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November 2019 Calendar - Birotes

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About this image: it's basically a test of being able to upload to Slideshare. Feel free to print or reuse.




Have not used Slideshare much in the past few years since the option of replacing files was removed. Some of the pet-peeves
Problem with re-uploading. Previously Slideshare presentations could be edited and replaced. But in October 2017, this option was removed. Slideshare/LinkedIn explained: “We’re always looking for new ways to improve the SlideShare experience for our members. This sometimes means eliminating features to invest in others that offer greater value. As a part of this process, we are removing the ability to re-upload SlideShare files. You will still be able delete your older SlideShare files and upload new presentations. However, once you delete a SlideShare file you will not be able to retain the file URL, or view the file analytics.” What’s particularly irksome is the lack of any warning.

Under language, you can only choose one language (I wish there were a bilingual English-Spanish option for some of my presentations)

Sometimes others post spam as comments. So much spam in the comments. Besides keeping an eye on one’s newsfeed, are there ways to moderate comments?

Unable to edit URL

Unable to see final URL until publication

No way to manage how one’s ‘home page’ is presented to the world

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