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Video Reimagined - Capture attention. Motivate action. Deliver real results

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Video is finally as personal and interactive as it should be. EngageOne® Video transforms data and information in real-time into engaging two-way opportunities. Now, you can grow sales and streamline service with real-time video content that customers will want to watch.

Experience EngageOne® Video for yourself at

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Video Reimagined - Capture attention. Motivate action. Deliver real results

  1. 1. Go interactive. Hi Jim When consumers guide the conversation, they stay engaged. Experience it for yourself. Get personal. Increased success Tailor content, context and images to each viewer. It’s sunny today, so stop by our branch. It’s only five miles away. Hi Jim, as a retiree, you’ll love our senior discounts. Bigger savings Outside sales $137 Phone call $12 Interactive video $1 Deeper engagement with EngageOne® Video More clicks the industry averagevs. 20% 55% open rate 98% of viewers gave positive feedbackabove typical max view time 2Xormore Longer view times More satisfaction Actual insurance-company results: View demo Actual results: +25% on-time payments +44% boostin sales “86% increase in conversions when video is used” source: Interactive Personalized Video Capture attention. Motivate action. Deliver real results. Video reimagined. Customer Engagement Pitney Bowes and the Corporate logo are trademarks of Pitney Bowes Inc. or a subsidiary. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2015 Pitney Bowes Inc. All rights reserved. $%