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Primend Pilveseminar - Soodne hind + lihtne haldus – pilve minek= ?

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Kuidas saada oma andmekeskusesse rohkem pilvele omaseid funktsioone, kui pilve minek pole võimalik? Kuidas saavutada 90% kokkuhoidu andmehoidla ja varukoopia mahult? Kuidas taastada 1 TB mahuga varukoopia vähem kui minutiga? Koostöös Cisco UCS Director automatiseerimise ja juhtimisega pakub SimpliVIty avalikule pilvele omast paindlikkust ja madalat halduskulu.

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Primend Pilveseminar - Soodne hind + lihtne haldus – pilve minek= ?

  1. 1. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015  SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.1 Cisco  Hyperconverged  Infrastructure  Powered  by  SimpliVity Solutions  Architect  -­ SimpliVity Kristian   Salo
  2. 2. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.2 SimpliVity  Confidential  and  Proprietary Economic  Dynamics  are  Changing 55 25 10 2 0 40 CAGR Converged   Infrastructure:   54.7% Server:  0.3% Storage:  4.1% Source:  IDC,  Gartner 201520122011 20142013 2016 Cisco  UCS:   40+%
  3. 3. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.33 IT  is  Stuck Source:  Goldman  Sachs 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 7 % 7 % 7 % 36% 22% 8% 13% 8% 12% 25% 32% 10% 12% Total  IT  Spending  in  2014  Growth   More  than 10%   lower 5-­10%   lower Down  less Than  5% About  the   same Up  Less   than  5% 5-­10%   higher More  than 10%   higher %  of  Respondents 80% With  Budgets  Flat or  Down “IT  organizations  continued  to  experience  pressures  to  control  spending  and  contain  costs,  emphasis  has  been   shifting  toward  making  investments  that  support  business  agility,  revenue  growth,   and  improved  quality  of  service  for  end  users.”– IDC Percentage  of  Time  Spent  on  Customary  IT  Tasks  over  a  Given  Week Q:  Considering  the  following  mix  of  tasks,  over  a  given  week,  what  percentage   of     total  IT  admin  and  operations  staff  time  (across  server,  networking,  and  storage       infrastructure)  is  spent  on  the  following  five  general  tasks?Monitoring,   troubleshooting Provisioning,   patching,   and   configuration Innovation   and   new   projects New   service  request   and   approvals Vendor   and   internal   meetings (%  of  respondents) 14.7 18.4 20.5 21.6 24.8 20.5 Source:  IDC Innovation  &   New  Projects   only  =  20%!
  4. 4. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.44 Evolution  of  Convergence Servers  +  VMware Storage Switch HA  Shared  Storage SSD  Array Backup Appliance WAN  Optimization Cloud  Gateway Storage  Caching Backup  Apps Legacy   Stack Convergence   2.0 Partial  Convergence Converge  only   storage  and   server 18  MONTHS   in  development Convergence   3.0 Hyperconvergence The  Best  of Both  Worlds Hyperconverge entire  stack 43  MONTHS in  development     Convergence   1.0 Integrated  Systems 8  MONTHS   in  development Enterprise   Capabilities 1. Data   Protection 2. Data   Efficiency 3. Performance 4. Global   Unified   Management Pre-­integrated   storage  and   server Cloud   Economics 1. Low   Cost 2. x86  Resources 3. Scale-­out
  5. 5. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.5 Vision 5 Management Orchestration Hypervisor The  Cisco  Hyperconverged   Future   Is  Now All  IT  infrastructure   below  the  hypervisor Deployed  Anywhere Will  run  on   Cisco  UCS Legacy  IT  Infrastructure Storage  caching Cloud  gateway WAN  optimization Backup  appliance SSD  array HA  shared  storage Storage  switch Servers Data  Protection   Apps OmniStack™ &  Data  Virtualization   Platform™ Powered  by
  6. 6. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.6 SimpliVity’s  Architecture:  Data  Virtualization  Platform aSingle  Shared  Scale-­Out   Resource  Pool aDedupe,  Compress,  Optimize aAt  Inception,  Once  and  Forever aAcross  All  Tiers,  Globally aPowered  by  OmniStack   Accelerator  Card Accelerated  Data  Efficiency aVM  Centricity  &  Mobility aGlobal  Federation aSingle  Pane  of  Glass aVMware  vCenter aOne  Administrator,  Globally aAbstract  Policy  from   Underlying  Infrastructure aIntegration  with  Cisco  UCS   Director  and  UCS  Manager Global  Unified  Management aBackup  at  10-­minute  RPOs aRestore  at  RTOs  in  seconds aSynchronous  replication  for  HA,   locally  or  remote  (stretch  cluster) aDisaster  Recovery aFull  Logical,  no  more  snaps aManual  or  Automatic Built-­in  Data  Protection 6
  7. 7. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.7 Reduce  Cycle  Time Why  does  Hyperconvergence   Matter? “Decisions  for  technology   investments   have  migrated  from  the  data  center  to  the  boardroom,  shifting  from   technology  capabilities to  Business  Outcomes”.    – Forrester 3x  Lower  TCO Improve Productivity 14.7 18.4 20.5 21.6 24.8 20.5 Go  to  Market   Faster Reduce   Cost Increase   Operational   Efficiency Splunk> Microsoft Exchange   Server The  Best  of Both  Worlds
  8. 8. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.8 SimpliVity  Confidential  and  Proprietary8 SimpliVity  HyperGuarantee HyperEfficient 90%  capacity  savings  across  all  of  your  storage  including   backup. HyperProtected 60-­seconds  or  less  on  average  for  local  backup  or  restore  a   1  TB  VM. HyperSimple 3  clicks  to  backup,  restore,  clone  or  move  a  VM  from  a   single  console. HyperManageable 60-­seconds  or  less  on  average  to  create  or  update  backup   policies  for  1000s  of  VMs  across  dozens  of  remote  sites   from  a  single  console. HyperAvailable Add  or  remove  a  local  or  remote  SimpliVity  system  without   downtime,  without  interruption  to  local  or  remote  backups,   and  without  reconfiguration  of  backup  policies  or  IP   addresses
  9. 9. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.9 SimpliVity  Confidential  and  Proprietary9 SimpliVity’s Data  Virtualization  Platform DATA  MANAGEMENT  LAYER PRESENTATION  LAYER HDD SSD DRAM X86  CPU ESXi App  4App  3
  10. 10. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.10 z OMNISTACK DATA  VIRTUALIZATION   PLATFORM Management   Choice Native  VM Tools,  Orchestration  &  Automation,  REST Server  and  OS  Virtualization   Choice Data  Virtualization  Platform  (DVP)  Architecture 10 Accelerated Data  Efficiency DVP  Foundation Accelerated Data  Efficiency Global   Unified Management DVP  Foundation Accelerated Data  Efficiency Global   Unified Management Built-­in   Data Protection DVP  Foundation Accelerated Data  Efficiency Global   Unified Management Built-­in   Data Protection SimpliVity  Object  Store DVP  Foundation Accelerated Data  Efficiency Global   Unified Management Built-­in   Data Protection SimpliVity  Object  Store SimpliVity  File  System DVP  Foundation x86  Choice Any  Server Cloud  Choice Regional  Service  Providers
  11. 11. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.11 SimpliVity Solves  the  Data  Problem Servers  +  VMware Storage  switch HA  shared  storage Backup  appliance WAN  optimization Cloud  gateway SSD  array Storage  caching Data  Protection  Apps • One  Building  Block • 3x  TCO  Savings • Global  Unified  Management • Operational   Efficiency 1. Data  Protection 2. Data  Efficiency 3. Performance 4. Global  Unified   Management Best  of  Breed Enterprise   Capabilities 1. Low  Cost 2. X86  Resources 3. Scale-­out Cloud   Economics The  Best  of Both  Worlds OmniStackTM Integrated  Solution   with  Cisco  UCS  C240  M4
  12. 12. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.12 UCS  Ecosystem:  Manager  and  Director  Integration Centralized  Lifecycle  Management   of  Virtualization   Infrastructure Virtual  Infrastructure IT  Admins IT  OperationsApplication  Owners Open  API  for  Integration Self  Service  Console OS  &  VM  Deployment Admin  Console Policy  Manager Dashboard Resource  Pools UCS  Director
  13. 13. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.13 Virtualize  your  data,  network,  and  servers Virtualize  your   servers Virtualize  your   network Virtualize  your   Data
  14. 14. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.14 SimpliVity  Integrated  Solution  with  Cisco  UCS A  differentiated,  revolutionary  approach Higher   Performance • Optimized   resource   utilization   for  compute,   networking and  all   IT   infrastructure  and   services  below   the   hypervisor • Improve  application   performance  while   increasing  data   efficiency  – average  40:1 • Deduplicate,   compress,   optimize   all  data  at   inception   once  &  forever   across  entire  data   lifecycle  globally Unified   Management • Faster  deploy/provision • VM  centricity  &  mobility • Global   federation • Abstract  policy  from   underlying   infrastructure • Integration   with  Cisco   UCS  Director  &  UCS   Manager Simplified   Architecture • All  IT  below   the   hypervisor  in  one  2U   building-­block • Consolidate   8  to  12   disparate  legacy  data   center  appliances • Lower  cost  and  easier   scaling • Fewer  management   touch  points • 3x  lower  TCO Built-­in  Data   Protection   • Reduce  storage  and   network  requirements   with  VM-­centric  backup   and  WAN-­optimized   replication   for  DR • Reduce  backup  and   restore  times  from   hours  to  minutes   • Eliminate   the  need  for   traditional   backup  and   DR  solutions   Scale • Start  small,  grow  and   scale  linearly • Predictable   &  peak   performance  from   distributed   sites  to   single  site  deployments   with  maximum   VM  and   virtual  desktop  density • Pay-­as-­you-­grow   approach
  15. 15. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.15 SimpliVity  Confidential  and  Proprietary15 Use  Cases Remote  Office  Branch   Office  (ROBO) 1 Data  Protection 2 Tech  Refresh 3 Test  /  Dev  /  QA 4 Data  Migration 5 Data  Center  Consolidation 6 Mission-­Critical   Applications7 Continuous  Data   Monitoring  /  Analytics8 Virtual  Desktop   Infrastructure  (VDI)9 Cloud 10
  16. 16. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.16 Key  Requirements  for  Hyperconvergence Hyper-­Efficient  Resources • Up  to  100:1  data  efficiency  while increasing  performance • Accelerator  Card:  deduplicate,  compress,  optimize  all  data,  inline,  at  inception,   once  and  forever,  globally • All  x86  processors  are  reserved  for  production  VMs  instead  of  separate   infrastructure  applications   • All  managed  from  a  single  pane  of  glass   • VM-­centric  management,  policy,  and  mobility,  globally Global  Unified  Management The  Best  of  Both  Worlds • x86  cloud  economics • Enterprise  capabilities:  performance,  data  protection,  data  efficiency,  global   unified  management Assimilate  all  IT  below  the  Hypervisor • Single  shared  resource  pool  from  a  single  vendor • The  entire  stack  including  native  data  protection
  17. 17. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015  SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.17 Customer  Validation
  18. 18. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.18 Colorado  Small  Local  Government Data  Center  View:  >1  PB Savings Logical  Capacity  for  50+  VMs 1. Mixed  Workloads:  4-­5  SQL  Server  DBs,  450   Exchange  Mailboxes 2. VM-­level  Backups  using  Policy  Automation   (Every  2  Hours) Benefits  from  inline  dedupe,  compression,  once   and  forever 1. IO  savings 2. WAN  usage  savings 3. Flash  efficiency 4. Capacity  savings North  American   Local  Government
  19. 19. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.19 Worcester  County  Sheriff’s  Office Data  Center  View:  ~2PB  IO  Savings  across  Primary  &  DR Logical  Capacity 1. Mixed  Workloads:  Archonix  Jail  Management   (SQL),  MSFT  Exchange,  MSFT  SharePoint,   SQL  Server 2. VM-­level  Backups  using  Policy  Automation   (Nightly) Primary  Site DR  Site
  20. 20. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.20 Before: 20U;;  No  DR ~60  VMs 2  OmniCubes   in  Lafayette,  LA;;   2  OmniCubes   in  Dallas,  TX IBM  Blade   Server   & IBM  SAN IBM   Storage   Array IBM  Tape   Library “OmniCube  allowed  us  to  radically  simplify  our   infrastructure.    The  solution  provides  superior  value   and  innovation  in  a  converged  solution.” —Steve  Schaaf,  CIO SimpliVity  Reduced  Infrastructure  Footprint  by  5X After: 4U  x  2  Sites ~60  VMs  +  DR
  21. 21. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.21 TechValidate:  Customer  Use  Cases
  22. 22. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.22 SimpliVity Advantage:  Data  Efficiency Greater  than   300:1:  7% 200:1   to  300:1   9% 100:1   to  200:1:   19% 50:1  to  100:1:   30% Up  to  50:1:  35% SimpliVity  Enables   Dramatic  Efficiency   Benefits >1/3  cite   >100:1   data  efficiency   with  SimpliVity Greater  than  300:1:  7% 200:1  to  300:1  9% 100:1  to  200:1:  19% 50:1  to  100:1:  30% Up  to  50:1:  35% Since  deploying  SimpliVity,  what  efficiency  benefits  have  you  realized  or   what  do  you  expect  to  realize  regarding  IO  and  capacity  savings?
  23. 23. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.23 SimpliVity Advantage:  Performance Since  deploying  SimpliVity,  how  much  have  you  improved   or  do  you  expect  to  improve  performance? SimpliVity  Provides  Dramatic Application   Performance  Improvements Greater  than  75%:  17% 50%  to  75%:  33% 25%  to  50%:  38% Up  to  25%:  12% 90%  experience   >25%   performance   improvement with  dedupe &   compression   greater  efficiency   with  SimpliVity
  24. 24. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.24 TechValidate:  Customer  Challenges 70%  implement   “sub-­par”   DR  strategy  prior  to   hyperconvergence
  25. 25. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.25 SimpliVity Advantage:  Simplify  IT >1/2  use  at  least   7   different  devices  before   SimpliVity
  26. 26. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.26 SimpliVity Advantage:  Simplify  Operations 75%used  4   or  more interfaces  prior  to   deploying  SimpliVity   hyperconverged   infrastructure.
  27. 27. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.27 SimpliVity Advantage:  Accelerated  Deployment Before  SimpliVity: 17%   could  deploy  in  one  day After  SimpliVity: 74% 17% 54% 23% 6% 74% 21% 4% 1%
  28. 28. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015   SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.28 SimpliVity Advantage:  Immediate  Value 74%   see  value  with SimpliVity within  one  month   of  deployment
  29. 29. Confidential  and  Proprietary Copyright  ©  2015  SimpliVity.  All  rights  reserved.29