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Trends And Drivers

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Community learning

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Trends And Drivers

  1. 1. Preetam Rai
  2. 2. Nanchang, Jiangxi province of China, 2006 Airport employee is happy to answer people’s questions. When she does not know the answer she consults her colleagues on chat. The chat window is always running.
  3. 3. No Email. Chat preffered
  4. 4. Chinese university lecturers using camera as a note-taking device
  5. 5. Phone as a note taking device
  6. 6. Shenzhen, Guangdong province of China Factory worker - always on - on QQ
  7. 7. Virtual knowledge assistants for hire
  8. 8. Africa-China summit, New Delhi 2006
  9. 9. Driver Information and technology are both getting more and more accessible everywhere. In many developing economies, people don’t look at technology as something extra to learn, they internalize it and exploit it at workplace and to make professional connections among other things. Are our students capable of competing and collaborating with the rest of the world?
  10. 10. Trends
  11. 11. Gadgets? Are they the main drivers of future ed?
  12. 12. Community Learning Spaces, Free, Open to all who to learn
  13. 13. Community Learning Events, Free, Open to all.
  14. 14. Are schools only for the students and lecturers? What about the knowledge in the community around us?
  15. 15. Much of the knowledge and business intelligence will be tapped in the Chinese/Regional language web
  16. 16. Profeciency in translation tools, and the ability to collaborate with people around the world will be very important
  17. 17. Trends Open community driven learning spaces Less emphasis on certification (rather than collecting certificates, we will try to get accepted in multiple professional communities) The world is our school (expertise in using translation tools, multiple languages) Technology becomes transparent. No one talks about a tech workshop.