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How to Build a Solid Twitter Audience

Building a solid Twitter audience is no easy task. It takes hard work, consistency and most of all -- patience! We had a lively discussion about this in a recent #ViralChat.

In this infographic, we feature tweets from 36 people who know what they are talking about when it comes to building a Twitter audience!

There is a lot of value here for anyone interested in learning more about this and increasing their effectiveness on Twitter.

If you have any additional tips for how to build a solid Twitter audience, please leave them in the comments below. We'd love to learn from you!

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How to Build a Solid Twitter Audience

  1. 1. VIRALCHAT#VIRALCHAT WITHHOST @POSTPLANNER THURSDAY,SEPTEMBER3,2015 HOWTOBUILDA SOLIDTWITTERAUDIENCE (ADVICEFROMTHEEXPERTS) WHATSTRATEGIESDOYOUHAVEFOR GROWINGYOURTWITTERFOLLOWERS? Follow the followers of those who are in your target market. They are more likely to follow back. Follow the people who bring value to your expertise and/or share it and engage regularly. Focus on building relationships and adding value. To get more followers on Twitter, start following others and engage with them. Twitter chats are my best tip for growing your followers and creating an online community. Don’t focus on the quantity of followers, but the quality. Make genuine connections, invest your time in them. How to grow your Twitter following - use Twitter lists - be a ‘leader’ in your expertise/topic. Be human, constantly engage with your niche without being a pushy salesman douche. You must engage with your audience in a positive way and uplift them. More followers is the by-product of solid tweets that have value. Tweet selflessly and they will come. Be a strong, authentic influencer who genuinely helps others to improve their lives. Balance between following your target audience, retweeting, providing valuable content and most importantly - engage Twitter chats! Follow people in your industry, take part in Twitter chats, be active with about 15 tweets a day and ‘look’ real?! LOL Growing a following is not as important as conversations and helping. You will get followers if people find value. Be helpful and initiate meaningful conversation. Join #viralchat - you can meet so many awesome people here you can follow. Take a sincere interest in people, and engage. ENGAGE!! Contribute and be a cheerleader! Have an answer to “Who did I help today?” The rest will come. For follower building, my numbers exploded when I got into chats. Few bots get into chats. Rumor is most chatters are real. Listen to your audience and provide valuable content. Be gracious, respond, engage. Grow your followers by engaging with your audience / connections online and offline. Promote yourself and share ideas. Engage - It is NOT just for Trekkies anymore! Chat with people and be SOCIAL! Acknowledging people is always good, online or offline. Keep a vigilant eye and maintain a steadfast bearing with those you can learn from. Choose a mentor. First, quality content (folks should learn something, get something when following). Then be very active (post frequently). Most importantly we need to remember that building relationships don’t happen overnight. You need to take your time. I use hashtags and K.I.S.S. (keep it short & simple) it with a visual. Chats really boost my followers and engagement. Engage, interact, converse, provide value, find what catches your attention and participate. Join chat events. I’ve found a healthy mix of #followbacks, retweeting others and just making connections with others is the best method. Share awesome content and be REAL. Interact with others you’d like to meet in person. Thank your peeps for engaging! People also follow you when they know you are tweeting about something specific. Give them that reason, and they will follow. Number 1 is engage and don’t just promote. Provide Value. Engage. Engage. Engage. Join some Twitter chats and engage with followers are my best tips for growing a following on Twitter. Engagement and content - with honor - honesty and sincerity... Don’t just shout - be there to help too. Jeff Sheehan #viralchat Samuel Pavin #viralchat LUCYrk #viralchat Aaron Lee #viralchat Maegan Holloway[PR] #viralchat Kyle Murray #viralchat Suzanne Nguyen #viralchat Robert DeVore #viralchat Cheval John #viralchat Brian Gallagher #viralchat Jeremy Murphy #viralchat Divya Mulanjur #viralchat Adel de Meyer #viralchat Gautam Ghosh #viralchat Evelyn Avila #viralchat Dlinkers SEO #viralchat Patch Of Land #viralchat Lindsey Evans #viralchat Jim Katzaman #viralchat Cindy Millet #viralchat Danielle Speciale #viralchat Chaim Shapiro #viralchat Christina Nicholson #viralchat nspHire #viralchat Timothy Snow #viralchat Boriana Ditcheva #viralchat Husamettin Erciyes #viralchat Shereese Maynard, MS #viralchat DIY Website Builder #viralchat Bayleaf #viralchat Kim Doyal #viralchat TravHQ #viralchat Mike Kawula #viralchat Saul de Jesus #viralchat Wayne Chan #viralchat Robert Leonard #viralchat #VIRALCHATBYTHENUMBERS 2737 TWEETS 2.8M REACH 176M IMPRESSIONS @VIRALCHAT