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Arlington Plumber Shares Tips on Garbage Disposal Replacement Costs

Do you need a new garbage disposal? Read our PDF guide on how much does a garbage disposal costs to replace. Get awesome tips from your trusted Arlington plumber! Visit:

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Arlington Plumber Shares Tips on Garbage Disposal Replacement Costs

  1. 1. 1-877-7-4LEAKS HHooww MMuucchh DDooeess AA GGaarrbbaaggee DDiissppoossaall CCoosstt TToo RReeppllaaccee?? The garbage disposal is an essential appliance that makes our daily tasks in the kitchen way easier. It is also very valuable for it reduces the amount of garbage that you’ll have to turn in to the collector every week. Now the only problem is, just like any other piece of appliance you have at home, the garbage disposal machine is also prone to malfunction. Not only that, it’s not exempted from clogging or electrical issues. So the question is, how much does a garbage disposal cost to replace? Let us share with you a number of factors that will affect your total expense. The Garbage Disposal Machine Of course, the cost of the project is dependent on the model that you’re going to buy. Garbage disposals vary in terms of features and power options. For instance, a unit with 1/3 horsepower has a tag that ranges from $50 to $115. There are also different attributes that you have to choose from such as jamming features; the type of material used for the grind chambers; the sound that the machine produces (there are models that are capable of dampening the sound) and also the unit’s compatibility with your septic tank. Overall, garbage disposal machines can cost less than $200 depending on your preference. Just remember to choose the model that suits your needs and your financial capabilities.
  2. 2. 1-877-7-4LEAKS The Current Situation Of The Installation Site If you’ll purchase a new garbage disposal that’s already compatible with the installation site, expect no additional charges. However, if changes should be made or new components should be installed, there will be extra fees that you’ll have to prepare for. For example, if a new circuit breaker or electrical panel should be installed, you’ll need to hire an electrician or confirm with your plumber if he can do that for you, too. Your Plumber’s Fee There are several factors that may affect your plumber’s fees. Here are some of them. 1. Hourly Or Fixed Rate Contractors charge either by the hour or with a fixed rate. The cost of the project definitely changes depending on the hours consumed by a per-hour plumber. If the installation site is ready for the new garbage disposal already, fewer hours will be exhausted by the plumber, thus he’ll charge you less. 2. Tasks Other Than Installation Additional tasks include the removal of the old garbage disposal; the installation of electrical components and other related tasks. If you hired a plumber who charges by the hour, expect that the more tasks he’ll be asked to do, the more hours he’ll exhaust and the higher the project cost will be.
  3. 3. 1-877-7-4LEAKS 3. The Garbage Disposal Parts & Fittings There are contractors who can provide the garbage disposal for you and that of course, influences the fee that they will charge you. You also have to anticipate that the plumber may provide parts and fittings, too. The cost of those will be added on your bill as well. We hope that this PDF guide has answered your question, “How much does a garbage disposal cost to replace?” If you need a new garbage disposal now, call your reliable Arlington plumber. Call Plumbers 911 Washington DC or visit our website to schedule a service now!