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Mystery location calls via skype & google + hangout #rscon4

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Mystery location calls via skype & google + hangout #rscon4

  1. 1. • What is a Mystery Skype/Google Hangout? o Two classes connect without knowing where each other's class is geographically located. o Students do research about their own state and come up with clues based on different topics. • Versions of a Mystery Skype/Google Hangout Call: o Information about your state o Yes & No Questions
  2. 2. • Clipboards • Maps of the US or World o o Time Zones Regions • Pencils • Scrap Paper • Computers • Camera o o Video Photo
  3. 3. • Any oceans or bodies of water bordering • • • • your state? What are some fun vacation spots in your state? What are the major crops or industry in your state? What is one state that borders your state? What are some physical features of your state?
  4. 4. • What is the climate like? • • • • What is the weather like right now? What type of wild animals would you see in your state? What is your state capital? What is a historical fact of your state? Are there any famous people from your state?
  5. 5. • The Following Slides are Questions & Jobs for the Yes & No way of doing a Mystery Skype
  6. 6. • Are you in the United States? • Is your state in the __ region? (Can add Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Middle West, or West) • Are you in the __ time zone? (Can add Eastern, Central, Mountain, or Pacific) • Are you East/West of the Mississippi River? • Does your state border another country?
  7. 7. • Does your state border more than ___ states? • Does your state have a coastline? • Does the ____ River flow through your state? • Is the capital of your state ____ ? • Are you near any major cities? • Do you have sports team in your state?
  8. 8. • Greeters – say hello and tell something • • • about us without giving away our location Inquirers – ask the questions of the other group Question Keepers – type questions and answers on computer Mappers – use atlas, Google maps etc. to zero in on the clues
  9. 9. • • • Logical Reasoners – eliminate states that do not match the clues Clue Keepers – collect relevant information from everyone Back Channelers – record what is happening during Skype call on Edmodo or Today’s Meet
  10. 10. • Runners – goes between other groups and • • help with research and getting questions to Inquirers Digital Photographers – captures the Skype call with a digital camera Videographer – uses a video camera to capture what is happening
  11. 11. • • Live Bloggers – write blog post on classroom blog about the Skype. Remember to end with questions to get more comments. Closers – give more information about us and end the call.
  12. 12. • Classes should take turns asking questions. • Make sure you introduce yourself when • starting. Each student should say his/her name before asking or answering a question.
  13. 13. • Tweet #mysteryskye or #mysterycall • Skye in the Classroom • Mystery State Skype Call Wiki Page • Cybraryman’s Mystery Location Call Page • 4thchat Mystery Skype SignUp • Google: "Mystery State Call"
  14. 14. • Skype Assessment
  15. 15. • Common Core
  16. 16. Mystery Location Calls calls/
  17. 17. Once you’ve done some Mystery Location calls, you and your students will be hooked. What’s next?
  18. 18. • • Joey King (star of Disney’s Ramona and Beezus) James Adams, Constitution Day speaker (YouTube vid)
  19. 19. • • • • Author Skype Calls - Jerry Blumengarten, Jacqueline Davis, Richard Newsome, Bill Boyd, and Dianne de Las Casas Author Jacqueline Davis of the Lemonade War Series - getting information on character traits/development of characters in novel WRAD (World Read Aloud Day) to Skype with Authors (Richard Newsome Australia/ Bill Boyd Scotland)
  20. 20. • • • • Paula’s Skype call with Jerry YouTube video Paula’s Flickr set of author Dianne Skyping a class in Philly from my class Jerry’s resource page Kim’s post on Skype call with Jerry
  21. 21. • Randomly call another class that you might • have mystery skyped with to see what they are doing. Used during the end of the year as a way to keep students engaged and interested in learning.
  22. 22. • • • • • Blog Post GHO 10-3-12 Mr. K's Corner Site for Printable Maps Skye in the Classroom Cybrary Man’s Mystery Location Call Page
  23. 23. ● Cybrary Man’s Mystery Location Call Page • • • • • • • • • Mystery Skype Call Questions Document Teacher Cast Podcast #58 Paula Naugle’s Blog Lang Witches Blog Nancy Carroll Blog Kim Powell's Blog Mr. K’s Corner Blog Skype in the Clasroom A special thank you to William Krakower for letting me borrow his slides and edit them for this presentation.
  24. 24. ● ● My page ● Email: ● Skype name: plnaugle ● Google+: Paula Naugle ● Twitter: @plnaugle ●