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Rapid server deployment infographic

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A metaphoric diagram (infographic) explaining the client's rapid deployment process. Demonstrates an unusual application of PowerPoint.

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Rapid server deployment infographic

  1. 1. 1 Layered Tech buys the best in modern technology 2 Standard server and inventories large numbers of server chassis and “packages” are parts like hard drives, switches, RAM, and routers, assembled and tested. to rapidly meet customer needs. 3 Assembled servers are placed in racks in the datacenters, powered up, automatically scanned and added to the available inventory. 6 Clients can view billing, bandwidth and4 Layered Tech’s website (as well 5 Upon purchase, servers are other statistics via the Encompass portal and as resellers’) automatically reflects automatically configured, reboot or reload servers the available inventory. stabilized, activated and ready for remotely, for example use in less than 30 minutes.Copyright 2009 Layered Technologies, Inc.