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Colors Of Life - Holi Contest

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Colors Of Life is an online Holi Contest which was campaigned by Prelude Digital for Hotel Crown, Bhubaneswar

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Colors Of Life - Holi Contest

  1. 1. | 7381088846| @Prelude_Digital Colors Of Life Contest for Hotel Crown
  2. 2. | 7381088846| How Hotel Crown ran “Colors Of Life” to enhance the fan-base of the page ??
  3. 3. | 7381088846| Challenge / Scenario Our client Hotel Crown was finding a move which would generate more fan- following for the page which in turn would increase the popularity of their Hotel . So we came up this contest proposal which they liked and then immediately started working towards it. Though there was very less time in our hand, still it was like a challenge to our team to make this contest a hit. And we can proudly say, the “Results were Tremendous”
  4. 4. | 7381088846| Target Audience Our target audience included: •Students •Working Professionals Audiences were targeted only around the city and other geographical locations were not covered, as our client “Hotel Crown” is only situated in Bhubaneswar. So only the local denizens were targeted
  5. 5. | 7381088846| Idea / Solution The whole concept was designed & strategized in a way which would lead us to garner more likes for the page & drive people’s attention towards the contest. Our basic focus was to make the contest a fun experience so that the fan- following becomes interactive and thereby share their most memorable moments with us. Keeping the profit motive aside, our aim was to deliver something for our fans which they would cherish in their lifetime.
  6. 6. | 7381088846| Execution •The contest was run on Hotel Crown’s Facebook page •Creative designs indicating “Holi Contest” were shared to grab the attention of users •Prize for the contest included free lunch/dinner coupons for the person who shared his/her best picture •2 winners were to be selected •Posted about the contest through creative designs on an everyday basis to keep the users hooked to the page •At the end of the contest ,winners were declared and free coupons were given to them
  7. 7. Photos Creative designed to commence the contest Fan-Gate Application
  8. 8. Facebook Page
  9. 9. Posts
  10. 10. Photos of the participants
  11. 11. Most liked Photos
  12. 12. | 7381088846| Result •Around 100 users participated in the contest •Around 24631 people were targeted in the campaign •Around 1000 likes were received during the contest •3000 clicks on Ad •5000 Impressions during the contest
  13. 13. | 7381088846| Agency Detail We are Prelude Digital – A 360 degree Digital Media Agency based in the “Temple City-Bhubaneswar” situated in Odisha. We are a bunch of creative, quirky, stylish people with a strong inclination towards “Social Media”. A digital media team having a natural flair for design & strategy. With our team of maverick designers, we create online destinations that speak volumes for the brand associated . Our Services include: •Social Media Marketing •SEO & Analytics •Website Designing •Advertising Campaigns & App Development •Humanizing brands
  14. 14. | 7381088846| We would love to meet you and explore opportunities together Contact : Pratik : +91 7381088846 @Prelude_Digital /PreludeDigital THANK YOU 