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"Conversation management Manage word-of-mouth to increase business value" for Danone

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Presentation on "Conversation management
Manage word-of-mouth to increase business value" for Danone

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"Conversation management Manage word-of-mouth to increase business value" for Danone

  1. 1. Conversation managementManage word-of-mouth to increase business valuePolle de Maagt for Danone
  2. 2. Hello. I am Polle de Maagt.I create impact throughconversations at a pretty coolcompany called InSites Consulting.We work mostly because we’recommitted to make research sexyagain, but brands like Ben&Jerry’s,Telenet, Danone and Philips agreedto pay us for it.
  3. 3. Honestly, sentences like the world has changed,power has shifted to the consumer, increase yourshare of conversation, consumers trust each othermost, shifting power from marketers to consumers,marketers are no longer in control, social mediastrategy and learn to lose control give me a minorheadache.While it is really really simple.
  4. 4. People talk. A lot.Internet made it pretty easy to talk. Butstill: 80% of the talking is done offline.You might not be surprised that talkinginfluences others. Especially when theconversations are searchable andretweetable.Consumers talk better, more and moregenuine than brands.So you better be ready.
  5. 5. Kindness, happiness and cool things are talkable.KLM surprised random passengers in their effort to discover how happinessspreads. Advertising campaigns make great conversation starters.
  6. 6. “Consumers out-conversate brands. “Create stuff worth sharing. Tom de Bruyne (Boondoggle)
  7. 7. Great products create happy customers.No surprise, I guess.
  8. 8. “Focus on what really matters: making usershappy with your product as quickly as youcan, and helping them as much as you canafter that. If you do those better than anyone “else out there you’ll win. Marc Hedlund (Wesabe)
  9. 9. A remarkable company culture works.Every company has it’s stories and ambassadors. Capitalize on these stories andturn your employees in an army of ambassadors.
  10. 10. Your product might has fans who love to help.Facilitate them in sharing.
  11. 11. Helping people helps.Exceeding customer expectations builds loyalty (81% repeats, 63% recommends)and falling below customer expectations erodes loyalty (5%/71%).* Forrester, Build Loyalty By Exceeding Expectations When Resolving Customer Problems, 2010
  12. 12. When you understand your customers, you’ll do better.66% of marketers is disconnected from their target audience.* InSites Consulting, Meet The Joneses Research, 2010
  13. 13. If someone asks you a question, answer politely.Zappos invites every employee to WOW their customers. By the way: 11% oforganizations doesn’t reply to customer emails.* InSites Consulting, Meet The Joneses Research, 2010
  14. 14. Recap.People talk. A lot.Kindness, happiness and cool things aretalkable.Great products create happy customers.Helping people helps.When you understand your customers, you’lldo better.If somone asks you a question, answerpolitely.
  15. 15. You might have noticed it really isn’t so muchabout a social media strategy guru frameworkpolicy.Or cool and new technology.
  16. 16. It’s really about being human.It is about asking yourself ‘What shouldconsumers be saying to each other afterthey’ve seen my ad or contacted me andmy brand?’It is about integrating conversations inall thinking and acting.And that might be a challenge.
  17. 17. In 2010 Boondoggleused a little elephantas the ultimate leanmean conversionmachine.(isn’t she cute)© Boondoggle Amsterdam - Czaar Peterstraat 155 - 1018 PH Amsterdam - The NetherlandsT +31 (0)20 716 3717 -
  18. 18. It didn’t start from a medium ortechnology gadget.It started from a remarkable story. Atransmedial story that is.A story that is worth sharing.They were asked to make Antwerp Zootop of mind when young familiesconsider to go out for the day.
  19. 19. On may 17th 2009, 559.824people watched a livebroadcast starring a littleelephant.
  20. 20. 1.200.000 stream viewers (in 1 day).
  21. 21. The first month, 165.000visitors turned up for the‘baby shower’.
  22. 22. Antwerp Zoo welcomed300.000 extra paying visitors.(+28% compared to 2008)
  23. 23. Kai Mook was nominated forproduct of the year 2009 byBelgian Newspaper DeStandaard.
  24. 24. Number 1 Carnaval Suit 2009.Things really work when they end up on T-shirts or as a carnaval suit.Number 1 Carnaval Suit.We love stuff that ends up on t-shirts (and carnaval suits).
  25. 25. They created a story that wasworth sharing for 8 months.Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could makeevery Belgian feel a little bit pregnanttoo?
  26. 26. There was buzz.
  27. 27. There was engagement.
  28. 28. There was a central point.A website that collected all efforts
  29. 29. © Boondoggle Amsterdam - Czaar Peterstraat 155 - 1018 PH Amsterdam - The NetherlandsT +31 (0)20 716 3717 -
  30. 30. © Boondoggle Amsterdam - Czaar Peterstraat 155 - 1018 PH Amsterdam - The NetherlandsT +31 (0)20 716 3717 -
  31. 31. Gathering and activating fansA Facebook group
  32. 32. A widgetCan’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em
  33. 33. A trunk-o-lizerGet an elephant trunk for your Facebook avatar
  34. 34. 3.500.000 3.000.000 3.000.000 2.500.000 2.000.000 1.500.000 1.000.000 500.000 50.000 0Media investment versus media valueIf it’s worth sharing, it isn’t worth buying
  35. 35. You can forget most of the silly things I said. But, please:Remember these fivethings.
  36. 36. 1) The world is a conversation network and customers out- conversate brands. It is about integrating conversations in all thinking and acting. It is about managing the conversation.
  37. 37. 2) It is about changing the way you treat your consumers. About acting human. It is about doing what you say you do, it is about listening and acting. About observing, facilitating and joining the conversation.
  38. 38. 3) It isn’t rocket science. Kindness, happiness and cool things are talkable. Great products create happy customers. Helping people helps. When you understand your customers, you’ll do better. If somone asks you a question, answer politely.
  39. 39. 4) It is about starting from a story worth sharing and making it shareable.
  40. 40. Read the manual.Seriously.Read it.
  41. 41. 48
  42. 42. I hope I was worth sharing.Send me an email so I can help youremind of the 48 hours. Or answeryour questions.