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Website Design Mistakes | Website Mistakes

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Eliminate common website design mistakes discussed in this article while designing & developing your website to rank better.
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Website Design Mistakes | Website Mistakes

  1. 1. 1. Intrusive and Irrelevant Pop-ups The majority of us understand the irritation these cause if we are going through an internet site. For any enjoyable browsing experience, using pop-ups can often be an adverse factor. Pop-ups should however ‘t be wiped off completely as a result of insufficient recognition and may rather be utilized wisely. To be able to compensate the visitors for that invasion offer something as a swap to placate them.
  2. 2. 2. Using Heavy Images One of the leading stuff that hamper speed is heavy images. Though images are essential for interaction and exactly how we relay information online, the wrong utilization of images greatly hampers load speed of the website. Images are a crucial part of webpages as well as affect rankings but heavy images affect consumer experience which further affects sales.
  3. 3. 3. Too Much Flash There’s no solid rule because of not using Flash online but you should cure it for that important content or perhaps navigation. Nowadays very couple of browsers support Flash because it negatively impacts consumer experience. This becomes much more prominent once the website is based positioned on Flash as Google has trouble recognizing and indexing Flash-based content. Additionally, it can’t be viewed whatsoever in certain browsers.
  4. 4. 4. Heavy Design Elements Probably the most crucial facets of a website may be the speed where it loads. Search engines like google make an effort to give the best results for their users and one of the leading aspects about how sites are rated depends upon how rapidly the website loads. Websites that load inside a couple of seconds are often considered probably the most user- friendly as more than that can lead to visitors switching to faster sites rather. There might be several causes of the loading speed to slacken which is suggested the snags ought to be worked with before launch.
  5. 5. 5.Unfriendly Navigation User ambiance and luxury ought to be the priority rather of design alone when creating a website. The appearance may lure the visitors initially but over time, it will likely be the knowledge and user-friendly navigation that will encourage more visits. Unfriendly navigation can cost you when it comes to visitors because if they’re not able to navigate your website effortlessly they’ll go back to search engine results and go for some thing user-friendly. When making navigation, bear in mind your audience in addition to if the technology used is appropriate on their behalf.
  6. 6. 6. Incorrect H-tags Heading tags are not only accustomed to highlight content but possess a significant effect on Search engine optimization too. Search engines like google like H1 tags which essentially implies that Google provides them importance. H1 -H6 tags highlight the page content and prioritize it within the correct order, based on the degree of importance. They’re a fundamental element of a site’s Search engine optimization and misuse or overuse of those tags will confuse search engines like google.
  7. 7. 7. Images Based Text Instead of Just Text Using images because the primary type of navigation will confuse search engines like Google but pure textual details are also not a possible option. Many designers prefer images on sites rather of live text. When engines like Google crawl a website they’re not able to see text on images. Therefore the compromise is by using CSS for text over image techniques. It’s also suggested that whenever using headers, images shouldn’t replace text. Though beautiful graphics with text certainly brighten a website, it won’t work with SEO.
  8. 8. 8. Non-responsive Web Design While your site might be pardoned for pop- ups and an excessive amount of flash, a non-responsive website certainly spells disaster. With regards to Search engine optimization and responsive design, you have to keep into consideration user ambiance, duplication of content, load time, and mobile search engine rankings. Google lays force on responsive design specifically for optimization of the website on smart phones since it helps Search and rank the web site easily. Regardless of whatever device an internet site is shown on, responsive design can help adjust a webpage and permit webmasters to have their content without altering the URL. Thus, when search engines like Google can evaluate a website’s content easily you will see a more powerful chance of greater rankings searching results, consequently accomplishing the goal of Search engine optimization.
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