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This is a low bandwidth (sans pictures) version of a presentation I did at the barcamp KL in April 2007

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  1. 1. Travel 2.o traveling in the connected age
  2. 2. Beyond the guidebooks • Wikitravel (Many times Wikitravel covers smaller places usually not covered by print books and is more up to date) • O#eat Guides • IgoUgo, Travelwolf • Regions specific forums - Indiamike, Travelfish(South East Asia), Lonely Planted Thorntree forum
  3. 3. Communities for travelers • (find accommodation and share yours too)
  4. 4. More than text and pictures • Google Maps and Earth (virtual walkthrough of the city you are visiting) • Second Life (Virtual reproductions of cities)
  5. 5. Gathering local intelligence • Google Blog Search (use blog search to search for a place, then find what people are saying. Post comment on those blogs. Instant friends) • Flickr • (has latest from blogs all over the world)
  6. 6. Local language learning • iTunes (Search for Language Podcasts) • iPhone apps by Lonely Planet and World Nomad
  7. 7. Engaging locals • (Join a local meetup on a variety of topics) • Organize a blogger/tech gathering • Check local events on Facebook event page • See if a Barcamp is happening in the city you are visiting • Contact local schools/universities and offer to do a talk/presentation (having a blog that documents previous talks at other schools helps)
  8. 8. Contributing • Write a blog, post pictures, post videos • Edit Wikitravel and add stuff
  9. 9. Writing about negative experiences • Avoid too much complaining • Provide alternatives, tips and positive
  10. 10. Travel documents • Scan Passport, Visas etc. and save a copy online. Email the scans to yourself • Keep a list of Western Union agents along your list
  11. 11. What else to carry on your camera/mobile phone/ computer • Carry some pictures of your family • Carry some pictures/videos of unique customs from your home country
  12. 12. Making people remember you • Send postcards to people you’ve met along the way
  13. 13. Contact Preetam