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Lean applied in Project Management

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Lean Implementation has more positive results with constant support and engagement of upper management and all resources involved.

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Lean applied in Project Management

  1. 1. 1 Lean Implementation Applied in Project Management By Alvaro Plaza Education: Lean Bronze Trained at HESS MBA with concentration in Project Management at Keller Graduate School of Management Industrial Engineering at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Cali-Colombia Standardization – Daily Work Routine Management At Cementos del Valle, Vicente Falconi Campos Companies: HESS Siemens Halliburton HISD – Houston Independent School District Hobbies: Soccer Community Service
  2. 2. 2 Safety Moment Actual Proposed • Showed information on how a visual management system could be used in safety • No information when the pressure is unsafe • The gauges could be found in every floor – stairs • Change gauges with visual management that way anybody could report if pressure goes to unsafe direction. Safer environment. • Visual education – Poka Yoke: The same principle could be used in the field to make it a safer work place. Actual gauges in each floor With not visual management
  3. 3. 3 Project Room / Visual Management System BEFORE AFTER • Low participation from team members to speak up and tell about hotspots • No visual management – It is not visible status / progress of tasks and milestones accomplished for each project • Lengthy project meetings • Designed an Obeya Room and created an easy and effective visual management system to anticipate projects’ risks, motivate action, and inform. • Shorter project meetings (30 minutes or less) • Created metrics to track the health of 5 projects Timeline (laminated, It could be use multiple times) LPC =Lean Production Control (laminated, It could be use multiple times) EVIDENCE -RESULTS
  4. 4. 4 Project Room / Visual Management System Influence BEFORE AFTER • No Visual Management Systems in place in other groups • Coached, supported, and influenced other visual management systems styles in 7 different groups. EVIDENCE -RESULTS Groups
  5. 5. 5 Lean Training and Support - Planning BEFORE AFTER • None or few Lean team hands on strategy activities in place to educate team resources • Provided activities to teach more than 20 team members how important is to plan. Important to plan for success. • Fail to plan then plan to fail. • Proved the impact of time and cost for no planning properly. Inadequate or no planning • Project delays due to many factors: inexperience, new procedures, guidelines • FACTS: Activity Time: More than 20 minutes and project was not finished Lean Production Control was implemented • Easier to anticipate critical issues, take proactive actions, and readjust • FACTS: Activity Time: The project was finished in 11 minutes. Planning payoff
  6. 6. 6 Lean Training and Support – 5s BEFORE AFTER • Few or none Lean team hands on activities to educate team resources • Proved the impact in time, productivity, and cost for not applying 5s • 5s Audit form to do periodically self-evaluation was shared. Self- evaluation was not implemented. SORT ACTUAL WORK PLACE SET IN ORDER STANDARDIZE Savings Productivity
  7. 7. 7 Lean Training and Support – Videos BEFORE AFTER • Few videos about Lean shared with team resources • Lean concepts taught were supported with videos shared weekly for more understanding on how other businesses are using Lean to have a competitive advantage. Notes: Videos were shared weekly along with the project status to all members Learn What 5S is and How it Applies to Any Industry Video The Coaching Kata: An Example Coaching Cycle Video 5s Lean manufacturing: SORT Video Kata Case Example - Carlsberg Group Video 5S lean manufacturing - 2. Set Video The Chinese farmer Video 5S lean manufacturing - 3. Shine Video Kata Case Example - Merck Video 5S lean manufacturing - 4. Standardize Video Coaching Kata with Hailey and Bradley Video 5S lean manufacturing 5. Sustain Video The Impact Of Multitasking: A Challenge Video The Pomodoro Technique Video Learn How to Leverage the Powerful A3 Report Video The Pomodoro technique and Kanban Video
  8. 8. 8 Creation of Visual Standards BEFORE AFTER • VC communication standard is bias, it is not visually helpful • Problems communicating with Sichuan every Monday • Created a standard to call via VC with other location and could communicate with callers with no VC capability. The standard could be applied to all floors in the building with VC equipment. The standard was applied to all Sichuan meetings. Problems in 2 meetings 10 minutes delay in each session to start Houston: 10 members x 10 minutes Sichuan: 10 members x 10 minutes Time Waste: 3.33 man/hr. 1 hr. man= $ 350 $ Waste= 3.33 x 350 = $1165 per meeting No problems after standard was implemented. Assuming 20 meetings 1 hr. man= $ 350 Time Saved: 3.33 hrs. x 20 meetings = 66.6 man/hrs. Savings = 66.6 hrs. x $350 = $23,300 or $1,165 per meeting
  9. 9. 9 Lean – Standardization – Poka-Yoke BEFORE After • Incomplete information in posting notes used in the accountability board • Notes with different colors were confusing team members • We only used white posting notes. If a posting of other color is posted, it means is a new item. • Designed posting note with printed information to avoid missing important information and educate resources Name, Action, Target Date, Due Date ACTION ITEM Name _____________________ Action: Target Date: Due Date:
  10. 10. 10 Meeting Facilitation BEFORE AFTER • Weekly project meetings • Facilitated more than 100 project meetings in 10 months. Each morning for 10 minutes at 8 am.
  11. 11. 11 Lean – Time Management – Active participation BEFORE AFTER • No time restrictions during meetings • Few team members providing updates • Established an individual time (3 - 5 minutes) to provide information of tasks/commitments (Highlights, Hotspots-Countermeasures) • Stand up meeting - Every person in the project must to provide updates • Proposed; but not implemented: Use of the Pomodoro technique for time management. 3 - 5 minutes Highlights Hotspots - Countermeasures Stand up meeting
  12. 12. 12 Visual Management System – Resource Allocation C & A ACTUAL PROPOSED • No visual help regarding resource allocation and priorities, and which project is having more priority. • Unable to visualize who is over o under allocated • Because team resources are changing priorities constantly, by Tuesday morning, all employees working in different projects should update/place the magnets according to their weekly plan. • Easy way to visualize who is over or under allocated. • Easy way to visualize project workload EVIDENCE -RESULTS Resources Names Project Names Resources Names Project Names
  13. 13. 13 Lean – Root Cause Identification ACTUAL PROPOSED • Do not have any document to track root causes affecting projects • Template to collect root cause affecting team resources and tasks completion by the due date. • Identify major waste • Improvement Kata at the end of each month and focus in the most critical problem Where: Every project meeting Steps: - If a task was not accomplished, answer 5 Why’s - Propose a countermeasure or ask for advise - Identify and enter in the template what kind of waste(s) - Collect root cause information Prioritize: - End of each month, identify root cause with more frequency - Identify which root cause will have more positive effects if it is reduced or eliminated Action: - Do a Kata improvement with prioritized root cause
  14. 14. 14 Visual Management System – Project Progress ACTUAL Proposed • No visual help regarding overall project progress. • Use of SPS in early stages could be difficult to maintain and keep it updated • This template should be used as a backup if SPS implementation becomes complex and difficult to maintain for FDP – Field Development Plan • The template could track the progress of several FDPs working in parallel and following the company guidelines (T & E) of critical information to be covered. Magnets
  15. 15. 15 Lean – Digital Kanban in SharePoint ACTUAL PROPOSED • No use of SharePoint to track project commitments • Designed a Kanban in SharePoint with tasks assigned and commitments from team resources including due dates. Tasks are sync with outlook for easy view and reporting status. SharePoint Outlook
  16. 16. 16 Resources - Activities Lean Hands on Activities: Kanban: Kata: Project Scheduling: Manufacturing: Supply Change: Accounting: (1)-pdf.pdf?sfvrsn=0 Team Building Activities: 5s: Facilitator-Guide.pdf
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