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Launch Hackathon March 2 - 4

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  1. 1. 85 Ate-ify Menu personalization Sai Shenoy & Priyanka Godbole Launch Hackathon (2-4 March 2013)
  2. 2. Why? Taste is very personal. No existing app tells you what food / restaurant you will like. The entire restaurant menu may not be relevant to you. Reviews & ratings by other users are not always useful.
  3. 3. Introducing iPad app at RESTAURANT • • • Shows users custom personalized menu Analytics - Track your users Improve retention - update menu based on user preferences Make sure your users love you iPhone app with YOU • • Build your taste profile Explore restaurants you will love Always eat the food you love
  4. 4. Technology Frontend Less CSS, HTML, jQuery mobile Backend Firebase, Node.js, Express, R (menu item ingredients cluster analysis) Future work Collaborative Filtering Recommendations based on similar user taste profiles Multiple profiles Relevant for family dining scenario Data platform Recipes, Calorie counting, Expense reports
  5. 5. Your taste profile Set dietary preferences You can specify what ingredients you like or don’t like / any allergies / cuisine preferences, so 85 can surface only the relevant menu items when you visit a restaurant.
  6. 6. Your food history Up-to-date eating history As soon as you place order at the restaurant, 85 app on your iPhone gets a record of those menu items. Vote food & restaurant With a simple upvote or downvote mechanism, your opinion about a menu item from the restaurant is recorded. Accurate taste profile Voting and eating history will improve accuracy of your taste profile, and 85 will give you better personalized recommendations.
  7. 7. See restaurants you love Highlighted restaurants you love It can seem overwhelming to see a list of so many popular restaurants and still not be able to decide where to eat. 85 highlights the restaurants you will love, based on your taste profile. Quicker decision-making 85 makes decision making easier by removing irrelevant restaurant options.
  8. 8. iPad menu at the restaurant See personalized menu by checking in Browsing through entire menu is tedious. As soon as you checkin, a connection is established between the 85 iPad & iPhone apps. 85’s iPad app at the restaurant identifies and shows only those menu items which match your taste profile. Thus, you can decide quickly what you want to eat from the relevant menu items. 1 more reason: Why check in? Checking-in is for a purpose other than collecting badges or informing friends about where you have been. As you order from iPad app, 85’s iPhone app receives your order history. You can vote recently eaten food and make your taste profile more accurate for better recommendations.