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#Ppmahr18 conference keynote - Jasvinder Sanghera

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The theme of this years Conference opener was 'Public Service is about Public Good'

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#Ppmahr18 conference keynote - Jasvinder Sanghera

  2. 2. Aged 8 promised into marriage
  3. 3. ROBINA Born September 9th 1963
  4. 4. Increase Reporting, Reduce Isolation, Save Lives FOUNDED 1993
  5. 5. My story one of many
  6. 6. Died Age 17 Shafilea Ahmed DOB: 14th July 14 1986 'Happy Families‘ I don't pretend like we're the perfect family no more Desire to live is burning My stomach is burning But all they think about is honour I was like a normal teenage kid Didn't ask 2 much I jus wanted to fit in But my culture was different But my family ignored
  7. 7. Dishonourable Killings Heshu Yones 16 Banaz Mahmod 20 Rania Alayed 25 Uzma Rahan 32 & 3 ChildrenRukhsana Naz 19 Shafilea 17
  8. 8. Campaigns  Britain’s Lost Women Campaign with Cosmopolitan  Over 100,000 signatures  Achieved cross governmental support  Lasting legacy July 14th Honouring Women & Men  FM Criminal Offence/postcard campaign  Law passed June 2014 – HMIC Inspection  Education Campaign – Vision for all schools to engage part of PHSE/Ofsted Inspections
  9. 9. WEBSITE
  10. 10. Website Vision 2018 • Visible Survivor stories • Blogs by survivors for survivors • Q&A with survivors • Interactive forum for survivors • Videos for survivors – practical living independent skills • ‘Honourable Hall’ – celebrating survivors • ‘Honour’ killing cases • Domestic homicides – HBA/FM
  11. 11. Is it normal to miss my family? Am I a bad person for doing this to my family? How can I manage risk from my family? I think I regret my decision, did I do the right thing? I have ended up lonely, maybe it was better to stay at home? They are telling me to come home, they say my mother is sick? It’s my birthday and no one cares if I am dead or alive? My children don’t have their family anymore now, have I ruined their future? Am I shameful, I do so many things that would be seen as shameful by my family? Why me? Am I the only one to do this to my family? Am I cursed, is this kismet, am I mad and bad?
  12. 12. Leaving New Legacies
  13. 13. Embracing Cultural Traditions
  14. 14. Next Generation
  15. 15. Suggestions  Contact KN for posters & distribute, local doctors etc.  Become a member of KN to stay informed via newsletter  Sign future petitions  Break our silences, talk about the issues on social networks with friends  Follow us on twitter/Facebook
  16. 16.  Website:   Helpline Number:  0800 5 999 247  Email:  Follow us on: Karma Nirvana @KNFMHBV Registered Charity Number: 1089477