consistent training and support.

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Thinking As One, Operating As One: Establishing Efficiences Across Your Multi-Location Firm

  2. 2. . INTRODUCTION Stephen D. Whetstone, Esq. VP & Leader, Pitney Bowes Document Management Solutions & Legal Solutions Stephen has led Pitney Bowes’ Legal vertical, as well as the company’s global Document Management Solutions platform since 2011. Prior to that, Stephen was a senior executive at and leader of Iron Mountain Legal Discovery (née Stratify) from 2005-2011. Before that, he was a litigator and equity partner at Testa Hurwitz from 1994- 2005, where he represented clients in securities class actions, government and internal investigations, patent and IP matters, and other complex commercial litigation. Prior to Testa, Stephen was a litigator at Skadden from 1992-1994, where he spent significant time managing electronic and hard copy document review. Prior to Skadden, Stephen spent several years working in the political arena during the 1980s, including as Chief of Staff for former Congressman John W. Olver. Stephen has a B.A. from Bates College and a J.D. from Northeastern University School of Law.
  3. 3. TODAY’S TOPIC Effectively managing multiple law firm offices demands operational clarity, coordination and efficiency. Staffing and managing client matters across several locations can lead to greater operational inconsistencies, costs and errors.  Myriad technologies can proliferate and become redundant due to lack of centralized resources.  Processes and client deliverables can be compromised by lack of coherent solutions, training and support. Challenges will only get more complex. This isn’t Y2K bug. What can firms do about it?
  4. 4. CULTURE, CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIESRapidly Changing Law Firm Culture to Meet Client Demands Efficiency over convenience and lawyer preferences Younger, mobile and tech-savvy workforce and clients Procurement consultant-led deals Direct purchase of equipmentLaw Firm Content Management Is Major Pain Point Decline in mail and copy volumes; increase in print Struggle with data convergence (paper and e-files) MS Outlook remains “repository” of choiceFirms Are Now Considering Outsourcing Middle and Back Office Needs Hard to charge clients for onsite operational costs (only 50-60% recovery) Centralized vs. local operations to more efficiently support multiple offices Lower real estate and labor costs outside major metro areas
  5. 5. LAW FIRM OUTSOURCING…BY THE NUMBERS 77% of Law Firms Outsource Some Office Functions 40 35 30 25 Areas Outsourced (%) 20 15 Employee Count (FTE) 10 5 0 Source: Hildebrandt Consulting
  6. 6. LEVERAGING DISTRIBUTED INFRASTRUCTURERe-deploy certainstaff/ equipment Leveraging Existing ResourcesMinimizedowntime Dedicated Resources Small and time- Lit support / National Partner sensitive jobs eDiscoveryPoint of entry and Archive with Local Partnershipslit support Indexing Archive with indexing Archive,Post-retrieval Lit support Indexing & Coding Special projectsArchival (limited Higher volumeprep) projects Highest- volume jobs
  7. 7. BEST SITE WORKFLOWOn-Site• Smaller footprint• Technical enablers• Invoicing to recoup costs• Small dedicated staff/lower costs Near-Site Provider • Migration goal of 60-80% • Invoice recoverables • Firm investment minimized • Flexible staff/lower costs
  8. 8. MULTI-OFFICE NEAR-SITE MIGRATION PLAN Operational Launch Viability Study Design Pilot Plan July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec 1Q 14 2Q 14 3Q 141st Office 1st Office 1st Office 1st Ofice 1st Office 1st Office 2nd Office 2nd Office 2nd & Other Offices- Scope - Focus - Launch - Formal - Focus - Go live - Focus - Go live work for group on pilot pilot group on full group on - Formal - Right-size - Review migration migration review migration planned review - Review work for cost pilot pilot migration cost - Apply - Decide final migration recovery - Evaluate- Test job - Feedback recovery lessons full - Test job impacts plans for - Customize request on test impacts for full approach request remaining request - Assess and systems office and offices - Assess - Present and client tracking migration tracking - Review client and tracking migration - Evaluate systems systems volume migration approved systems behaviors program- Test impacts behaviors plan for 1st - Review and sustain- - Customize invoicing full office volume ability Invoicing systems launch impacts
  9. 9. SAAS-BASED LAW FIRM OPERATIONAL MODEL Users (Lawyers, Staff, Licensed 3rd Parties) Near-Site Near Site Operations Operations Near Site Onsite Near Site Operations Operations Operations SAAS-Based Applications (HR, AR, AP, WP, Doc Management, Time –Keeping) (T Infrastructure (Datacenters, networking, hardware, software, security)
  10. 10. PBLS CURRENT AND FUTURE GROWTH  Pitney Bowes Legal Recent Innovations Solutions • Reduces manual logs The Legal FM solutions industry • Real -time delivery tracking PB PodTracker leader for more than 30 years. Consistently >$100M in annual revenues • Job submission tool 110 law firm clients; 370 client office Customized, low cost PB Request • Desktop tool available sites Manage mail, scan, print, records, billing, word processing, hospitality, onsite legal discovery, offsite trial • Automates scan/print • Reduces manual process support PB Discovery • Potential other uses Dedicated LPO experts: Account managers and technologists, with 150 years combined experience • Reduces reporting burden Heavy investment in leading 3rd • Faster data analysis PB Metrix • 24x7 online access party software and organic technology development to strengthen onsite offerings and integrate with offsite operations • Built offerings in 202-13 • Collaborate with client IT LTS Team • Tools fit client needs