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PlaceMaing2010- BeautyCity.UglyPlaces

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A group of Form 6 Students were asked to design an 1 hour walking tour within Hong Kong, showing beauty of the cities and also special spatial design within the area.

Team A: Tai O, Lantau Island - They showed the different expectations toward a community between visitors and locals. Besides, through their personal experience, they found the city warmth from self-owned store in Lantau Island, which cannot be provided by Chain-Stores.

Team C: MongKok - Is footbridge a kind of dirty connection between government and malls? People, especially visitors are transported from a mall to another mall without accessing to street, and which posed a challenging environment to small businesses that relies on pedestrian.

Furthermore, they also discovered funny (stupid) chairs in a park next to Fa Yuen Street which people are being isolated....

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