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Technology presentation

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Technology presentation

  1. 1. Technology in theClassroom An approach for integrating technology into my classroom EDT 612 Paula Landeen
  2. 2. Technology needs todayTo help preparetoday’s students forthe workplace aftertheir graduation frompublic school,teachers shouldinclude technologyin their lesson plansas often as possible. EDT 612 Presentation
  3. 3. A few of technologies available to classroom teachers are: EDT 612 Presentation
  4. 4. WebQuestsWebQuests are applications that allowstudent choice in exploring teacher-chosen sites to learn about a topic. Theyusually include some kind of a productthat reflects the student’s learning as wellas a rubric or evaluation. They are agood option when considering includinginquiry in a teacher’s teaching units.Students are able to take the directionthey choose when gathering theinformation by clicking on the linksincluded in the webquest. Once theinformation is gathered the student canchoose his own product based on thescoring rubric that is included with thewebquest. EDT 612 Presentation
  5. 5. WebQuest NavigationThis is an example ofone page of awebquest on the CivilRights Movement.You can see the linkto the speech thestudent is expected tolisten to highlighted inblue. Each task pagecontains one or morelinks to sites thestudent can choose tovisit to gather theinformation needed to This WebQuest can be found at their task. EDT 612 Presentation
  6. 6. WebQuest EvaluationThis is an example of aportion of the rubric forthe same WebQuest.As you can see thestudent knows thecriteria for the grade ofhis/her project before itis finished. Thiseliminates the need forguessing what theteacher is really lookingfor. EDT 612 Presentation
  7. 7. Podcasts A podcast is a digital media file that can be downloaded to a personal computer or a portable media player. They are great for use in the classroom because they: • Are pre-recorded and can be viewed as a class or an individual • Can be sound or video • Hundreds of options of topics to meet almost any need • Can enhance any unit by giving a media presentation of the topic being studied • Are fun for students to view or listen toEDT 612 Presentation
  8. 8. Podcast optionsThere are manyoptions in choosingpodcasts to use in theclassroom. Many arefree and can bedownloaded andshown in theclassroom. Thisexample showsNational Geographicpodcasts that areavailable. EDT 612 Presentation
  9. 9. Blogs“Blog” is the term coined for web logs. They are a place for students to post their thoughts about a topic the class is studying. They post chronologically so they make it easy for a teacher to monitor the posts. EDT 612 Presentation
  10. 10. Blog optionsThere are thousands ofblogs on the internet.There are also manytools available forteachers to create andmanage their own classblogs. One example This is anexample of the sign inpage. It only requires aGmail account tosubscribe. EDT 612 Presentation
  11. 11. EmailEmail is a tool most students use daily. It can also be used for pen pals in the class and as a means for practicing written communication skills. It’s a great alternative to the telephone! One caution: it is impossible to monitor and requires parent permission to include in the curriculum. Be sure you check your district’s policy on this internet tool. EDT 612 Presentation
  12. 12. ConclusionTechnology can move ourstudents from the more traditionalstyle of learning to a classroomwhere they are engaged in thelearning experience, have themost current information available,and have some control over whatthey learn and how theydemonstrate their learning. Thismakes their learning experienceinquiry based and meet the needsof the students of today. It canhelp prepare the students for theirfutures outside the classroom. EDT 612 Presentation