msbte diploma in pharmacy pci syllabus inorganic chemistry pharmaceutics pharmaceutical chemistry-i pci pharmaceutical management as per syllabus of pci pharmaceutics-ii mumbai. notes of third year b. pharmacy of mumbai universi topical agents biperiden.* tropicamide benztrophine propantheline* homatropine hysocine physostigmine*. cholinergic antagonists-atropine* pilocarpine pralidoxime pyridostigmine practolol. cholinergic drugs-neostigmine* propranolol* pseudoephedrine. adrenergic antagoinst-tolazoline ephedrine * terbutaline phenylephrine salbutamol isoprenaline* noradrenaline adrenergic drugs-adrenaline* health education & community pharmacy elixirs third year as per mumbai university pharmaceutical chemisty ii #msbte biopharmaceutics mumbai university pharmaceutical official formulations of drug #msbte as per pci syllabus for diploma second year #pc-ii cardiovascular diseases. blindness diabetes cancer hecp gastrointestinal agents as per pci syllabus of diploma in pharmacy second year as per mumbai university second year b. pharmacy chlorpromazine* meprobamate. lorazepam diazepam* chlordizepoxide oxypertine triperiodol haloperiodol* thiothixene trifluoperazine prochlorperazine tranquilizers dextroamphetamine. coramine* caffeine* analeptics-theophylline pharmaceutical official formulations of drugs and trimethoprim quinine pyrimethamine* proguanil primaquine amodiaquine antimalarial drugs-chloroquine* hamycin. amphotericin nystatin tolnaftate antifungal agents-undecylenic acid 812 chloramphenicol. griseofulvin cephalothin cephaloridine cephalexin tetracycline erythromycin neomycin gentamicin carbenicillin cloxacillin benzathine penicillin ampicillin* phenoxy methyl penicillin* antibiotics-benzyl penicillin* # metronidzole #antimoebic drugs pyrazinamide* cycloserine ethionamide thiacetazone ethambutol* rifampicin streptomycin pas* isoniazid* anti tubercular agent solapsone thiambutosine clofazimine dapsone* anti leprotic agent sulfacetamide co-trimoxazole sulphamethoxypyridazine sulphadimethoxine succinylsulphathiazole phthalylsulphathaizole sulphaguanidine sulphadiazine #diploma in pharmacy #812 #sydpharmacy #sulphonamides hair removers hair dressings shampoo deodorants introduction to facial cosmetics antiperspirants dental and cosmetic preparations pharmaceutical equivalence chemical equivalence therapeutic equivalence bioequivalence studies level of ivivc third year b. pharmacy sem 6 b. pharmacy invitro invivo correlation ivivc solubility enhancement bioavailability enhancement filtration pharmaceutical engineering pci syllabus pharmaceu pharmaceutical filtration pharmaceutical unit operation pharmaceutical freeze dryer. vacuum dryer fluidized bed dryer drum dryer spray dryer tray dryer role of pharmacist nutrients & health vitamins and minerals - treatment and prevention disease induced due to deficiency of proteins classification of foods requirements care and control of prevention causative agents staining techniques of organisms of common disease isolation fundamental principles of microbiology classifica health education & community phrmacy population problem of india. hormonal contraceptives mechanical methods chemical method natural family planning method behavioral methods contraceptive methods family planning fertility demography cycle demography concept of prevention of diseases. disease agents natural history of diseases concept of disease leprosy. sexually transmitted diseases ---syphilis tetanus trachoma filariasis. surface infections -rabies malaria hookworm infection. arthropod borne infections -pl food poisoning whooping cough and tuberculosis. intestinal infect diphtheria measles. influenza respiratory infections -chicken pox communicable disease as per university of mumbai syllabus promotion and place price product 4 ps marketing mix pharmaceutical practical chemistry-i official preparation of iron ferrous and calcium radiopharmaceuticals electrilyte in replacement therapy acid base imbalance dental product inhalants sulpher and compound topical protective agent expectorants and emetics astringets anti microbial agent protective adsorbent and protective laxative diploma in pharmacy antacids diploma in pharmacy antioxidant base and buffers pharmaceutical suspension and emulsion pharmaceutical suspension pharmaceutical nasal drop nasal drop ear drop pharmaceutical ear drop mouthwash pharmaceutical mouthwash pharmaceutical gargles gargles pharmaceutical elixirs pci syllabus of pci linctuses syrup pharmaceutical syrups as per pci syllabus of pharmaceutics-ii mixtures general pharmacology pharmaceutical tablet coating quality control test for coated tablets evaluation test for ccoated tablet defects in tablet coating process coating of tablet pharmaceutical aerosols quality control test for aerosols evaluation test for aerosols aerosols valve aerosols queation bank of pharmacology-i question paper of pharmacology-i question paper of pharmaceutics-ii queation bank of pharmaceutics-ii pharmaceutical suppositories suppositories education as per mumbai university syllabus of thi strip and blister packaging queation bank of pharmaceutics-iii question paper of pharmaceutics-iii third year b. pharmacy important marketing mix . third year b. pharm. dapsone-overviwe; dapsone targeted drug delivery pharmacy nanosponge: an overview nanosponge: review nanosponge incompatibility drug incompatibility
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