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5 keys to content marketing by @PStaunstrup

Five keys to succesfull content marketing: Strategy, Target group analysis, Process, Distribution and Measurements. My presentation at Epic Content Marketing in Oslo May 19-20, 2016.

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5 keys to content marketing by @PStaunstrup

  1. 1. Content 5 keys to Pontus Staunstrup @PStaunstrup Marketing This is my presentation from Epic Content Marketing in Oslo May 19-20. I’ve added boxes like this one with clarifications where necessary
  2. 2. What keys? @PStaunstrup • Strategy • Target group analysis • Process • Distribution • Measurements
  3. 3. Strategy @PStaunstrup
  4. 4. Why? @PStaunstrup • Necessary for a long-term effort • Saves time and money • Ensures efficiency
  5. 5. Start with a strategy @PStaunstrup • Purpose and goals • Target audience • Messaging • Content • Formats/Channels • Roles and process • Measurements
  6. 6. @PStaunstrup A real strategy Analysis Guidelines Activities A working strategy is not just an analysis or setting objectives. You need to define guidelines and activities as well
  7. 7. @PStaunstrup Don’t wait This slide is from Altimeter Group. My point here is that it’s too late to create a strategy and processes at the 3rd stage. Do it from the start, even if in a very simple fashion. It gets much harder later on
  8. 8. @PStaunstrup Ericsson Setting a messaging platform is part of the strategy work. Ericsson has done a good job with their ”Networked society”
  9. 9. @PStaunstrup Target group analysis
  10. 10. Why? @PStaunstrup • Their pain points - your content • Who do you want to talk to • Where to find them - channels
  11. 11. @PStaunstrup Can we increase x with y? Is it compatible? Opex or Capex? Often we only create content for an audience that knows almost as much as we do
  12. 12. @PStaunstrup What will the board say? Are they reliable partners? Are we the first ones to buy this? Will I be measured on this? But the fact of the matter is that when the actual decision is made, no one with any real knowledge is in the room. So we need to create content that addresses other questions also
  13. 13. @PStaunstrup Problem/Opportunity Research Decision Purchase Experience Loyalty Buyer’s journey
  14. 14. @PStaunstrup Problem/Opportunity Research Decision Purchase Experience Loyalty Buyer’s journey Eye-openers Peers Inspirational Own platforms Meetings Delivery Service Own platforms Loyalty programs Search Social Paid/Earned In-depth Cases White papers Fact sheets Webinars Demos Newsletters Special events
  15. 15. @PStaunstrup Brath & Co Great example of creating content for an target audience not in the know: Short videos that answers very basic questions
  16. 16. @PStaunstrup We can learn a lot from e-commerce sites based around recipes. The purchase process is very brief - find recipe, decide the number of portions, buy
  17. 17. @PStaunstrup Process
  18. 18. Why? @PStaunstrup • Ensure efficient production • Re-use and re-purposing • Clear roles • Approvals
  19. 19. Process @PStaunstrup Planning Approval Distribution Production Quality control Measure/ Analyze
  20. 20. Editorial calendar @PStaunstrup
  21. 21. RACI @PStaunstrup Tasks Responsible Accountable Consulted Informed Planning Content manager CMO Business areas Sales Production Agency Content manager Product owner Internal coms Sales KAM Publishing Site manager SocMedia man Newsletter editor Content manager PR Sales Marketing Internal coms Customer service Analysis Content manager CMO Head of sales C-suite To avoid a lengthy approval process, the RACI model can come in handy
  22. 22. Content pyramid @PStaunstrup In-depth content Customer case Infographics Image Intro-level content Build a pyramid using content you create or already have. Tear it down by breaking up bigger content products into smaller chunks
  23. 23. @PStaunstrup Projectplace Good example of B2B content - white papers, infographics, blog posts etc
  24. 24. @PStaunstrup Doctor Spin Great example of how to re-use/re-purposing: Create a mail course with content you already have
  25. 25. @PStaunstrup Distribution
  26. 26. Why? @PStaunstrup • It’s not enough to post • Optimize and develop • Think convergence • Content, not channels
  27. 27. @PStaunstrup Digital content Newsletters Owned media (SEO) Social media - Own Apps Partners Social media - others Paid media (native) Forums etc
  28. 28. Converged media @PStaunstrup Paid media Owned media Earned mediaMake sure you align efforts in paid and earned media with what you do in owned media for better results
  29. 29. Convergence in practice @PStaunstrup Target Audience Goals Message Paid Earned Owned Target Audience Goals Message Target Audience Goals Message Owned Owned Earned
  30. 30. @PStaunstrup McDonalds Make sure you create content for the geeks or fans. Like McDonalds Sweden’s podcast about burgers
  31. 31. @PStaunstrup Vingresor @PStaunstrup And try to get user-generated content, like the travel agent Ving and their community ”Sunwing Parents”
  32. 32. @PStaunstrup Microcontent And micro content that can be consumed directly in e.g social media is more important than ever
  33. 33. @PStaunstrup From inspiration to leads PostNord - Great example of combining native advertising and content marketing, inviting a defined audience to your own platform
  34. 34. @PStaunstrup Measurements
  35. 35. Why? @PStaunstrup • Only way to tell success • Improve and develop • Report upstairs
  36. 36. @PStaunstrup You need goals to measure Purpose Goal Measurements Build brand Increase awareness w X Engagement w Y Views / Time spent Social media engagement Affinity to engage with more Increase marketing efficiency Lower costs w X More re-use w Y Improved quality Costs Frequency per channel Improved process time/ money Revenue Increase sales w X Improve conversion i e-shop Proof of conversion Increase of revenue in e-shop
  37. 37. @PStaunstrup You need goals to measure Purpose Goal Measurements Better processes Fewer calls to Customer service Improved UX Savings on Customer service Increased conversion Improve customer experience Impact on development Quicker information Direct feedback Customer satisfaction survey Increased customer spend Innovation Product/Biz development Improved process New revenue stream Discontinue outdated products
  38. 38. Content efficiency @PStaunstrup • Production costs • Maximize reuse • Format efficiency • Channel efficiency
  39. 39. Here are the keys again @PStaunstrup • Strategy • Target group analysis • Process • Distribution • Measurements
  40. 40. Three questions to start with @PStaunstrup • Do we really know our audience? • Does our processes ensure efficiency and quality? • Are we measuring the right things?
  41. 41. @PStaunstrup @PStaunstrup Staunstrup Staunstrup Got a question?