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Lifelong Learning In The Digital Age - Free Preview of a chapter

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This document is a free one-page preview of the Focus Group Report on Lifelong Learning In The Digital Age (Chapter 1 of the book)
Book: "Lifelong Learning In The Digital Age"

You can see and order the book at:

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Lifelong Learning In The Digital Age - Free Preview of a chapter

  1. 1. Lifelong Learning in the Digital Age Focus Group Report Divjak, Sasja & Carolyn Dowling, Petra Fisser, Anna Grabowska, Marijke Hezemans, Mike Kendall, Pencho Mihnev, Magda Ritzen, Maciej Syslo, Rosa Vicari & Tom van Weert (Editor) Hogeschool van Utrecht, University for Professional Development and Applied Science, Cetis, P. O. Box 85029, 3508 AA Utrecht, The Netherlands.; http://www.cetis. Abstract: The growing importance of Lifelong Learning must be seen against the background of profound changes, reflected in all aspects of our living environment. These changes concern the global environment, but also our personal, economic, social, cultural and political environments. Lifelong Learning is a ‘must’ in the real-life context of the Knowledge Society and covers “all purposeful learning from the cradle to the grave” of very divers groups of learners. The Lifelong Learning environment has specific characteristics and is strongly supported by Information and Communication Technology. Sustainability of the learning environment is a critical issue. The growing demand for Lifelong Learning will force educational institutions to change. Key words: age groups, civic perspective, community, cultural perspective, economic perspective, formal learning, informal learning, Information and Communication Technology, knowledge society, learning context, learning environment, learning organisation, non-formal learning, personal perspective, social perspective, sustainability